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hehehehee thats ok. dont be sorry about being late. dont worry about english. you can keep trying. just try it :) even if you write errors, i can understand what you meant :) i totally like you. you are really nice and interesting. beautiful, attractive and seductive! :D hehe i wish i was with you >.< sorry, i wasnt in kumamoto. i was in tokyo, yokohama and kamakura. i drunk kumamoto sake in a restaurant in yokohama :) but i would love to visit kumamoto for you too <3 if you like :* have you skype, line, kakaotalk, facebook? <3


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へへへへへ。大丈夫。遅刻のことは気にしないで。英語も心配無用。やり続ければいいんだ。頑張って。間違って書いても言いたいことはわかる。ぼく、きみが大好き。本当にいい人だし、興味深い。美しく、魅力的で、セクシー。あなたと一緒にいられたらーーなんてね。ごめん、こっちは熊本にいなかった。東京、横浜、鎌倉にいた。横浜のレストランで熊本の酒を飲んだが。 けど、きみのために熊本を喜んで訪れたいよ、もし君がオーケーならね。 skype, line, kakaotalk, facebookなどやってる? 以上、いかがでしょうか。




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hehehehee thats ok. dont be sorry about being late. dont worry about english. ははは(笑)遅くても謝らなくても良いし英語のことも気にするな! you can keep trying. just try it :) even if you write errors, i can understand what you meant :) そのまま続けて頑張れば良いさ(^^) 例え文章が間違っていても、何を言いたのかわかるから(^^) i totally like you. you are really nice and interesting. beautiful, attractive and seductive! :D あなたのこと本当に好きだよ。本当に面白くて、綺麗で、魅力的で良い人だよ(^-^) hehe i wish i was with you >.< えへへ。あなたと一緒いたいなって思う。(>_<) sorry, i wasnt in kumamoto. i was in tokyo, yokohama and kamakura. i drunk kumamoto sake in a restaurant in yokohama :) 熊本に行きたいな(←たぶんこんな感じ)。東京、横浜、鎌倉に行ったことあるよ。熊本の酒も横浜のレストランで飲んだこともあるよ。 but i would love to visit kumamoto for you too <3 if you like :* have you skype, line, kakaotalk, facebook? <3 けど、もしあなたが良かったら、あなたと熊本に行ってみたい! スカイプ、ライン、カカオ、フェイスブック持ってる?? ///// こんな感じです。文法がちょっと変わっていたので、アレンジしています。 この主はたぶん南米の方かな?独特な書き方だったのでそう思いました。 友達の文章を読めるようになると良いですね。交流がもっと楽しくなりますよ。頑張ってください。



ありがとうございます!! 一応英語勉強しているんですが難しくてなかなか勉強が進みません。 読み書きできるようになりたいです。


  • 至急日本語に訳してほしいです!

    I think you were happy and a guy who I dont know tell me the opposite... so I ask you if it was true, and finally you said me yes.... Like you have no confidence on me ↑↑ 何て書いてあるのでしょうか?? よろしくお願いします!m(__)m

  • 日本語にして下さい!

    hi darling :DDD thank you for the message :)) im happy to read it :) yes, i watch the world cup. i had been supporting germany, japan, brazil. im so sad that japan lost and got eliminated early .. but i still support japan. for next asia cup and world cup and more :) i love japan so much :) i was in japan two times. in yokohama, tokyo and kamakura :)) i totally love japan, it was very awesome to be in japan. culture, people, food, language and more. and girls hehehe :DDD ^^ i felt like i was home :) i was not lonely or sad. i was super happy! i love japan forever ^^ i want to make japanese friends and if possible a girlfriend from japan too! since i was little boy, i always dreamed to live and work in japan someday >< i would be happy to talk with you more and to be with you someday :DDd ps: i drunk kumamoto sake お願いいたします(^-^)

  • 日本語におねがいします。

    こんにちは。 翻訳機で変換してみましたが、いまいちしっくりこないので日本語にお願いします。 What do you think that (名前) would do if he knew that you contacted me? I'm just thinking that you live far away and don't want to be in contact with him anymore, so what could he do? It sounds like your relationship with him was a little more formal than mine, which was very casual. I was only in Istanbul for a total of about a week. What, if anything, did he tell you about what happened between us and why did he tell you? Just to make you upset? Do you think that he's trying to apologize when he calls you? Did you know that he has deleted his facebook profile? Do you know why? Sorry that I'm so full of questions, but I'm really curious. Any information that you can give me would be very appreciated.

  • この英文メールはネイティブ?

    メールフレンドとメールし合っています。 この人は自称アメリカ人なのですが、 私には“英語が変?!”な感じがするのですが・・・。 皆さんはどう思われますか? 騙されていると嫌なので、率直な意見をお願いします。 hello ! i was born in canada, but lived in US. i have both US and canada visa. you can speak english a little? i always come to tokyo, though i live and work in yokohama. well, i like to explore tokyo, travel, movies. next time lets meet! how about next week meet? after work monday or tues? sorry, i dont have other photo...but,.. i look like tom cruise! straight hair. matane!

  • 日本語にしてください。お願いします。( ´△`)

    Yes I have been to Huis Ten Bosch! It was 10 years ago haha. When are you going there? Your city is in the south of Japan right? I was surprised you know the restaurants in Tokyo when your city is so far away! haha!! Thank you for the advise about the restaurant!! Grolsch is a bit like Asahi I think. And Heineken is more like Sapporo beer. The bottle of Grolsch is very creative! It is very difficerent (if they have the big bottle still). The amount is 0,5 liters it looks like this: http://bier.blog.nl/files/2012/08/grolsch-beugelfles.jpg Sorry Japan lost from Greece :-( I was so happy if Japan win from Greece!! But it was equal :-( I think the Netherlands will have difficult matches in the quarter final. I hope they will succeed to play a good match! How is your weekend? What will you do? Thank you for your message!

