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・However, perhaps a more basic question is why we dream anyway? この why~の部分は why do we dream anyway じゃないんですか? ・Most of these people are elderly and when they die , they will take their language with them. 絶滅しそうな言語のことについての文の一部です。最初のthese people は 絶滅しそうな言語を話す人 をさしてると思います。最後のwith them は何を指していますか? ・I woke up with a lovely tune in my head. I thought, That's great , I wonder what that is? I wonder what that is?  の部分の語順がよくわかりません。どういうことでしょうか?


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1つめと3つめはいわゆる間接疑問文です。 Where does he live? という疑問文に対して I know where he lives.「彼がどこに住んでいるか,知っている」 こういう where he lives は疑問詞を使いながら肯定文の順序で, 名詞節として know の目的語となります。 1つめは ... question is ~「問題は~だ」の~の部分に間接疑問文 why we dream anyway「そもそも,なぜ我々は夢を見るのか」 3つめも,What is that? という疑問文に対して I wonder の目的語として間接疑問文 what that is となって, 「それは何なんだろうか,と思う」 これは中3で習うことで,普通はここでもピリオドのはずなのですが, 内容的に疑問文であるため,?がついています。 学校ではこういう英語を書くとまずいですが,実際の英語ではよく用いられます。 take に「~を持っていく」という意味がありますが, Take an umbrella with you. 「傘を持って行きなさいよ」と with you をよくつけます。 (あなたが)自分とともに,ということです。 ここでも,them は主語の they と同じです。 少数の人が話す言語の場合,その話し手が亡くなると, 自分とともに,言語を持って行ってしまう。 その人が亡くなったら同時に言語も絶滅してしまう, ということです。



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1番目と3番目の文は、文法用語では「間接疑問文」と呼ばれ るものです。 疑問詞で始まる節が名詞節を作ります。  名詞節=why we dream anyway   名詞節=what that is  この場合は、疑問詞疑問文を作ったようなご指摘の語順変化は 起きません。 皆が喋る言葉から規則を抽出した物が文法ですので、なぜ語順 変化がないかは言語学習が研究する課題となります。 2番目の文ではtheyが2回、theirが1回、themが1回出ますが 全てmost of these people を受けています。





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    長いですが、以下の英文を日本語に訳してくださいm(_ _)m This is not the war in Syria that makes the people run from who we believe are the cold murders called Isis . This is Turkey, yes the peaceful Turkey who a lot of people travel for vacation, because we all think it's a peaceful ,wonderful place to relax but who knows that on the other side there is people being killed without being heard, people who want to live in peace is being terrorized, kidnapped, killed and what do the Turks call these people "the mountain Turks" because they are not allowed to explain who they really are, they have to be Turks and they are the Turks who mean less. This baby is one of these people who never got to know why he got killed, why his family is being killed. He never got to know why he'll never live in peace in Turkey and why he's not allowed to speak out, in what we call "democratic Turkey" the cold murder NATO member who gets help and backup while feeding the worst enemy in a long time ISIS and also gets money for taking care of the refugees that's fleeing ISIS but instead they treat them like they were nothing and like they were the enemy who was making it over the border. And what do they spend the money on ? Killing what they call "the mountain Turks" the Kurds! No , this baby didn't even have the chance to flee with the boat, he got killed where he should been safe. Shehid namirin..

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    You wonder, "what do all these people find to talk about that's so important?" His jaw is set hard.

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    上手く訳せないので、英訳お願いします。 These disciplines are founded on the ordinary common-sense recognition that the behavior of individuals, and what happens in the social world, is powerfully affected by the way individual people are ’collectivized’, that is, by the ways they come to be in similar circumstances of one kind or another. Everyone understands that how people are collective makes a difference to how they are likely to act and what they are likely to think, and that knowing these things helps us when we have to deal with them. これらの分野は、つまり、個人の振る舞いは、個々の人間は”集合化される”という方法により、つまり、様々な種類の環境において、人間は存在するようになるという方法により、強力に影響されるという普通で共通の認識に基づいている。 全ての人は、いかに集合化された人々が、彼らが考えそうなことや彼かがいかに行動しそうかということに対して理解し、そして、彼らを扱わなければ行けない時、これらを知っていることが私たちを助けるかということを理解している。

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    以下のどの英文でもいいので、英語で文法的に説明してください!お願いします(;;) 本当に困ってます。。 They seemed pleased with the news and told me they'd be ready. I heard her mother ask in the background, "Why does he want to bring all those friends, anyway?" What am I supposed to say to all of them? ”Six people will be coming by with me next Monday to visit with you, can you be here?" They seemed pleased with the news and told me they'd be ready.

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    自然な訳をお願いできますか? I do think it's creepy, and because thereis a connection to these characters that are fallible, and i think that is the main draw over and above the horror. I think the great connectedness is that they contradict themselves, they're full of contradictions. As we discussed earlier, no one is who they seem to be and that is kind of who we are.

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    友人がメールでとある政党の話をしていた際に、 …Unfortunately they keep playing the victim-card, accusing everyone to be after to harm them.… …The thing is that due to all the publicity people are siding with them because they keep playing the victim-card. … という一説がありました。 この中の(Playing the) victim-cardとはどういうものですか?

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    I'am most pleased with your personality. It is more important how we treat each other, or how we get along. What is nice is when two people have been together for 50 or 60 years and they still treat each other like the first day. That's special! That's why you have to be best friends first... I really like these pictures of you, reminds me of making love to you through the night...

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    英語の文法問題です。 (1)Your new checks will be mailed to you (as far as/as long as/as soon as/as late as) they are ready. 答:as soon as (2)I again propose (if/that/what/so) we go ahead with this new investment even though there is still some risk. 答:that (3)Credit is valuable. That is (because/why/how/where) you need to know what you should do if you have credit problems. 答:why (4)(Whether/if/either/so) they are part of the integrated e-Finance applications that run a company, or the e-Finance transactions that drive new revenue. 答:whether (5)Survival in today's business world requires (what/whether/that/if) companies not just understand new technology, but actively accept the changes. 答:whether 僕の答えであってるでしょうか?まったく自信がないので、どなたかわかる方お願いします。

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    こんにちわ。英語の混成言語の文についてご質問があります。 以下の英文には、それぞれ使い方がおかしい個所があります。その個所がどこなのか、分からないところがあります。こうではないのか?この答えはおかしい、と思うところがありましたら、是非参考にさせていただきたいので、ご指摘よろしくお願いいたします。 (1)It is interesting that how some people learn languages very quickly. (2)Another thing that we don't have is Police inside the university, I couldn't understand which is their job. → 最後のwhichをwhatに。 (3)People wonder how does China with a population of 800 millions could possible be ignored during the last 22 years. →possible の主語に「人」は来ることができないので、how以降の文章は以下のようになる。 ...how could it be possible for China with a population of 800 millions to be ignored... . (4)While we are surrounded with nothing exceot atoms, it is interesting to know what is the structure of we are surrounded with nothing exceot atoms, it is interesting to know what is the structure of an atom.

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    メールなのですが.... どういう状態なのかさっぱり分かりません>< 訳して頂けないでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。 i have a present for you. 時間が経ってから... what am i gonna do? THIS GAME IS STARTING TO MAKE MAD. idk. what to do! i have these things now. and i don't know what to do with them. crap, why me ! i thought i was doing good.