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Octaviomex asks: Will you ever release unrecorded songs like Still With Me, Edge of the Earth and Beautiful Thing? We would love to hear them. Kind regards. User avatar for Cyndi_Lauper Guardian contributor Cyndi_Lauper 30 May 2018 12:29pm I will probably release things like a single, and I always feel that Still With Me is eerily like today. It's a song about being watched. Edge of the Earth is also a good song, get tough binky kinda thing! I wrote that song with Bill Whitman who works with me, I wrote Still With Me with a girl I met through a publishing company.


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Octaviomexの質問: あなたはレコーディングされていない曲、例えば Still With Me, Edge of the Earth and Beautiful Thing などをいつか発表することがありますか? それらを本当に聞きたいです。よろしく。 Cyndi_Lauper Guardian コントリビューターのユーザー・アバター Cyndi_Lauper 30 May 2018 12:29pm 私はおそらくシングルのような物をリリースします。そしていつもStill With Me は気持ち悪いほど現在の曲みたい。この曲は見られているって言うことに関してなの。Edge of the Earthも良い曲ね。辛いけどお気に入りの物を得た!みたいな。この曲は一緒に活動しているビル・ウィットマンと書いたし、Still With Meは出版会社を通じて出会った女の子と一緒に書いたの。 --- tough binky kinda thing はEdge of the Earthの歌詞の中身がわからないと正確には訳せないです。Still With Meは現代のような監視社会、カメラやネットでいつも見られている時代には不気味に感じられると言う意味でしょう。



こちらが"Edge of the Earth"の歌詞になります。 よろしくお願いします。 I spent a lot of time looking for me in your eyes I spent a lot of nights sleeping on the end of our bed Then I realize that this time, time won't tell People like myself can't compromise this well And I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Won't let go so easily I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Next time that lucky penny that you find will be me Said a lot of words that you never wanted to hear Used myself up trying to explain and be clear Then I realize we mean the things we say When you turn the page the words don't go away And I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Won't let go so easily I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Next time that lucky penny that you find will be me Next time that lucky penny that you find will be me Christopher Columbus aint got much on me And maybe just like Moses, I will part the sea And I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Won't let go so easily I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Next time that lucky penny that you find will be me No, I won't fall off the edge of the earth, I won't let go, just wait and see I won't fall off the edge of the earth, Next time that lucky penny that you find will be me Next time that lucky penny that you find will be me


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    翻訳をお願いいたします。 「Cyndi Lauper’s Next Gig: Apparel, Jewelry and Shoes for HSN Lauper will make her first appearance on HSN during a two-hour special on Oct. 26.」 よろしくお願いします。

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    クインシー・ジョーンズ氏のインタビューから この文章の翻訳をお願いいたします。 There’s a small anecdote in your memoir about how the rock musicians who’d been asked to sing on “We Are the World” were griping about the song. Is there more to that story? It wasn’t the rockers. It was Cyndi Lauper. She had a manager come over to me and say, “The rockers don’t like the song. ” I know how that shit works. We went to see Springsteen, Hall & Oates, Billy Joel, and all those cats and they said, “We love the song. ” So I said [to Lauper], “Okay, you can just get your shit over with and leave. ” And she was fucking up every take because her necklace or bracelet was rattling in the microphone. It was just her that had a problem. よろしくお願いします。

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    詳しく知りたいのです。 博士号を授与されるという事なのでしょうか? Cyndi Lauper and Bess O'Brien to Deliver NVU Commencement Keynote Addresses Lauper attended Johnson State College, now NVU-Johnson, in 1973 and 1974. She will receive a Doctor of Letters Honorary Degree (Litt.D) at the commencement ceremony.  詳しくこのニュースになります。 よろしくお願いします。 https://www.northernvermont.edu/about/news-events/news-center/cyndi-lauper-and-bess-obrien-deliver-nvu-commencement-keynote

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    Cyndi Lauper, American singer songwriter, sat down with Dean Beck for a fantastic interview, focusing on Cyndi’s new show, Kinky Boots, currently playing here in Melbourne until January 2017.  宜しくお願い致します!

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    Amy's getting a song!!! Woo hoo, GO AMY!!! Thank you thank you!!! Who else would like to join her and get a personalized song? Just one of many cool, cool perks to helping us out with our record release!!!

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    Dean later said regarding Chester, “Chester's bursting with ideas. He brought in so much. It's almost like he was bringing in a song every day. It's like, “Hey man, let's just stick to these four!” [Laughs] There's actually a song on here that Chester wrote musically, lyrically, and melodically.”

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    昔の彼に丁寧に言いたいのです。 1.I just want to know do you want still talking to me? 2.I just confirm do you like still keep(又は stay)in touch with me? 3.I would like to know you would like still e-mail to me? なんだか、同じニュアンスに聞こえますが、正しいでしょうか? よろしくお願い致します。

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    Core was released on September 29, 1992 with the lead single “Sex Type Thing.” Sex Type Thing was an anti-rape song, with Weiland singing from the perspective of a macho rapist. In a September 1993 interview with SPIN magazine Scott Weiland recalled the creation of Sex Type Thing, “Dean was out in the front yard of his house in San Diego, washing his car or something, and he was, like, listening to some old Zeppelin song [In the Light].” Dean described his memory of coming up with the guitar riff and being influenced by the Led Zeppelin song, “’Duh bug ngaow, buh-neh-neh-nah- neh-neh-nao-nhe’ except because the music was inside and I was outside, it sounded different. You know how you can hear music sometimes in a different way? I heard it ‘buh-neh-buh-neh-buh-neh,’ which is like the riff idea to ‘Sex Type Thing,’ and ran in and hit it out on the classical guitar.” Weiland's first impression of the riff was, “The first time he played it for me over the phone, it reminded me of an old-style Sonic Youth-ish kind of riff. And when he told me how he got the thing, I was tweaked. Hey, I write songs that way, too.” Dead and Bloated's guitar riff was based on an idea Scott Weiland hummed to the band, while the lyrics to “Plush” were written by Weiland and Eric Kretz while they were in a hot tub.

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    Hey, no one knows me No one saves me No one loves or hates me I've been away for too long This place has a sṗecial kind of falling apart Like they put the whole thing together in the dark No one knows where the edge of the knife is And no one knows where intelligent life is