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1 Today, few Americans want to live on a farm or a ranch. 2 Of course Edison little thought that he would become a great inventor like James Want. 3 Be friendly to everyone, even to the people you like least. 4 Between 1872 and 1940 however, Japan's agricultural production was increased by about 40 per cent. Moreover, little of this increase in farm crops was accomplished by the use of modern machinery, which would have been to expensive. 5 With improved farming skills fewer children will be needed to help till the soil. よろしくお願いします!!


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1 今日のアメリカ人に、農場や牧場で働きたい人などほとんどいない。 2 もちろん、エジソンは、ジェームズ・ワット(蒸気機関を発明した人ですね)のような偉大な発明家になろうとはみじんも考えていなかった。 3 みんなに親しくして、自分が一番好きになれないような人に対しても。 (英語は複数形ですが、日本語は人という方が普通ですーーつまり単複関係ない表現。もちろん人々でもいいでしょう) 4 しかしながら、1872年から1940年にかけて、日本の農業生産高は40%ほど上がりました。さらに、近代的機械の手を借りてこの農業穀物生産が達成されたのではない、それは当時はそうとう高価なものだったので。 (強く「ない」と訳しましたが、littleなので、ほとんどそうではなかった」という意味ではあります。でも、こういう場合「ない」と訳してもかまわないところです。日本語の場合100%そうではないーーとまで強い意味ではなく、ほぼそういうことはないーーという意味に近いからです) 5 向上した農業技術をもってして、土地を耕す助けをする必要がある子供の数が少なくなるだろう。 以上でいかがでしょうか?





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    ・the effect of an injury to the pons is a little like the effect that would be produced by major telephone communications from a city

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    What I would really like is a Henckells 472 like the one I was very upset to miss out on this morning ":472 1/2". Do you have any more of these? I would absolutely buy one.

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    Perfectionism is siow death. (1)Ifeverything were to turn out just like I would want it to,just like I would plan for it to,then I would never experience anything new; my life would be an endless repetition of stale successes.(2)When I make a mistake I experience something unexpested. (1)の後ろと(2)の後ろの和訳お願いします。

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    A certain distinguished electrical engineer from Cleveland,Ohio,who came to Menlo Park was taken in charge by Edison himself,who explained everything to him;the whole visit seemed one of collegiate accord.They parted like the best of friends after complimenting each other on their work.Imagine the surprise when the New York Times a few days later printed this gentleman's contrary opinion on Edison's light and system.I give a few extracts from that article as it appeared later in an English elecrical journal. On February 28,1880,the Electrician reprinted a long article from the pen of a well-known electrician from Clevenland,Ohio,which appeared in the New York Times.The electrician visited Edison's laboratory at Menlo Park,where he was accorded the attention of an honored visitor.These he rapaid by indulging in some severe criticism of the inventor and his work.'He asserts that Edison has simply resurrected a lot of scientific lumber with the design of dazzling the public.He attacks the carbon horseshoe lamp and disparages its importance.''In this one point of durability which has wrecked all previous experiments during the last thirty-four years,he appears to have made no advance whatever.It has been assumed by Edison that if this lamp could be made a success by way of durability,the problem of economical electric lighting by the incandescent plan would be solved.This is far from being the case.Success would be as hopelessly far off as ever.It is doubtful if he (Edison) can get more than two,or possibly three,of these small lights per horsepower under the best management.The absurdity of the claims for the so-called Edison generator reveals the fact that it is rather a poor form of the well-known Siemens machine.''

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    After these successes the brigade was directed to conquer the remaining parts of the Eastern Sector, including forts 9, 10, 11 and 12. Meeting little resistance, as the arriving Romanian reinforcements were often caught up by retreating units and compelled to join them, the Bulgarians accomplished this task and by 21:30 reached the shore of the Danube, completing the isolation of the fortress.

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    次の文の和訳とジョークの部分を教えてください! 1Sentence While we're browsing in a store supplied with merchandise made by inmates of Marquette Penitentiary in Michigan, we came upon a greeting card designed by one of the prisoners.On the face of the card was part of a message: 'I'd write more often, but...' The inside page, decorated with a sketch of a striped-suited, ball-and-chained prisoner, said: ' ... it takes so long to finish a sentence. 2 Contractions My wife was in labour with our first child. Things were going pretty well when suddenly she began to shout, 'Shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, didn't, can't!' 'Doctor, what's wrong with my wife?' I asked. 'She's having contractions, silly.' よろしくお願いします!!

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    If you would like to give me a list of item #s that you would like more of I will be happy to check for you and add more quantity to website if available.

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    A Russian troll farm sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book. Hard to believe we got owned by a bunch of Russian trolls. It's like a shitty fairy tail.

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    One day while making such a test, I made a very interesting discovery,described as follows in the words of Wilson S.Howell: 'Mr,Edison's judgement and prevision were generally so excellent,so accurate,that a miss was rather disturbing to him. After he had carefully thought out a plan,he wasn't always meekly patient if the test or demonstration upset his calcurations. He wouldn't hesitate to question a test and request its repitation,carefully going over the methods and conditions of the tests to find a flaw or error which would upset the conclusions. 'Mr.Jehl was asked one day to make a test for Mr.Edison, the results of which were very disappointing.The test was repeated but still the figures were nor pleasing.Each step in the test was questioned and carefully gone over by the great inventor, but its accuracy couldn't be shaken.As a last resort, Mr.Edison asked Mr,Jehl if he had made any allowance for the friction against the air of the light beam from the mirror of the Thomson Reflecting Galvanometer used in the tests. Jehl acknowledged he hadn't but would calculate it at once if Mr.Edison would give him the constant.' In such cases,when Edison joked he gave a broad smile, put his left hand behind his neck,scratched his right ear and marched away.

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    Troops for the extra divisions of the expansion ordered by Hindenburg and Ludendorff could be found by combing out rear-area units but most would have to be drawn from the pool of replacements, which had been depleted by the losses of 1916 and although new classes of conscripts would top up the pool, casualty replacement would become much more difficult once the pool had to maintain a larger number of divisions. By calling up the 1898 class of recruits early in November 1916, the pool was increased to 763,000 men in February 1917 but the larger army would become a wasting asset. Ernst von Wrisberg, Abteilungschef of the kaiserlicher Oberst und Landsknechtsführer (head of the Prussian Ministry of War section responsible for raising new units), had grave doubts about the wisdom of the increase in the expansion of the army but was overruled by Ludendorff.