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Apology for Accidentally Adding Razor to Cart and Inquiry about Razor Wrapping

  • Apology for accidentally adding a razor to cart last night while browsing at around 3 am. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  • Despite the accident, I still plan to buy a kamisori from you in the future and have not yet decided which one.
  • I also have a separate question regarding a kamisori I bought. It came with string wrapping, and I would like to know if I can send it to you for a traditional rattan wrap with diamonds and red elements (possibly stingray skin).


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  • ddeana
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心からお詫びしたいと思います。昨晩午前3時、何の気なしにWebを見ていた時、あなたの剃刀を見ました。そしてどうやら、この品物をショッピングカートか何かにいれたらしいのです。とってもとっても疲れていたための単なるミスです。それに支払えるお金さえ今はもっていません。 迷惑かけてごめんなさい。この先、あなたの剃刀を買う意図はあるんですけど、いつかは決まっていません。 この件とは別に質問があります。あなたから買った剃刀ですけど、紐状のラッピングがなされていました。自分の剃刀にダイヤモンドと赤いなにかで加工した伝統的な藤の鞘にしてもらえるよう(モザイク状の?)、送ることは出来ますか? ※stingray skin ググッてみましたが、エイ革の加工について下記のような説明をみつけました。 http://www.bigport.in/processing_03.html 刀の鞘などで同様のモザイク状の加工ができるかどうかわかりませんが、そういったことを尋ねていらっしゃるのでは?との推測の入った訳です。違っていた場合はご容赦を。


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  • oignies
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ゆうべあなたのサイトをみていて、よなかの3時ころでとてもつかれていたので、まちがって、品物をカートか何かにいれてしまいました。でもまちがってしたことですし、いまは、手持ちがなく、支払をうけるまで支払う能力もありません。本当に申し訳ない。 そのうちかみそりを購入しようとはおもっているのですが、どれにするかはまだきめていません。 あと、別件ですが、先日かった剃刀ですが、包装がきにいらなかったのですが、おくりかえして、別の包装にしてもらうことはできますか。(ratten rap希望)

  • NPAsSbBi
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私は誠実に謝罪したい、私は単に拾い読みして、昨夜、3amごろにあなたのカミソリを見ていました、見たところでは、私は、運ぶためにこれを加えました、あるいはもの。 それは事故でした。私は非常に疲れていました(非常に)。 私は、とにかく支払われるまで、お金を持ちさえしていない。 inconvienenceに残念、あなた。 私は、まだあなたからkamisoriを今後買うことを計画します、単なるhavent、どれを決定します。 私はseperate質問がありました。 私は、買ったkamisoriを持っています。しかし、それはストリング包装紙に付属しました。 でしょう、i、ダイヤモンドおよび赤色研磨剤(アカエイ皮膚?)を備えた従来の籐ラップのためにあなたのもとへ私のカミソリを送ることができること



  • 和訳してください

    As I mentioned earlier, I was very upset to pay 40$ in addition to the cost of the razor due to custom fees. This would have been avoided, had you valued the razor at less than 60$ like you did the two previous times. I will keep this razor, but would like to know what you suggest we do about the additional 40$ I paid, and the heljestrand razor I bid on. I would like to continue buying razors from you in the future.

  • 和訳をお願いします

    Like the other razor (Puma) I bought from u it was advertised as shave ready. Neither razor I bought from you were close to shave ready. I had to hone the last one and will have to hone this one. Do not understand why you advertise razors as shave ready.

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    The pictures have me a little confused. Very seldom if at all, do you see a right hand Kamisori. With a couple of pictures it does look like it is for your right hand and the others not.I take it that the Japanese words face outward and the flat ground part of the razor goes to your face.

  • 簡単に和訳をお願いします

    i was thinking. would you be intrested in trading 2 nos kamasoris for 2 nos Swedish heljestrand razors? i live in sweden and have easy to find quality swedish razors. and you live in japan and must have pretty easy to find japanese quality razors. please let me know and if your intrested we can come up with a fair trade.

  • ざっくりと和訳してください。

    I've just get the razor and very dissapointed!The width of the razor is not as described 20mm or 6/8" it is ONLY 18mm or 5/8".Please exchenge for 20mm(6/8")if you have one in the similar condition or I WOULD LIKE TO RETURN THE RAZOR FOR A FULL CREDIT !

  • ざっと和訳をお願いします。

    I did not read the auction closely and just realized the blade has a crack in it. Because it was my fault, I have no problem paying for the razor, but would prefer not to waste the money to have it shipped to me. Can you send a new invoice without shipping and then dispose of the razor?

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    Many years have passed. Although my Japanese is still far from perfect, I became a professional at domo-ing. I found it to be a very happy expression. Not long ago I was packing my bags to go back home for a vacation. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. My friend James was standing there. He had been in Japan for only one month and was planning to stay another two years. He was carrying a box with him. "Could you please give this little present to my girlfriend when you arrive?' He said 'little " but to me the box looked very big. I took a quick look at my bags. They were really full and very heavy. It was impassible to make anything else fit in. However, I felt kind of rude saying no. Without even thinking almost it, my face changed into an expression of worry. I said, "Sore wa doomo..." James looked at me very surprised and asked, "Why are you thanking me? This is not a present for you." I was too tired to explain anything, so I gave him a copy of this article.

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    today I have heard about the tragic news about Japan. Hopefully you and your family/friends are doing fine? I am very sorry for my late reply, but I was attempt to have less contact with you, because I thought it would be better for both of us to keep going with our normal life. The farewell of the last time that I saw you was very hard, I did not want to let you cry and have heartbreak.  Do not see me wrong, because I had a great time with you. We both started to have a strong feelings for eachother, but we both also now that this could not work out. That was very hard for both of us and I want you to live a great life without missing our  time too much. Well, hopefully my thing did work out and you are doing fine, you will always have that special place in my heart. Maybe the future will bring us back together... If I have any chance to go to Japan again I will definitly contact you and be with you, only if your situation allows that, maybe in that time you will have a lovely family. Please give other men a chance if they want to be a part of your life. I will be very happy for you..

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    if I knew this razor was in this bad of shape I would not have bought it its pieced to gather with glue the blade will take days to get fixed. not pleased.

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    I will vote you once you make the refund. I already bought you 1 razor, no reason not to give a positive vote if I do not have to spend a lot to sharpen the razor. Please make the refund and I'll vote you.