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和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) For over 1,800 years, pepople have had animals as pets. Dogs and cats are the ones which are kept the most, but some people keep fish, rabbits, snakes and robopets. Then, you may say, “What are robopets?” Over the years, science has developed and now we have robot pets. Some of them can show “feelings,”such as joy, sadness and anger, by using body movements, sounds and the lights in their eyes. Some can even decide how to things by themselves, as well as remember hundreds of words and talk to us in languages such as English, Japanese and Spanish. Robopets have some better points than animal pets. They don't make loud noises and we don't need to feed them, give them a bath or take them for a walk. Also, they never make the carpet or floor dirty, so we don't have to clean up after them. And they don't get sick or die ! Many people aren't interersted in having robopets, however. They can't feel any warm relationship between a robot and themselves. They feel that when they have an animal as a pets, they can have friendly relationship with it. When animals get sick or die, we learn an important lesson : we wil be gone some day. So we love them more and learn how important ― and sometimes short ―life is. People now have a choice about pets. They can choose a pet that is very convenient, or they can choose a pet that is living. Which kind would you choose?


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 1,800年間以上に渡って、人々はペットとして動物を飼ってきました。 犬や猫は最も飼われているものですが、魚、ウサギ、ヘビ、ロボペットを飼っている人もいます。すると、「ロボペットとは、何ですか?」と、あなたは言うかもしれません。  長年にわたって、科学は発達しました、そして、現在、我々にはロボット型ペットがいるのです。それらのいくつかは、彼らの体の動き、音、眼の光を用いて喜び、悲しみ、怒りの様な「感情」を示すことができます。単独でものごとの仕方を決定することさえできて、さらに、何百語も覚えて、英語、日本語、スペイン語の様な言語で我々に話しかけるものもあります。  ロボペットには、動物のペットより良い点がいくつかあります。彼らは騒ぎませんし、我々は彼らにえさを与えたり、彼らをお風呂に入れたり、彼らを散歩に連れて行く必要がありません。また、彼らはカーペットや床を決して汚さないので、我々は彼らの後片付けをする必要がありません。そして、彼らは病気になったり、死ぬこともありません!  しかし、多くの人々は、ロボペットを飼うことに興味がありません。彼らは、ロボットと彼ら自身の間に暖かい関係を感じることができないのです。彼らはペットとして動物を飼う時、それとの親しい関係を持つことができると感じます。  動物が病気になったり、死んだりすると、我々は重要な教訓を学びます: 我々が、いつかは死ぬと言うことです。それ故、我々はより彼らを愛し、命がどれほど重要か ― また、時として短い ― かを学ぶのです。  人々は、現在ペットを選択できます。彼らはとても便利なペットを選ぶことができます、あるいは、彼らは生きているペットを選ぶこともできます。あなたは、どの種類を選択をするでしょうか?



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    和訳をお願いします 1 Children develop greater dependence on others by having pets. 2 More freedom is one of the benefits of pets ownership. 3 Taking care of pets helps young people build character. 4 Those who have pets find it more difficult to make friends. 5 Animal shelters are to blame for abandoned cats and dogs. 6 Families with pets should move to rural areas. 7 Owning pets is an bligation that should be taken seriously. 8 No steps should be taken to limit the reproduction of cats and dogs. 9 In their own way,our pets taken care of us just as we take care of them. 10 Senior citizen who have pets tend to keep to the themselves. 11 Studies show that HAVI pets may have an unfavorable impact on health. 12 We have many chances to meet with others to discuss our pets health. The editors would like to thank everyone who submitted opinions for this week's column,and we regret That we didn't have space print all of your letters. 長くてすみません(>_<)

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    The stereotypes associated with old people are particularly unpleasant. They are often regarded as sick, stupid, or even dirty. Because a minority of old people become confused, or suffer from mental disorders such as Alzhimer's disease, it is assumed that any old person is likely to become mentally incapacitated -although, in fact, the evidence is very different. Because of this, the positive contributions which older people can make to social events and processes are often overlooked, or simply ignored. Recently, a number of organizations and individuals have begun to challenge these stereotypes about ageing, and there is some indication that attitudes are beginning to change. But there is still a long way to go. Insight The negative view that we have of old people is like other stereotypes, having a small grain of truth in some cases but a lot of exceptions. Interestingly , although old people also share this negative stereotype, they almost always see themselves as one of the exceptions. So who is left to fit the stereotype? RETIREMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY Some people who reach reach retiring age, though, still hold to the old negative ideas about retirement. Sometimes they feel that society has simply thrown them away, even though they are as fit as ever. But sometimes they interpret any aches and pains as being evidence that they are becoming old and useless, so they stop doing activities which would help them to keep fit. Anyone will grow infirm if they do nothing all day but sit in the house and watch TV- muscles need exercise to keep toned, and a healthy retirement means an active one. Also, feeling socially useless is a major source of stress and helplessness. Without another source of self-esteem, such as a hobby or voluntary work, people can become extremely depressed, and appear to give up on active living.

