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長いですが、以下の英文を日本語に訳してくださいm(_ _)m This is not the war in Syria that makes the people run from who we believe are the cold murders called Isis . This is Turkey, yes the peaceful Turkey who a lot of people travel for vacation, because we all think it's a peaceful ,wonderful place to relax but who knows that on the other side there is people being killed without being heard, people who want to live in peace is being terrorized, kidnapped, killed and what do the Turks call these people "the mountain Turks" because they are not allowed to explain who they really are, they have to be Turks and they are the Turks who mean less. This baby is one of these people who never got to know why he got killed, why his family is being killed. He never got to know why he'll never live in peace in Turkey and why he's not allowed to speak out, in what we call "democratic Turkey" the cold murder NATO member who gets help and backup while feeding the worst enemy in a long time ISIS and also gets money for taking care of the refugees that's fleeing ISIS but instead they treat them like they were nothing and like they were the enemy who was making it over the border. And what do they spend the money on ? Killing what they call "the mountain Turks" the Kurds! No , this baby didn't even have the chance to flee with the boat, he got killed where he should been safe. Shehid namirin..


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  ここはQ&Aサイトです 疑問点を解決するところです、翻訳サービスはこちら https://translate.google.co.jp/?hl=ja#en/ja/This%20is%20not%20the%20war%20in%20Syria%20that%20makes%20the%20people%20run%20from%20who%20we%20believe%20are%20the%20cold%20murders%20called%20Isis%20.%20This%20is%20Turkey%2C%20yes%20the%20peaceful%20Turkey%20who%20a%20lot%20of%20people%20travel%20for%20vacation%2C%20because%20we%20all%20think%20it%27s%20a%20peaceful%20%2Cwonderful%20place%20to%20relax%20but%20who%20knows%20that%20on%20the%20other%20side%20there%20is%20people%20being%20killed%20without%20being%20heard%2C%20people%20who%20want%20to%20live%20in%20peace%20is%20being%20terrorized%2C%20kidnapped%2C%20killed%20and%20what%20do%20the%20Turks%20call%20these%20people%20%22the%20mountain%20Turks%22%20because%20they%20are%20not%20allowed%20to%20explain%20who%20they%20really%20are%2C%20they%20have%20to%20be%20Turks%20and%20they%20are%20the%20Turks%20who%20mean%20less.%0AThis%20baby%20is%20one%20of%20these%20people%20who%20never%20got%20to%20know%20why%20he%20got%20killed%2C%20why%20his%20family%20is%20being%20killed.%20He%20never%20got%20to%20know%20why%20he%27ll%20never%20live%20in%20peace%20in%20Turkey%20and%20why%20he%27s%20not%20allowed%20to%20speak%20out%2C%20in%20what%20we%20call%20%22democratic%20Turkey%22%20the%20cold%20murder%20NATO%20member%20who%20gets%20help%20and%20backup%20while%20feeding%20the%20worst%20enemy%20in%20a%20long%20time%20ISIS%20and%20also%20gets%20money%20for%20taking%20care%20of%20the%20refugees%20that%27s%20fleeing%20ISIS%20but%20instead%20they%20treat%20them%20like%20they%20were%20nothing%20and%20like%20they%20were%20the%20enemy%20who%20was%20making%20it%20over%20the%20border.%20And%20what%20do%20they%20spend%20the%20money%20on%20%3F%20Killing%20what%20they%20call%20%22the%20mountain%20Turks%22%20the%20Kurds!%0A%0ANo%20%2C%20this%20baby%20didn%27t%20even%20have%20the%20chance%20to%20flee%20with%20the%20boat%2C%20he%20got%20killed%20where%20he%20should%20been%20safe.%0A%0AShehid%20namirin..  



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    ・What is totalitarianism? 全体主義とは何ですか? ・When did George Orwell write 1984? ジョージオーウェルはいつ1984を書きましたか? ・Why is 1984 called 1984? なぜ1984は1984と呼ばれるのですか? ・Describe London in 1984. 1984年のロンドンについて説明してください。 ・Who is Big Brother? ビッグブラザーとは誰ですか? ・Who is the main character of 1984 and what does he do? 1984年の主人公は誰ですか、そして彼は何をしますか? ・How does Big Brother watch you? ビッグブラザーはどのようにあなたを監視していますか? ・Why does he start writing a diary? なぜ彼は日記を書き始めるのですか? ・Why do Winston and Julia go to O'Brien's house? なぜウィンストンとジュリアはオブライエンの家に行くのですか? ・What happens to Winston in the Ministry of Love? 愛の省でウィンストンはどうなりますか? ・What are Winston and Julia like after they are released from the Ministry of Love? 愛の大臣から解放された後のウィンストンとジュリアはどうですか? ・What is the main message of Orwell's 1984? オーウェルの1984年の主なメッセージは何ですか?

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    以下のどの英文でもいいので、英語で文法的に説明してください!お願いします(;;) 本当に困ってます。。 They seemed pleased with the news and told me they'd be ready. I heard her mother ask in the background, "Why does he want to bring all those friends, anyway?" What am I supposed to say to all of them? ”Six people will be coming by with me next Monday to visit with you, can you be here?" They seemed pleased with the news and told me they'd be ready.

