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次の3つの文章の間違いを指摘し、文法的に説明して下さい。 (1) In my opinion, the most important subject in all is home economics. Most student don't think it is important. Because it is not necessary to a university entrance exam. However, what we learn this subject, for example, cooking and sewing, is necessary things of daily life. We will surely be able to use these skills and knowledge in the future. (2) Today we live an information society. I think computers are useful for a lot of jobs. Nowadays I use my personal computer for three hours everyday. I can discuss about much things with friends by using it. Discussion on the Internet makes excited. This is why I think of the class of information very important. (3) I think no subject is less important than math. I like math. I enjoy to take my math class. I don't like any other subjects, because they are not interesting for me. My teacher also talks math is important too. I think math is very useful in my future.


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(1) In my opinion, the most important subject (of) all is home economics. Most student don't think it is important, (because) it is not necessary (for) university entrance (exams). However, what we learn (from, through) this subject, for example, cooking and sewing, (are) necessary things of (our) daily (lives). We will surely be able to use these skills and knowledge in the future. ※最上級に続く語句は of all。地名などの時に in 。 ※because 説は従属節なので独立した一文にできない。Why? の返答の時だけ。 ※大学はたくさんあるので、試験も複数形の方がよい。 ※be 動詞のミス。 ※life は複数形の方が、前後が自然につながる。 (2) Today we live society filled with information. I think computers are useful for a lot of jobs. Nowadays I use my personal computer for three hours every ( ) day. I can discuss ( )(a lot of, many) things with (my) friends by using it. Discussion on the Internet makes (me) excited. This is why I think ( ) the class of information (is) very important. ※everyday は形容詞。 ※things のような複数形の前に much を使わない。 ※discuss は他動詞なので前置詞を取らない。 (3) I think no subject is (more) important than math. I like math. I enjoy (attending, going to) math class. I don't like any other subjects, because they are not interesting for me. My teacher also (says) math is important (). I think math is very useful in (the) future. ※no subject ... less important では「数学より大切でない教科はない」、つまり「数学が最も役に立たない教科」ということになる。前後の文脈にそぐわないので書き換えが必要。 ※enjoy の後は動名詞、take は「選ぶ」という意味になる。 ※say の後に話した言葉が続く。talk の後は会話の相手。



ありがとうございます。 できれば、(2)の()で直してある部分がどうしてそうなるのか、説明が無い箇所についても、もう少し詳しく教えて頂けると嬉しいです。あと、(1)の(for)と(3)の(the)についても教えて頂けると幸いです。


  • 次の英語の文章の間違いを文法的に説明して下さい

    次の5つの英語の文章の間違いを、文法的に説明して下さい。添削指導するような感じで、丁寧に教えて頂けると幸いです。 問題は、「一億円の自由になるお金を持っていて、何か世界のためになることに寄付するとしたら、あなたはどのような団体に寄付したいと思うか。その理由と主に70語程度の英語で述べよ」というものです。 (1) I want to contribute one hundred millions yen to an organization which considers environment because I think that the earth is danger now. I wonder that it will be more danger in the coming generation. I want not to burden people to the future about the earth's environmental problem so much. (2) I want to contribute to the International Red Cross Society, if I have one hundred million for free. Many people living in poverty in the world, so I think we should do something what we can do for them. For example, the student council of my high school gathers many plastic bottle caps, then sends to them to developing countries. (3) I would contribute the money to building schools in indeveloped countries in Africa. Because I think the education in the youth play a very important role, and every child has the right to get an equal education. We get education as a matter of course, but in Africa many children can't. Kowing and learning something is interested, I want that they know a log of things of the world as to become international people. (4) I will subscribe the money to international organizations that are providing foods for many children who are starving in the world. The reason is that I want to help them in any way, whenever I watch their terrible situations on TV. I don't want to see the sorrowful sights that children who are of an age with me or younger than me are suffering any more. (5) If I had one hundred million yen, I would donate UNICEF. Because UNICEF contribute for poor children who live in the countries at war or in the devastated area by natural disasters. I cannot go there even if I had big money and was eager to provide them food and medical care, because it is very dangerous for me. So, I will donate UNICEF which help them by various ways. よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 次の英訳の間違いを文法的に解説して下さい。

    次のそれぞれの英訳の間違いを、文法的に解説して下さい。 <和文> ある健康法を試したからといって、10年長く生きられる可能性は低いと私は思っている。私には、士を先延ばしにすることよりも、幸せな死に方をすることの方が大切なのである。 <英訳> (1) I don't think it is likely to alive ten years longer because you have tried the method of becoming health. I prefer to die happily than to extend my death. (2) I think I seldom can't live a decade longer than now even though I followed some way of keeping healthy. It is important to me to die with happiness rather than live long. (3) I think there is a little chance for living longer than ten years just because we try some way of making healthy. I think it valuable for me not so much to die a happy death as to put off my death. (4) I think that, just because you tried some method of staying healthy, .... I think putting off death is not so important as dying happily. (5) Because you tried some way of keeping healthy, I think the possibility for living ten years longer is little. What matters for me is rather die happily than postpone dead. よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 英作文の添削をお願いします(中学~高校レベル)

