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I've been trying to keep updated on the situation over there. Even just reading about whats happening is pretty overwhelming. I can't imagine how you are living through it. Anyway lets know make all our emails about sad topics. 中盤の、こっちの暮らしが想像出来ない、みたいなことを言ってる事ぐらいしかわかりません。 even~は、起こっている事について読むだけでもとても圧倒される、という感じなのかなぁと思ったんですが。。 おそらく地震に関連した内容だと思います… すみません、お願いします。


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I've been trying to keep (myself) updated on the situation over there. そちらの状況について最新情報を得るよう努めてきました。 http://eow.alc.co.jp/keep+updated/UTF-8/ Even just reading about what's happening is pretty overwhelming. 何が起きているかについて読むだけでも圧倒されてしまいます。 I can't imagine how you are living through it. 君がその真っ最中をどのように耐え抜いているのか想像もできません。 http://eow.alc.co.jp/%22live+through%22/UTF-8/ Anyway let's not make all our emails about sad topics. (lets know は let’s not の打ち間違えでしょう) とにかく我々のメールすべてを悲惨な話題にしないようにしようね。



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そちらの状況に関して逐一アップデートして来ました。 起こっていることを読むだけでもう打ちのめされてしまいます。 どのようにお暮らしなのか想像もつきません。 とにかく我々がメールで悲惨な事件をお伝えできるよう、 情報を頂ければと思います。



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    ブリトニー・スピアーズ一家にまつわる、コラムですが… No matter how overwhelming the bad news out of Washington may be, the Spears offer us behaviour about which it is refreshingly easy to take sides. 特に、about which~から先の意味が取りにくいです。 よろしくお願い致します。

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    言いたいことが伝わっているかわかりません。どなたか添削していただけますでしょうか。どうぞよろしくお願いします!! ・世界で起こっていることを考えると恐ろしいです。悲しいことばかりが起こっているような気がしてしまいます。 Thinking about what's happening in the world, it makes me scared. I even feel like all is sad things. ・新しいノートパソコンを買うことにしました。今日の午後、お店に見に行くので楽しみです。 I've decided to buy a new laptop. I'm excited I'm going to a PC store to look for one this afternoon.

  • マクベスの英文について

    It's about a man who is destroyed by his overwhelming desire to become king; about his wife who is driven mad to the point that she sleepwalks trying to get imaginary bloodstains off her hands. この英文の2行目から、どう訳していいのか分かりません。 解説して教えて下さい。よろしくお願いします。

  • 単文の訳出お願いします。

    In my mind I kept tem separate because I could function much better having a clear cut idea about what I consider the difference in operating on the basis. The reason it was such a debatable subject is because the overwhelming majority of the people who were organizing and who were officials of unions in the South had been at Highlander. So the public who only saw that did not know what went on at Highlander.

  • 翻訳機なしで和訳お願いします

    翻訳機なしで和訳お願いします Yay! I'm glad! *(^_^)* Even if your English looks already so pretty good. Haha :P Also, I will study hard English and Japanese me too, to talk more with you! By the way, have you spent a good day? =) Oh! I have received the message about changing our relationship status. For sure, I have confirmed it. *(^_^)* Anyway, It was good to talk with you tonight. I feel so good now. =)

  • 同格のof

    Among topics we discussed over lunch was the regrettable habit film directors then had 【of 】altering the plot of a novel to suit themselves, to the extent even 【of 】changing a sad ending into a happy one. 全訳は理解しています。 2箇所の【 of 】ですが、それぞれ、 the regrettable habitにつながる 同格のof、 ととらえればいいでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

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    We have been staying over the festive days enjoying the right load of Xmas spirit. Creative eye catching & not overwhelming, you do get reminded the Xmas days even with tropical temperature. Turn down service on 24th with Xmas sock on our bed, Santa & his Santalinas singers on the dinner buffet. We felt having the exact portion of the holly night and it was a hard time to choice the right location of restaurant that day. Macigal lightening in their fine dining restaurant Tree Tops and then the white set up in Oceankiss with live music and a buffet to die for. Wondering what these guys pulling out for New Year's Eve.....

  • 日本語訳を!c10-5

    お願いします!続き Between about 1500 and 600 BCE,Indo-Aryan speakers gained power and conquered areas in the Ganga River valley beyond the lands that the Harappans once controlled.Cave paintings from Central India show them overwhelming the local pepole with their horses,chariots,and iron weapons.The language and traditions of people from other regions replaced the old ways of the Harappans,until the Harappans and everything they made-the shining cities,the bustling trade networks,even their language-was lost or buried,forgotten for thousands of years.

  • quiet enjoymentに関する英文の翻訳

    Essentially, it is the tenant's right to reasonably occupy the dwelling peacefully, and without recurring disruption. recurring disruption のしっくりくる日本語的表現を教えてください?disruption って日本語になんか訳しにくいです。繰り返される(集中力をかくような)妨害混乱???って、、なんか文字通りだけど Privacy: A reasonable expectation of privacy; expectation of privacy を日本語でしっくりとくるような訳をお願いします。 妥当な範疇のプライバシー?なんかしっくりきません。 To some, the sound of distant crickets is too overwhelming, while others will not even hear the sound of a freight train barreling past the house. この文章全体の翻訳をお願いします。 特にwhileと前半の絡みがよくわかりません(遠くの大きすぎるクリケットの音) 大変お手数ですがよろしくお願いいたします

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    Obviously the choice is Scott's and Scott's alone (I know from being around people with similar problems), but he needs to get away from any possible enablers. The Memorial section on this website is too full, and it just pains me to even think about the worst happening. Not only is Scott one of the best singers of the past 20 years, but more importantly he has children and that takes precedence over anything else. We all want to see Scott happy and conquer his darkness once and for all. ※『Scott Weiland』は人物名です。