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    Nice to hear from you! Thank you for your tips for the hostels. I have a (strange) question for you. Is it possible to sleep with you for one or two nights? Tomorrow we are leaving Kyoto by bike and I don't know which hostel to choose. Maybe you're open to keep us one or two nights in our house so we can have some time to search for a good hostel? If you don't feel comfortable with you, just say that and we can find a hostel today.

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    和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) Our next opinion was sent in by Mark Navarrone, who writes: Pets make great companios, and that's the main reason why more than half of household in the United States have pets today, but there are also a number of problems associated with pet ownership. It would be great if everyone were responsible, but unfortunately many people don't take good care of their pets. Some people allow their pets to run loose in the neighborhood orabandon them when they move. Many people also fail to take measures to prevent their dogs or cats from reproducing. This lends to the birth of many unwanted puppies and kittens, which often end up at animal shelters or, even worse,are simply dumped in rural areas. These irresponsible pet owners are a big problem. There must be strict penalties for the abandonment of animals.

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    What's more, they don't normally eat raw fish, so as you can imagine, while some of them take to sushi immediatel, others don't. という分なのですが、前半の~raw fish,までは「おまけに、彼らは普通は生の魚を食べません。」みたいな感じだと思うのですが、そのあとのso as ~ others don't.までの部分の訳がわかりません。so やas やwhileなどの接続語のニュアンスがなかなかつかめません。コツなどがありましたら、教えてほしいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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    和訳をお願いします What a child needs, what we all needs, is to find some other people who have imagined life along lines that make sense and that also allow some freedom, and listen to them. 難しい単語はないのですが、全く訳せません。 重要な文法やイディオムがあればそれもあわせて回答していただけると助かります

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    下の2文の和訳をお願いします。 1. As we moved through the crowd, we bumped into some people and their things. 2. As I drive to work, all I hear on the radio is music and people talking. 特に分からない部分は、 1と2のそれぞれのAsはどのような用法でどのように訳すのがよいのでしょうか? 1の their things をどう訳すのがよいのでしょうか?また、このtheirはsome peopleを指しているのでしょうか? 2の I drive to work はどういう意味でしょうか? よろしくお願い致します。

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    和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) Susan Morton submitted the third opinion selected for publication. Research has shown that there are health benefits to having pets, and that is an important advantage of pet ownership that is often overlookd when discussing the pros and cons of pets. Studies have found that they can lower people's blood pressure and cholesterol levels and ease feelings of loneliness. There are other health benefits as well. Walking a dog provides exercise for both the dog's owner and the dog. Many elderly people who live alone find that a cat or dog makes an excellent companion, and studies have found that elderly people with pets have lower rates of depression. In this way, pets benefit both our physical and mental health.

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    以下の文章の和訳お願いします。 自分なりに訳はしてあるので、 疑問に思ったところは追記させて頂くかもしれません。 ---------------- Shy people don't enjoy being with others. They feel bery unconfortable in any situation where others will notice or pay attention to them. Some claim that shyness allows them to manage more information, to look at things more closely, and to listen more completely. But most people would agree about what beign shy puts people at a disadvantage.

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    学生なのですが 英語の和訳がわからないので よかったら教えてください! People often feel that cats are staring at them. Perhaps this is because cats'eyesare very big. Compared to their body size,they have the biggest eyes of all mammals. They can see six times better in the dark than people can. Cat owners also find that their pets spend a lot of time sleeping. Both domestic and wild cats sleep for sixteen to twenty hours a day. Sometimes cats which are playing suddenly lie down and fall asleep. But they can wake up right away and be ready to chase their prey at any time. Cat owners love watching their cats play with a string or a ball. It's true that humans first tamed cats because they were useful. But today,we keep cats as pets because they have cute looks and mysterious personalities. よろしくお願いします