    英作文の添削をお願いします。間違った文法やおかしな表現がありましたらぜひご教授願います。 I think that advertising is necessary for both companies and us, even for primary schoolchildren. Of course, advertisings give us a lot of useful information. For companies, ads are important to know their products. But I think that ads have another merit. It is we can know the latest society. We can understand latest society by knowing a lot of new products. For example, Honda invented a new robot which can wait on customers in café. So we can know the level of robot technology and imagine the future. Also, advertising gives schoolchild interests about society.  It broadens their outlook. And they can gain wisdom of lives. And I also think elementary school is the best time to have interests in society. So I’m sure that it is important to know the real world. So I don’t mind ads in elementary school. よろしくおねがいします。

  • 英語の間違いについて(3)

    英文に間違いがあれば教えてください。 Second, let me talk about dreams. I have dreams. Many people have dreams, too. I suppose that to try new things is close dreams. If I don't have a dream and to try new things, I could find a dream. To try new things is precious experience in our life. I think it is important have a lot of experience. If I have a dream, I think it is useful for my dream. I'm sure to try new things have take risks. But I think risks to be important experience. That's why I want to try new things and take risks. I want to challenge anytime. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英検ライティング添削

    英検準2級のライティング添削をお願いします!! 何点くらい取れるかもだいたいでいいので教えていただけると嬉しいです! 質問: Do you think it is important for students to learn how to give presentations at school? 解答: I think it is important for students to learn speaking to give presentations at school. I have two reasons. First, I think it is important for students to speak frount the everyone. If we can speak frount the everyone, we can useful in the future. Second, we can listen to everyone’s opinion. 観点は、 [内容] 課題で求められている内容が含まれているか [構成] 英文の構成や流れがわかりやすく論理的であるか [語彙] 課題に相応しい語彙を正しく使えているか [文法] 分構造のバリエーションやそれらを正しく使えているか この4つで、それぞれ4点満点で合計16点満点です。 中2で、質問の内容もあまり理解できなかったので、解答も少しずれているかもしれません。スペル間違えもあると思います。 よろしくお願いします!!

  • that 文章中での区切り

    I didn't think that it is important for us. という文章を区切って読みたい時、 I didn't think / that it is~. と、読むのですか? それとも、 I didn't think that / it is~. と読むのですか? つまり、'that'はどっちに入るのかということです。

  • 英文添削をお願いします。

    英文添削をお願いします。 28th September ‘10 I considered to make good use of an unused ground today. This work is enjoyable for me, but I think whether it is necessary for our project or not. And I have a question whether all of my bosses have same aim or not. I think it’s not important for me whether the plan will be used or not, it’s important to make my bosses understand my aim. But I am worried whether it makes them change their though or not.

  • 文章構成

    essayを英語で書いてみたのですが、文章構成は正しく書けてますでしょうか??また、文法間違えなどありましたら指摘していただければ幸いです。 よろしくお願いします。 By punishing murderes with the death penalty, society is also guilty of commiting murder. Therefore, life in prison is a better punishment for murderers. To what extent do you agree od disagree with this statement? Given reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. The crimes have been rose dramatically by development of society. All of offenders are obliged to come in the prison in all of countries. Moreover, we believe that it is better to come in the prison. However, it is reported a case which the offenders who sent up at the prison stirs comes again. Although I almost agree with the following statement, I think strongly that there are improvements in the system which the offenders should only come in the prison. First of all, There is a case which the offenders obliged the crimes again. This meant that education of the prison was not speeded to the offenders well. So, I think strongly that the educational system of the prison needs to change greatly. In the solution to the education system, the government should establish a new educational system which has time of the moral educational. Also, the government needs to assure their life after the offenders sent up the prison. For example, the government gives a new job for the offenders. Secondly, we believed that the offenders should be come in the prison because the offenders should atone for the victims. In addition, we think strongly that the system such as the prison need not change. For example, It is a good opportunities to think again that the offenders come in the prison Thirdly, we also should change a view for the offenders. If they go out society, we need watch warmly for them. In conclusion, it is necessary to come in the prison if anyone obliges crimes, whereas the government, including the nation needs to think how to remedy the offenders Besides, When they went out went out society, we should watch warmly them.

  • この文章を文法的に説明してもらえませんか?

    この文章を文法的に説明してもらえませんか? these dimensions are of the wallet when it is closed. Apologies for any inconveninence caused. 1行目のareの次のofと、causedが、よくわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 文法ミスチェックしてください

    My major is Business and I like playing soccer and watching World Cup now. My English skill is still the process of learning. My goal is studying English in the USA, and getting a god job in Japan after going back to Japan. I have been learning English since I went to America. It is difficult for me to learning new language because Japanese and English have a totally different grammar. For example, English usually indicates "subject" the first of sentences, on the other hand, Japanese indicates "subject" the end of sentences. Likewise, there are many small differences, so I often confuse them. In my opinion, American are usually individualism, so they do not care about other people, so it is difficult for me to get used to American life without speaking English. However, I like studying new language because I can understand more about people. I will keep studying English forever, even after I am going back to Japan. I am really excited about this class.