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Lillian would like to figure out how to get implants maybe in Japan so she can eat. I can organize having dentures made here but she would like four implants on the bottom and four implants on the top, where you mount dentures and they act like natural teeth. They are expensive but less expensive then a whole mouth of implants. Its horrible that she cannot eat! If she were to go to Japan to visit do you have a place for her to go?


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  リリアンは、なんとかして日本ででも差し歯をして、物が食べられるようにならないものかと思案している。  こちらで総入れ歯を作らせることもできるが、リリアンは、下顎の側に四本差し歯をし、上顎に四本差し歯をし、それに総入れ歯をかぶせて自然な歯に見せたいという。  これは高くつくが、口中の歯を(一本一本)差し歯にするより安い。彼女が物が食べられないのは酷い(かわいそうです)!  もし彼女が日本に行くことになれば、彼女の行くところがあるでしょうか? (implant を「差し歯」、 dentures を「総入れ歯」と訳しました)



sps700 様 早速英訳をしてくださいましてありがとうございます。 先方は急いでいる様子でしたし、これからこちらサイドの情報ををあれこれ調べて相手に送らねばならない状況ですので、いささか焦っているところです。先方が望む適切な情報を提供してあげたいと思います。 お陰さまで大変助かりました。 重ねて厚くお礼を申し上げます。


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    Lillian would like to figure out how to get implants maybe in Japan so she can eat. I can organize having dentures made here but she would like four implants on the bottom and four implants on the top, where you mount dentures and they act like natural teeth. They are expensive but less expensive then a whole mouth of implants. Its horrible that she cannot eat! If she were to go to Japan to visit do you have a place for her to go?

  • 英訳お願いいたします。

    英訳お願いいたします。 This weekend I went shopping for clothes ... maybe you like that ... but I'm not really enjoying it. It's too difficult, too many choices. And suppose I choose something other people don't like ... Anyway I'm finished now and I have what I I need to have. Hmmm Italian food. Do you like Italian food a lot? As for the chopsticks ... it's not really strange for me. Personally I use chopsticks to cook pasta. It's easy to stir and take some spaghetti out to see if it's cooked enough. But eating ... I use fork :)But when I went to an Italian restaurant in Osaka they also gave chopsticks. Can you eat pasta with a fork? Or you think it's easier with chopsticks? Don't worry ... we won't be having pasta when you're in Belgium. About the chili oil. It's me that needs to thank you. You gave it to me and you introduced me to this chili oil. It's really nice on salad. Without you I would never know it can be so nice. If you bring some to Belgium you can bring your favorite brand. It doesn't need to be specifically this one. I like to know what you like. Don't worry if it's spicy ... I can take very spicy food. But are you sure it's not too much trouble? ... maybe you don't like it. Actually it looks more like what a horse would eat ... hahaha. You can try ... but we should have something more authentic (Belgian) for you. And also as a backup ... because I really don't think you will like it :)

  • 英訳の問題です お願いします

    中学の英訳の問題です。 私と一緒にコンサートへ行きませんか。を Would you like to go with me to the concert ? としたのですが、解答では Would you like to come with me to the concert ? となっていました。なぜ go ではなく come なのか分かりません。 説明していただけると助かります。お願いします。

  • 簡単だと思いますが英訳お願いします

    母は、私が外出すると必ず「誰とどこで何するの?」と、「何時に帰ってくるの」「誰かとちゃんと一緒にかえってくるの?」と聞いてきて、ひどいときには遊んでる最中に電話をかけてきたりメールで「今どこ?」など、聞いてきます。私は母のそういうところが大嫌いです。私のことを大切に思ってくれるのは本当に嬉しいけど、もうこんな年齢なので少し自由になりたいです。 ↑を英語でどうやっていうのですか? 英語が全く出来ないのですがとりあえずかんがえてみました。(抜けてるところがたくさんありますが) my mother always says to me ”who are you going to go out with?”” what are you going to do for?” ”when are you come back to home?””are you going to go home with someone?" ,when I go out . I'm during going out, she calls me or e-mail me "where are you?". I dont really like those things. i'm glad her thet she care of me.but i am (?),so i would like to be free. どなたか英語が出来る方お願いします。

