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 Then the time came for Tonky and Wanly. They always looked at people with loving eyes. They were sweet and gentle-hearted. However, the elephant keeepers had to stop giveng them anything to eat. When a keeper walked by their cage, they stood up and raised their trunks high in the air. They did their tricks because they were hoping to get food and water. Everyone at the zoo said with tears, “If they can live a few more days, the war may be over and they will be saved.”  Tonky and Wanly could no longer move. They lay down on the ground, but their eyes were beautiful. When an elephant keeper came to see them, they looked so weak. He became too sad to go back to see them. Bombs continued to dop on Tokyo. And a few days later, Tonk and Wanly died. Later, when the bodies of the elephants were examined, nothing was found in their stomachs -not even one drop of water. Today, the three elephants rest in peace with other animals under the monument at the Ueno Zoo.


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それから、トンキーとワンリーの時間がきました。 彼らはいつも愛情のこもった目で人々を見ました。 彼らは、やさしくおとなしい心を持っていました。 しかし、ゾウの飼育者たちは、彼らに食べ物を与えるのをやめなければなりませんでした。 飼育者が彼らのおりのそばを歩くと、彼らは立ち上がって、空中に鼻を高く持ち上げました。 彼らは芸をしました、と言うのは、食物と水が欲しかったからです。 動物園の人たちはみんな涙を浮かべて言いました、「彼らがもう2、3日生きることができれば、戦争は終わって、彼らは救われるかもしれない。」 トンキーとワンリーは、もはや動くことができませんでした。 彼らは地面に横たわっていましたが、彼らの目はきれいでした。 象の飼育者が彼らを見に来たとき、彼らはとても弱っている様に見えました。 彼は、あまりにも悲しくなって、彼らに会うために戻ることが出来ませんでした。 爆弾は、東京に投下され続けました。 そして、数日後に、トンキーとワンリーは、死にました。 後で、象の遺体が調べられたとき、何も彼らの胃の中に見つかりませんでした ― 1滴の水さえも見つかりませんでした。 今、3頭の象は、上野動物園の記念碑の下で他の動物達と共に安らかに眠っています。


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英訳? 別の英文に変えるってことかな。


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大変残念ながら、著作権法上の縛りがある為執筆する事ができません。 下記書籍等を参考にされてください。 http://www.kinnohoshi.co.jp/shop/info.php?isbn=9784323002118



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    お願いします (13) The Romans planned to invade Spain and fight Hannibal there. But Hannibal didn't wait around. He decided to surprise them and invade Italy first. The journey toward Rome took five months, beginning with a long march across France. Then Hannibal led his soldiers through the Alps. He lost one-third of his men during the icy mountain crossing. But still he marched on, with men, horses, and war elephants. These African elephants were decorated for battle and painted in bright colors. (Their trunks were usually red.) Swords were attached to their tusks. Some carried towers on their backs─small fortresses that protected the soldiers riding inside as they shot arrows and hurled stones at their Roman enemies. (14) The Romans first faced Hannibal's elephants at the Battle of Lake Trebia in northern Italy in 218 BCE. When Hannibal gave the signal, the elephant handlers jabbed the beasts with iron pokers─whips are not enough for elephants─and drove the trumpeting animals forward. Most Italians had never seen an elephant. Their size alone must have been terrifying. The Roman horses─and many soldiers too─panicked at the sight and smell of these monstrous creatures. (15) Pressing deeper into Italy, Hannibal showed his cleverness at the Battle of Lake Trasimene, in central Italy, in 217 BCE. Pretending to march against Rome itself, he lured the Romans into a narrow pass and ambushed them from the hills. His troops demolished the Roman army. (16) A year later, Hannibal conquered the Roman troops again at the Battle of Cannae, in southern Italy, thanks to his powerful cavalry and a brilliant battle plan. Hannibal commanded the soldiers fighting in the center to pretend to retreat─to move back, as if they were losing. The Romans fell for Hannibal's trick and followed. Then the Carthaginians fighting on the flanks closed in on the Romans and surrounded them. The Romans were trapped!

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    金魚のお話です。 When you give them food, you always have to do that from the same place and stay there while they eat. Eventually,they will start to associate you with their meal.They will swim over to your hand when you put it in the water. 食物をそれらに与えると、あなたは、いつも同じ場所からそれをして、彼らは食べますが、そこにとどまらなければなりません。 あなたが結局水にそれを入れるとき、彼らはそれらの食事.彼らをもっているあなたが手へ泳がせる仲間に出かけるでしょう。 「こんなのが自然でいいよ」「ここは違うよ」などもお願いします。

