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This is most damaging of all - the ideology that material affluence is the key to fulfilment and open to anyone willing to work hard enough. If you don't succeed, there is only one person to blame - never mind that it couldn't be clearer that it's the system's fault, not yours.           (Oliver James "Selfish capitalism is bad for our mental health"より)


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    これが一番大きな損害だ、すなわち物質的に裕福である事が目標達成であり、誰でも一生懸命働きさえすれば達成できると言う考えだ。     もし不成功であれば、悪いのは組織であってあなたの所為ではない、と言う事が明々白々であるにも関わらず、その責任はただ一人(あなた)にある、と言う考えである。




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    But Selfish Capitalism stokes up relative materialism: unrealistic aspirations and the expectation that they can be fulfilled. It does so to stimulate consumerism in order to increase profits and promote short-term economic growth. Indeed, I maintain that high levels of mental illness are essential to Selfish Capitalism, because needy, miserable people make greedy consumers and can be more easily suckered into perfectionist, competitive workaholism.        (Oliver James "Selfish capitalism is bad for our mental health"より)

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    Nonetheless, in the Big Brother/It Could Be You society, great swaths of the population believe they can become rich and famous, and that it is highly desirable. (Oliver James "Selfish capitalism is bad for our mental health"より)

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    While we have no way of knowing for sure, it is very possible that mental illness was nowhere near as widespread in,for instance, the US or Britain of that time. (Oliver James "Selfish capitalism is bad for our mental healthより)

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    Depressed or anxious, you work ever harder. Or maybe you collapse and join the sickness benefit queue, leaving it to people shipped in to do the low-paid jobs that society has taught you are too demeaning - let alone the unpaid ones, like looking after children or elderly parents, which are beneath contempt in the Nouveau Labour liturgy.                (Oliver James "Selfish capitalism is bad for our health"より)                 

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    “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.” この英文の最後にある“while trying to succeed”では主語とbe動詞が省略されていますが、あえて補うとすれば“he is”でしょうか、それとも“he was”でしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

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    Some people mistakenly blame yet another factor: speculation. True, increased financial trading might make prices more volatile, though the evidence is weak. But trading cannot drive prices up in the long term since for every buy, there is a sell. That has not stopped Nicolas Sarkozy, the current head of the G20, from trying to persuade the world’s premier economic club to crack down on evil speculators. どなたかお願いしますm(__)m

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    Even in non-democratic societies where property rights are embraced, standards of living improve. But democracies with a free press and protection of minority rights have proved the most effective form to safeguard property rights, largely because democracies rarely allow discontent to rise to a point that leads to explosive changes in economic regimes. Capitalism under authoritarian rule, on the other hand, is inherently unstable because it forces aggrieved citizens to seek redress outside the law.

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    As for boosting farm output, it will come as no surprise that this newspaper believes that a big part of the answer is removing trade barriers and cutting subsidies. Lowering tariff walls round rich countries would increase poor farmers’ exports. An agreement to limit trade bans might make exporters think twice before disrupting world markets. Countries should scrap targets for biofuels which favour an expensive, environmentally damaging business that needlessly distorts food markets. America’s ethanol subsidy is a particularly egregious offender. Even opening up retailing to foreigners can help: companies such as Wal-Mart are good at getting food onto supermarket shelves rather than leaving it to rot in the fields.

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    The theory of wich I have here attempted to give the general outline differs from the old-fashioned one in this, that it suppose what is personal or selfish to be the growth of time and habit お願いします。

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    Chance meetings are all around us. New and interesting people and great opportunities are dished up to us daily if we’re willing to sport them and seize them. Don’t be someone who sits on the sidelines and says, “I never seem to meet anyone interesting.” If that’s you, then it’s time to try a little harder. The opportunities are there; you’re just not tuning in to them. Whatever it is you want to succeed in, achieve or communicate to the world, chance meetings can be a valuable tool to help get you there. という文章があるのですが 最後の Whatever it is you want to succeed in, achieve or communicate to the world, chance meetings can be a valuable tool to help get you there. の文構造が取れず、訳せません 英語ができる方、よろしくお願いします