Payment Issue with Custom Fees and Razor Valuation

  • Learn how I ended up paying an extra $40 due to custom fees and the value of the razor. Find out what I suggest we do about the additional payment and the razor I bid on.
  • Discover the reason behind the $40 payment I had to make due to custom fees and razor valuation. Learn how we can resolve this payment issue and what I plan to do with the razor I bid on.
  • Uncover the details of the custom fees and razor valuation that resulted in an additional $40 payment. Explore potential solutions to this payment issue and my intentions regarding the razor I placed a bid on.
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As I mentioned earlier, I was very upset to pay 40$ in addition to the cost of the razor due to custom fees. This would have been avoided, had you valued the razor at less than 60$ like you did the two previous times. I will keep this razor, but would like to know what you suggest we do about the additional 40$ I paid, and the heljestrand razor I bid on. I would like to continue buying razors from you in the future.

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  • ddeana
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先に述べたとおり、通関手数料のせいでカミソリの金額にさらに40ドルも支払うことになったので、ものすごく頭にきてました。これは過去二回あなたがそうしたようにカミソリの価値を60ドル以下にしたら避けられたと思うのです。このカミソリをお返しはしません。ですが、私が払った追加の40ドル、および私が入札したheljestrand カミソリについて御互いどうするのか、あなたがどのように提案するのかを知りたいと思います。将来的にあなたからカミソリを購入したいとは考えています。 という感じです。

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  • akira3737
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私は、以前に言及したように、税関手数料によりカミソリのコストに加えて40ドルを払うために非常に気が動転していました。 もし2つの前回を行ったように、あなたがカミソリを60ドル未満と評価していたならば、これが回避されていたでしょう。 私はこのカミソリを保存しますが、何私が払ったさらに40ドル、および私が競り合うheljestrandカミソリぐらい私たちが行うと、あなたが示唆するか知りましょう。 私は、あなたからカミソリを今後買い続けたい。


  • 和訳をお願いします

    Like the other razor (Puma) I bought from u it was advertised as shave ready. Neither razor I bought from you were close to shave ready. I had to hone the last one and will have to hone this one. Do not understand why you advertise razors as shave ready.

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    I would just like to ask what makes this particular razor more expensive than your other ones? I may be interested in this one with the discount, but would like to find out more.

  • ざっと和訳をお願いします

    I would like to know why you describe the razor width as 17.3 to 18. Is it because the razor is shorter at the heel and wider at the tip? This would mean that the edge is not perfectly straight.

  • さらっと和訳でお願いします

    I am still mildly interested in that razor. Would it be possible to write only a small worth into the package? Like 20$?

  • ざっくりと和訳をお願いします。

    What I would really like is a Henckells 472 like the one I was very upset to miss out on this morning ":472 1/2". Do you have any more of these? I would absolutely buy one.

  • ざっくりと和訳をお願いします。

    I was interested in purchasing this fine razor but was discouraged to do so for practical reasons. After a bit of research, I've noticed that this razor is only to be used on one side. Not the other. Can you verify this? Or explain how these types of razors are used?

  • ざっくりと和訳してください。

    I've just get the razor and very dissapointed!The width of the razor is not as described 20mm or 6/8" it is ONLY 18mm or 5/8".Please exchenge for 20mm(6/8")if you have one in the similar condition or I WOULD LIKE TO RETURN THE RAZOR FOR A FULL CREDIT !

  • ざっと和訳をお願いします

    I would like to have the order history on my account updated if possible on your website.It does not show that I have made a purchase with you. I will most definitely be purchasing other razors and knives in the future, and would love to use your websites purchase history feature.

  • ざっくりと和訳をお願いしたいです

    i can pay instand over pay-pal and shippment via EMS with tracking would be great. the razor that you recomend me are new but not sharpend it is described in the auktion, i would definitly prefer a sharpen one because i have not the kind of skill to refreshe it from scratch. #K156/A0 this one i would rearly like, can you make me also a better price for this or other one, or only for the 2 you send me?

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    When at latest should I pay for this item? I have no problem to pay already but I would like to ask you to not ship the item yet. Why? - because I am thinking to purchase maybe more of your razors but have not decided yet. So my question is if you could postpone the shipment by couple of weeks?