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    Once the zoo dentists have treatedthe sea lion, they move on to a much bigger animal-an elephant! Elephants are Dr.Brown's favorite animals, because they have the most interesting teeth. As he displays one of the huge teeth, he explains:“This is an elephant molar. They do not have any side-to-side movement;they can only go back and forth.” Elephants use six sets of teeth in a lifetime. When the last set of teeth is gone, they can no longer eat and will die. Today the zoo dentists are treating sue, a ten-year-old female african elephant. While they perfome their examination, they not only check the teeth in Sues mouth, but also look at her tusks. An elephant's tusks are actually teeth and must be treated and checked like them,too.For the dentists, Sue is the perfect patient because she stands quietly while they examine her. She gets an excellent report from the dentis,too. “Perfect!”says Dr.Brown.“Her teeth look wonderful!”  So far, the zoo dentists' patients have been great, but not all animals behave so well. Have they ever been bitten? “No, we have never been bitten, but almost,“ says Dr.Brown, laughing. “A couple of times we have had to move pretty quickly to get our fingers out of the way!” 自分で訳してみても全くわからないのでお願いします。

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    My old friends looked more at ease and confident than they had been when they were in L.A. この文の日本語訳は、 「私の古き友人たちは、彼らがL.A.にいるときよりも、よりリラックスしていて自信があるように見えた」 となっています。 私には、when以下が全文にかかって、 「私の古き友人たちは、L.A.にいるときが、今までで一番リラックスしていて自信があるように見えた」 のように読み取れるのですが…。 My old friends looked more at ease and confident than they were in L.A. という文章ならばすんなり理解できますが、この場合はどのように解釈するべきなのでしょうか?

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    お願いします。  What if he offered to help Sikander? If they were on the same side,there would be no battle.Taxila would be safe.What's more,Sikander might even help King Ambhi against his enemy King Porus.  So,when Sikander-whom you might know by his Gredk name,Alexander the Great-and his army marched up to the gates of Taxila,King Ambhi was there to welcome them.Just to make sure that Alexander understood that he,King Ambhi,was a friend,he threw Alexander's army a huge party hat lasted for a whole month.Arrian,a diplomat traveling with Alexander,wrote that when Alexander“arrived at Taxila,a great and flourishing city...Taxiles the governor of the city,and the Indians who belonged to it received him in a friendly manner,and he therefore added as much of the adjacent country to their territory as they requested.”The present that he offered Alexander as a symbol of his good will was just as impressive:5,000 soldiers and 56 war elephants.  These elephants and local troops would be important to provide backup for Alexander's elite corps of around 5,000 armored cavalry(men on horseback),14,500 archers,5,300 regular cavalry,and around 15,000 foot soldiers.Although his troops were brave,experienced,and skillful,Alexander knew that defeating Porus would be difficult. Porus had a large army of his own-3,000 cavalry and mnre than 1,000 chariots,50,000 font soldiers and archers,and 200 war elephants.His soldiers were also supposed to be the tallest and most powerful warriors in Asia,with an average height of more than six feet.They looked even taller because they wore their long hair coiled on their heads and wrapped in turbans so thick that even the sharpest sword could not cut through them.They were dressed in white cotton and white leather shoes,and wore earrings set with precious stones,golden armbands,and bracelets even into battle.

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    What is important , them , is that teachers develop their own preferred classroom practices based on what works best for them in their own particular situation and circumstances and given the learners they have at the time. タイトルの通りなんですが、長文すぎて、英語が苦手な私には、とても訳せません;; どなたか、英語が得意な方、訳をお願いできないでしょうか? おねがいします;;

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    英訳について質問です。 One of the most thrilling events that happen in parents'relationship with their children occurs when they realize that their children's smiles and hugs are for them alone. この訳は 子供の両親が子供の笑顔やハグは彼らのためだけであると悟った時、 子供と両親の関係の点で起こる最もスリリング出来事のうちの一つが起こります。 であってますか? 訂正お願いします。 宜しくお願いします。

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    平素よりお世話になります。 今日もよろしくお願いいたします。 In the South during Reconstruction, Southerners who cooperated with the new state governments were called scalawags by other Southerners who were disgusted with the new state governments and refused to have anything to do with them. 訳は、 新州政府にうんざりし、またそれらとの関わりを嫌がった南部の人々は、・・・。 ですが、 新州政府にうんざりし、またそれらからの関わりも拒まれていた 南部の人々は、・・・。 という和文を英文にしたい場合は、 Southerners who were disgusted with the new state governments and were refused to have anything to do with them. という英文でいいのでしょうか??? よろしくお願いいたします。

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    The 42nd Division was ordered to advance to Hod el Enna; their 127th (Manchester) Brigade marched out at 07:30 and reached Hod el Enna between 09:30 and 10:00, while their 125th (Lancashire Fusiliers) Brigade arrived at 11:15. They were supported by the Egyptian Camel Transport Corps, which worked with the Army Service Corps to supply them with drinking water. In much distress in the scorching midsummer sands, infantry in the 42nd Division marched very slowly and far in the rear. The 52nd (Lowland) Division also experienced difficulties; although Lawrence ordered the division to move at 06:37, the men did not leave their trenches until nearly midday, reaching their objective of Abu Hamra late in the evening.

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    My old friends looked more at ease and confident than they had been when they were in L.A. 「私の古き友人たちは、彼らがL.A.にいるときよりも、よりリラックスしていて自信があるように見えた」 「私の古き友人たちは、L.A.にいるときが、今までで一番リラックスしていて自信があるように見えた」 whenがどこにかかるかで、訳が違ってきます。どちらが正しいですか?