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    英語がわからない! 疑問詞で作る名詞節の時に、どうやって疑問詞を決めればいいの? ex) What he studied was of interest to all of us. ex) Who he is taking is anyone's guess. ex) He knew who the teacher was. ex) His problem is which field he will major in. 後は、what, where, when, why, who, whom, which, whose, how, thatの使い方(名詞節を作るとき)を教えてください。

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    ・However, perhaps a more basic question is why we dream anyway? この why~の部分は why do we dream anyway じゃないんですか? ・Most of these people are elderly and when they die , they will take their language with them. 絶滅しそうな言語のことについての文の一部です。最初のthese people は 絶滅しそうな言語を話す人 をさしてると思います。最後のwith them は何を指していますか? ・I woke up with a lovely tune in my head. I thought, That's great , I wonder what that is? I wonder what that is?  の部分の語順がよくわかりません。どういうことでしょうか?

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    英語 問題 かなり急いでます! ()のあとに省略されている語句を書きなさいという問題です! So, what is actually happening? Researchers are trying to find out. They are looking at the behavior of people who use the Internet and people who do not. 自分の考えではuseですがどうですか? お願いします!

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    つぎの言葉を英語で表現したいのです。 Have you almost forgotten what you have said and done to me? 「どうなことをわたしに今までいっていたのか、もう忘れてしまったのですか?」と書いたつもりです。 have forgotten, have said and doneと二回も現在完了で書くのはおかしいでしょうか?whatの中は、said、didと過去形だけのほうがよいでしょうか?その理由はなんでしょうか?現在完了と、過去形をいっしょうにつかうとおかしい感じがするのです。 People who hurt him/her is not being all that serious, but is is an incredible shock for them to be told those things. 言った方はそんなに傷ついていなくても、言われた方はとても傷ついていて、それをずっと覚えています。「傷つけたほうは、そんなに思っていなくても、言われた方はショックが大きい」というような感じにしてみました。 peopleと書きましたが、「~の方」、「~の人は」というのはThe person, the people(またはpeople who) . one who.などいろいろありますが、違いってあるのでしょうか?いったいどんなときにone whoなどという表現を使ったらいいのか、わたしも調べてみましたがどこにものっていません。ご存知の方いらっしゃいますか?one を「人」といつでも表すことができるのでしょうか? 「言った方は忘れても、言われた方は忘れない」。この文は一般論ですから、「現在形」でしょうか?または「過去形」になるのでしょうか? people who say what you say to others forget it , while people who is told those things and is hurst still rememeber them. 一般論を表す文は、現在形だと言われたので、「言った方の」の「言った」の部分もsayと現在形で書きましたが、やはり自分の英語での表現力になっとくがまったくいきません。 「自分で言った方は、それを忘れても、言われた方は、傷ついた方は、忘れない」と書いたつもりです。 please keep in mind that what you say to people will come home to roost to you. come back to haunt. what people say や what one sayではおかしいでしょうか? 「言った言葉は、いずれ自分に返ってくるもの,というのを忘れないでください」と書いたつもりです。 よく日本語でみなさまが聞く表現だと思います。そういうことを英語で表現できるようになりたいのです。 経験者の方、専門家の方、自分で英語で思ったことを表現できるようにするにはどうしたらよいのでしょうか?わたしは日ごろから英語でメモを取り、より英語らしい表現で言えるようにこころがけています。また分からないことがあっても、調べるようにしていますが、はたしてそれでよいのでしょうか?上記の文で誤り、改善があれば、厳しくご指摘ください。よろしくお願いします。

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    Fred thought he was a very clever man, and he was particularly proud of his skill in mathematics, ュ「but as often happens with people who have perhaps too high an opinion of themselves, he was impatient, and seldom listened to what others were saying. ュ」He was particularly bad about listening to his wife, and she often complained bitterly about this. お願いします!!

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    ( )内の近い意味を持つ語を答えなさい。1.This part of the processing cannot be automated and needs to be done (by hand). (1)handly (2)manually (3)artificially (4)craftily 答え(2) ( )に入るもっとも適切なものを選びなさい。 2.I don't know that Tom had read War and Peace. ( ) surprised me most was the fact that he had read it in two days. (1)That (2)Who (3)Whoever (4)What 答え(4) 3.The man ( ) was my friend has betrayed me. (1)how I thought (2)what I thought (3)who I thought (4)whom I thought 答え(3) 4.Is this ( ) you said you bought in France? (1)as (2)that (3)what (4)which 答え(3) 5.Things are not ( ) they used to be. (1)while (2)what (3)when (4)that 5.This encyclopedia is very informative and, ( ) is more, inexpensive. (1)which (2)it (3)that (4)what 答え(4) 自分で解いてみたのですが、 訳ができずに困っています。 訳を教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

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    こちらの英文を日本語に訳してください。 よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m NATO are not there to bomb ISIS,they are there to provoke the Russians to retaliate,they failed in Ukraine now they are trying it in Syria,if they (NATO) succeed then we are entering a nuclear war for sure .This is the only reason NATO is in Syria.....Utter morons.

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    People carry passports to show (who) they are and (what) country they are from. なぜこれらの括弧にwhoやwhatが入るんでしょうか? 皆目検討もつきませんでした。。。