  • 日本語にして下さい!!よろしくお願いします。

    Although an email is not enough, and a video is not enough as well, I want to try to tell you how much I appreciated your gift! I got so, deeply moved from this…that I don’t even know what to say (and this is so rare!). I was expecting to receive my new watercolor brushes today, so, when the postman rang the doorbell, I though ‘YEPPEEE!!! My new brushes! Hurray!’ and I hurried to the door! Then he said: “There are 2 packages for you boy!”. I thought “Weird, the sent 2 packages for 3 small brushes?”. Then I read what was written on one of them… and I totally forgot about brushes. It was your gift. I was...stunned! Surprised! Totally, incredibly happy. I went back inside, here in front of my pc. And I started shaking, as I was so…! I opened it, and saw your sweet presents, and sent you the SMS and LINE messages, then read the letter. Yes, I did cry (please, don’t think I am a crybaby! XD). I got really moved by what you did. You know I like Ranma and bought me something about it...it's...I can’t describe how happy I am, that's why I will record the video right after finishing the email. And I love everything you sent me! The Christmas Origami, so beautiful and delicate!. And the Onsen souvenir ;__; thank you for thinking about me when you went there…! And the stamps, and the letter… Mika! There are so many things I would like to be able to say. Mika, you are so special for me, thank you! I will now record the video, and write the transcript of what I say (I hope I don’t start crying! XDDDD I promise I won’t!) Take care, Mika, I am with you. Always. Don’t ever feel alone. Because if you need, I will be with you. I will never leave you alone! Fabio The transcript of the video------------ gosh XD okay I cried but just a little XDDDD Sorry! Hi….hey! Its….hard to find the right words to thank you. I wrote it in the email but I want to thank you. I know it’s not enough, it will never be enough…a video, or an email! I…. I am really, really happy…uhm…for…for what you sent me. I really like these (showing ranma notebooks)…. I like this (the souvenir from onsen). I like…the stamps….and the letter! And this…well, you wrote on it so I like it! I…I am so happy of it. And… I don’t know exactly what I want to say! Because…uhm… (pause) I said I would have done that but I’m doing it XD don’t worry! It’s just…thank you. I appreciate it, I appreciate it so much! And… If I ever feel alone… I will… shake this! I will shake this and I will know you are somewhere and… hopefully happy! And….uhm! Sorry… And… aww my voice sorry! I am so so happy you sent me these things that I don’t even know what to say… now you’ll think I’m a crybaby right? I am not a crybaby…but…I, I am… I got so moved from your present that really I don’t know what to say! And….Sorry….! Sorry I am so happy that I can’t help it. I am a crybaby right? XD You think so! But… uhm…uhm….yes! thank you…thank you so much! Thank you so much! For your really… unique gift! Thank you!

  • 日本語にお願いします!!

    As for the last thing (the fact that you ignored me), yes, I have to admit it was quite a hard hit. I have been really, deeply sad and disappointed because of that. You know, because I didn't expect if from you! I know you are emotional and sometimes just don't feel like talking. That's fine of course. But those times, it's always better to say "Sorry, I don't feel like talking today". Always, because, Mika, ignoring someone is really, really cruel, especially if there is no harm from the ignored person. You see, I thought "Is this what I deserve just because I wanted to be honest with her?". I thought that was really mean... a bit cruel maybe, because we are friends. I simply didn't expect you could behave like that to me ^^ So yeah, I got really depressed for quite some time. Because... because of what I written in the letter you didn't receive yet! I hope you can get it soon :) But in the end it seems you understood, so I accept your apologies, thank you! ^^ It's okay now :)

  • 英語から日本語へ翻訳して頂けないですか?

    awww dont think that you have a clumsy English ... i never think that way about you English ... i know that you are doing well on it ... and you never will annoy me wit it . i be so sad if you stop sending me! e-mails .because you think that is annoy me .. went i see, a email from you it make me feel special and happy . it doesnt matter if you wrote it wrong...... please dont never feel that way .... i will do my best to write back to you in japanese so you dont fill bad about you english ... you are doing well .. you are special for me ! この文章です。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 日本語の表現について教えてください

    すみませんが、日本語がまだあまり上手くないので英語で質問させてください。 I am writing a blog post about my trip to Cambodia in Japanese language. I uploaded a photo of an old jail and am going to add a short comment to it. I would like to add something like "This place was very scary to me because many people died here." Can I say "ここはとても恐怖ところです。たくさん人死すでしたから。"? If cannot, then what can I say?

  • 日本語訳お願いします

    下の文を日本語訳お願いします^^ hello!! Now I have got at school a lot of tests. On 25 May I'll end this school year Can you tell me more about your character? ^^ About me: I like to be alone, but I have friends at my school, in music school In 2006 I've broken spine. My former "friend" ○○ pushed me and I've fell. I like romantic books, romantic films, romantic anime and romantic manga My friend ○○ says that I am a romantic. Sometime I write poems in Russian or in Ukrainian. I hope my letter is interesting and not dull You can ask me something if you want I'll glad to answer on your questions P.S. Do you know manga "Mars"? If yes, what you think about it? I am reading this manga now. 翻訳など使わずにお願いします!!