  • 英訳をお願いします

    ネイティヴのアメリカ人男性とメール交換してます。「来年2月頃(詳細はまだ未定)、そちらへ遊びに行くので会いたいな。会って遊ぼうよ」とメールしたところ I'd meet you for a drink or coffee :) Then we'll go from there ;) と返ってきました。 意味は「(ひょっとしたら)君と会ってお茶か1杯飲むかもね。その後(お茶した後)のことは、そこからまた考えよう」という訳であってますか? ...なんだかこの英文を見る限り、私と会う事にあまり乗り気じゃないように感じてしまい、本当は会いたくないんじゃないかと、凹んでしまってます。確かにまだ滞在日数など具体的に決まっておらず漠然としていて、先方も社会人で仕事があるので予定がまだたたないというのもありますが。。 「I'd like to meet you…」じゃなくて「I'd meet you」の場合、下記のどちらでしょうか? 調べてたら頭が混乱してきちゃって。。手持ちの辞書で「would, should +動詞の原形」を調べたら... (1) I would  可能性、推量の意味で、(もしかしたら)~かもしれない、~でしょう         話し手の確信度は50%  (2)I should 可能性、推量の意味で、たぶん~だ、~のはずだ         話し手の確信度は could→might→may→can→should→ought to→           would→will→mustの順に高くなる とあります。私は多分(1)のI wouldだと思うので、先方もあまり会いたい感じではないみたいだから、あまり「会おうよ」と言うと逆に迷惑かけちゃうかなと思うので、もうこの件(会いたい)でメールするのはよそうかと思ってます。。 それともこの英文は正確には「I would like to meet you」で「like to」をただ省略しているだけですか? 調べたところ「I would like to meet you」というのはよくヒットしますが「I would meet you」ってあまり見ないです。。でも「I would like to」と「I would」なら全然意味が違ってきますよね。 もしくは「If I could/If you could/If we could」が省略されてるのかなとも思いますが… ネイティブ並みに米語に詳しい方の回答のみお願いします。

  • 長文ですが翻訳お願いします。

    長文ですが、以下の文の日本語への翻訳をお願いします。 ●●や△△は人名なので伏せさせていただきました。 それと、文中にでてくる{  }の意味はなんなのでしょうか? {  }の中に入れる文章は何か規則や意味があるのでしょうか? 英語の分かる方、お願いします。 now ,i retnow ,i return to school but i still can write you-●●-san {your letter is nice } thank you for the letter {but there was some mistakes }but no problem glad to know that you have liked my country {arigato gozamasou } me too i like to see you soo much ,{and no problem i like long letters }my writing exam always be the longest in the class ^ _^ .iam so afraid of Saturday next because i have the final delf exam {delf =french} and on Thursday after two days we have festival so iam so exciting and on Tuesday next we have a trip ^.^ >.< wow .and you ●●-san how is your studying with you ? i like anime like :d-gray man,death note,full metal alchemist is my best anime,black butler,hakuouki,bleach,angel beats,another,k-on but not so much ,and more ........ i hope you come visit me in Tunisia ^_^ you are very welcome and i also hope visiting you in japan ,maybe from japan to Tunisia is so far but from japan to abu dhabi next to Dubai is closer . i always say to my family that i want to visit japan ,my father always support me to complete studying it {cause we don't study Japanese language in here ,i study it in the net :'( } here if you buy any manga stories they have some difficult words ! do you have a dictionary from Japanese to English ? i have it on my mobile so if i don't understand any thing i just write it^_^ .where are you gonna go in the summer holiday ? iam gonna go to France for my cousin marriage.but i don't want to go to France ,i want to go to japan !>.< here we have shop name lifestyle so there is a section for Japanese dolls ..when i was searching for a doll i found a doll called ●● ^_^ and i know what it your name means it means sincerity wow what a lovely name !D .........me too i was thinking about the video call but i don't know when do you usually open :( ,i have never tried to open the video call with any of my Japanese friends but i will !D many people said to me why why do you like japan you aren't from japan but i cant stop loving japan i love every ting in japan <3 ,they say to me you are silly but iam not right ? when someone is interested in something you cant figure the reasons . when i was small my father had a Japanese friends but they have return to japan :( so they have gustatory us {Japanese tea } and sushi and some candies and chips ^ ^ i talked to some Japanese people in real they all said that my Japanese is nice and keep it up *.* ●●-san your are the first Japanese that i have add on my Facebook so iam so glad to know you ^0^ i wanna ask is japan expensive like i hear they say Tokyo is soooo expensive T.T so can you say to me {if you can ●●-san} and so proud that i love japan ! omg omg sorry i forget myself i wrote so much T.T gommen ne ●●-san sayonara mata ,see you later with all my wishes {△△}

