What does 'playing off one another' mean?

  • Playing off one another refers to children cooperating with each other to challenge or disobey their parents.
  • It is when siblings or friends team up against authority figures, such as parents or teachers.
  • When children play off one another, they support each other in opposition to their parents' authority.
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play off

My husband and I have four young children. Generally, our children are well-behaved; however, sometimes they don't listen to me or my husband. It is incredibly frustrating for us, and we both lose our patience quickly with them. When this happens, we find that they start playing off one another and revolting against us. playing off one anotherはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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 playing off one anotherはどのような意味でしょうか? play off は、下記の句他動詞のように「(人が)争うように仕向ける)という意味です。  https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=play+off  ですから(話たちたち両親が)お互いに争うようにしむけて(自分たちから視線をそらす)という意味です。





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  • 次の英文がわかりません;

      When l married my husband,six years ago,he already had four small children from his previous marriage. l became their stepmother,and watched them become young teenagers. Although they lived primarily with their mother,they spent a lot of time with us as well. 0ver the years,we all learned to adjust. We enjoyed vacations together,ate family meals,worked on homework,played baseball,rented videos. However,I continued to feel somewhat like an outsider. Since l had no children of my own,my experience of parenting was limited to my husband's four,and often l felt sad because l would never know the special bond that exists between a parent and a child.   When the children moved to a town that was a five-hour drive away,my husband was understandably upset. We promptly set up an e-mail and chat-line service. This technology,combined with the telephone,would enable us to reach the children on a daily basis by sending frequent notes and messages,and even chatting together when we were all on-line.

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