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学生なのですが 英語の和訳がわからないので よかったら教えてください! People often feel that cats are staring at them. Perhaps this is because cats'eyesare very big. Compared to their body size,they have the biggest eyes of all mammals. They can see six times better in the dark than people can. Cat owners also find that their pets spend a lot of time sleeping. Both domestic and wild cats sleep for sixteen to twenty hours a day. Sometimes cats which are playing suddenly lie down and fall asleep. But they can wake up right away and be ready to chase their prey at any time. Cat owners love watching their cats play with a string or a ball. It's true that humans first tamed cats because they were useful. But today,we keep cats as pets because they have cute looks and mysterious personalities. よろしくお願いします


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<訳例> 人はしばしば猫が自分たちをじっと見ていると感じる。 おそらくこれは猫の目がとても大きいためである。 身体の大きさと比較して、猫はすべての哺乳類の中で最も大きな目を持っている。 猫は暗闇で人の6倍良く目が見える。 猫の飼い主は、また、自分たちのペットが多くの時間を眠って過ごすことにも気づく。 飼い猫も、野生の猫も一日に16時間から20時間眠る。 しかし、猫たちはすぐに目を覚まし、いつでもすぐに獲物を追いかける準備は出来ている。 猫の飼い主は自分たちの猫が糸やボールと戯れるのを見るのが大好きだ。 人間が、猫が役に立つから、最初猫を飼いならしたのは事実である。 しかし、今日、われわれは、猫が見ためが可愛らしく、神秘的な性格をしているので、ペットとして猫を飼うのである。



ありがとうございます!! またわからないことあったら よろしくお願いします(><)


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    ペンパルと音楽と猫カフェの話をしていたのですが、下記の意味がいまいち分かりません。 分かる方、宜しくお願いします。 ”The only kind of music I don't really like is country music. Anyone in Japan listen to American country? I think it's terrible! =p” ”cat cafe seems funny to me that people would pay to go play with cats. But yeah, pets are hilarious. They are like little homeless people that you take into your home haha. ”

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    和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) Our next opinion was sent in by Mark Navarrone, who writes: Pets make great companios, and that's the main reason why more than half of household in the United States have pets today, but there are also a number of problems associated with pet ownership. It would be great if everyone were responsible, but unfortunately many people don't take good care of their pets. Some people allow their pets to run loose in the neighborhood orabandon them when they move. Many people also fail to take measures to prevent their dogs or cats from reproducing. This lends to the birth of many unwanted puppies and kittens, which often end up at animal shelters or, even worse,are simply dumped in rural areas. These irresponsible pet owners are a big problem. There must be strict penalties for the abandonment of animals.

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    英語についての質問です 問題が難しくて解けないので よかったら教えてください 中2~高1の範囲です! 空欄に適当な語を入れるという問題です Cats have long been aimals( )have been kept by humans. They were first used by the Egyptians to protect their food. The Egyptians soon thought of cats as( )animals. However,there were people( )did not like cats. Even today,people still wonder about their ( ). Cats try to make people feel( )when they are anxious. They are animals which have( )bodies,whiskers and big eyes. Humans are still fascinated by cats today. よろしくお願いします

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    和訳お願いします (1)When people travel to other countries, they find that many things are different from the things in their own country. (2)It can be very hot in summer and very cold and snowy in winter. (3)People who come from hot countries often find that it is too cold for them in December, January, ane February. (4)It is sometimes difficult to talk to them on the street because they are always very busy and don't have much time.