  • 至急 翻訳をお願いします。

    以下の英文の翻訳をお願いします。 double boxing these shoes is really expensive to ship to Japan, $40 for one pair, and $60 for two pair, I can give you shipping for $40 for two pairs, if you help me cancel the auction after you receive it. OR, i can give you $60 for two pair, instead of $78, like it is on the auction what you think?

  • 英訳お願いいたします。

    英訳お願いいたします。 Please see the attachments. As you can see there are many possibilities. If I can give you one advice ... don't take the train between Brussels and Amsterdam. The Dutch railway system often breaks down ... I once had to get out in between Brussels and Amsterdam and take a taxi to go to the airport. I don't want you to go through this kind of stress. (it is indicated as a flight, but if it says Brussels midi rail station ... that means that you are actually taking a train). The train between Paris and Brussels is very reliable ... and fast. It's like the shinkansen. Oh ... I think you made a small mistake ... you mentioned that you might leave on the 31st of November ... maybe you mean the 30th :) There is this Air France flight that you might want to consider for EUR 910.91: Tokyo Haneda Paris C De Gaulle 30 Nov 01:30 06:20 Economy AF 283 Brussels Midi Rail Stn 30 Nov 07:47 08:59 Economy AF 7181 Brussels Airport Amsterdam 05 Dec 14:55 15:45 Economy KL 1726 Tokyo Narita 05 Dec 17:45 12:50 +1 Economy KL 861 It leaves very early on the 30th in Japan ... you can sleep on the plane and ... Ohayo Paris :) Then you still have the whole day on the 30th. They also have the same flight on the 1st of December if you can only leave on the 1st. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know, ok? Oh ... I can't believe it's already so late. I have to go to bed now. Enjoy your day off.

  • 英訳お願いいたします。

    英訳お願いいたします。 The only way my day could start better is if you were here :) I quickly checked the train schedule and it's a bit disappointing. You would have to travel to Paris and then take a train from Paris to the airport. The last direct train leaves too early. I'll drive you back to the airport as well, ok? The traffic in Paris is a nightmare ... but since the airport is north of Paris ... it should be ok. So you don't need to arrange a train ticket, ok? Even before today I was considering going to Paris ... but I don't think we have enough time. Satomi! 4 days is very short :) You will have to come back another time, when it's warmer, sunnier ... and we can visit Paris ... Yes in Belgium it's also getting colder. Now it's about 15 degrees, but earlier this week it was only 3 degrees when I went running this week :) You don't like seafood? Hmm ... are you sure you enjoyed the sushi in Osaka? I hope so. As for the mussels, I think I can find a restaurant where you can eat something typically Belgian and then I can eat mussels. So then you can try some, is that ok for you? Please tell me other things you don't like ... because I liked to see a happy ●● :)

  • 日本語にお願いします

    I don't think I can find a better flight, because it's so close to the date, the flights will only become less and more expensive, so if we can sort sooner, then it is better, but of course I don't want to rush you. I think I can get a flight there for maybe £800, so it's £600 cheaper than your flight to here, but then I also need to pay for a hotel, but it's still an option if getting a flight for you to here is too expensive, though of course I would like to make your dream come true and show you england. Gomen ne, there is so much english for you to read >.<