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    和訳をお願いします 長くなってすみません(>_<) For over 1,800 years, pepople have had animals as pets. Dogs and cats are the ones which are kept the most, but some people keep fish, rabbits, snakes and robopets. Then, you may say, “What are robopets?” Over the years, science has developed and now we have robot pets. Some of them can show “feelings,”such as joy, sadness and anger, by using body movements, sounds and the lights in their eyes. Some can even decide how to things by themselves, as well as remember hundreds of words and talk to us in languages such as English, Japanese and Spanish. Robopets have some better points than animal pets. They don't make loud noises and we don't need to feed them, give them a bath or take them for a walk. Also, they never make the carpet or floor dirty, so we don't have to clean up after them. And they don't get sick or die ! Many people aren't interersted in having robopets, however. They can't feel any warm relationship between a robot and themselves. They feel that when they have an animal as a pets, they can have friendly relationship with it. When animals get sick or die, we learn an important lesson : we wil be gone some day. So we love them more and learn how important ― and sometimes short ―life is. People now have a choice about pets. They can choose a pet that is very convenient, or they can choose a pet that is living. Which kind would you choose?

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    Finding a new apartment is really slow but I am trying to do everything I can to make it go faster. Now I have to wait about 2 weeks again until I can continue the search because after I sent an application to one place, they said they need 1-2 weeks until they can actually receive it. But after that, I think I might be able to find someting quite soon.. It's a "more expensive" way of doing things, kind of. Before they let you move into one of their rental apartments there is a certain amount of money that you need to pay first. And because it is alot of money, not money people do it this way and that's why there should be more apartments available for me. It's about 15 000-20 000   but my parents said they can lend the amount to me, because they don't want me to borrow money from the banks. And this money is something I will get back if/when I move, so it's not like I would actually loose th ose 15000-20000  Q__Q Ah, I don't know if you understood, but yeah, Finland likes to complicate things. I still love you and miss you so much. And I don't think sending e-mails will change what I feel and think about you. But I'm sure that when we meet again in real life it will be ever better than before.

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    出来るものだけでも構いません。 1.私たちは言語をあまりにも日常的に使っているので、呼吸や瞬きと同じように、それをほとんど無意識で自然な行動だと見なしてしまいがちだ。 We use languages too daily. So we often regard it as almost unconscious and natural activity the same as breathing and a blink. 2.音楽は過去を思い出させてくれる。以前好きだった歌を聞くと当時の出来事が生き生きとよみがえってくるから不思議だ。 Music reminds me of the past. When I hear the song I liked, it is wonder that I can remember the things obviously that happened those days. 3.(問題文)Many abandoned cats and dogs are killed every week in Tokyo because their owners have rejected them. How would you solve this problem? I would like to tell their owners that they have to have the responsibility of having pets. Once they have pets, they have the duty to keep their pets until their pets die. So cats and dogs, including their pets, will not be killed in vain. 分かりやすいように一文ごとに改行しています。 文法的なミスや不適切な表現などのご指摘よろしくお願いします。

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    海外の人からこのように聞かれたのですが、大まかにしか意味は分かりません>< 和訳とこれに対する返事を大体でいいので教えてくれませんか? I have question. Recently I watched video about woman who worked in japan. She said that she and other employees are working very long but with low effectiveness because if they done something before work ends they can receive other work to do that they won’t realize because they don’t have enough skill to do that. Is it true?

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    Message body sleep apnea prevents you from getting a good night's sleep. many people wake up tired even after they believe they have had a full night's sleep, and end up dragging themselves all through the next day. sleep apnea not only reduces sleep quality, but it makes people feel tired during the day. you must try to recognize why you aren' sleeping soundly; sleep apnea may be one possible reason why. sleep apnea affects the way you breathe when you're sleeping. you may not even know the problem. in untreated sleep apnea, breathing stops for 10 to 20 seconds, and this occurs many times during the night. when a person stops breathing, oxygen levels in the blood decrease. whenever the person runs out of enough air to breathe, the brain sends alerting signals to raise the level of stress hormones, and tells the heart to work harder. this is often compared to racing a car engine that has been running for long periods of time. because of sleep apnea, the heart becomes ovewoed, and that can cause a heart attack. the more severe the sleep apnea, the Greater the chance of a heart attack.

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    They need to remember that nobody does it alone, and that single parents use social networks. There is no denying the difficulties of single-parent home. With the support from friends, single parents and their children can reap the satisfying rewards of watching their children grow up to be happy and healthy. 英文の和訳をお願いします。