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Finding a new apartment is really slow but I am trying to do everything I can to make it go faster. Now I have to wait about 2 weeks again until I can continue the search because after I sent an application to one place, they said they need 1-2 weeks until they can actually receive it. But after that, I think I might be able to find someting quite soon.. It's a "more expensive" way of doing things, kind of. Before they let you move into one of their rental apartments there is a certain amount of money that you need to pay first. And because it is alot of money, not money people do it this way and that's why there should be more apartments available for me. It's about 15 000-20 000   but my parents said they can lend the amount to me, because they don't want me to borrow money from the banks. And this money is something I will get back if/when I move, so it's not like I would actually loose th ose 15000-20000  Q__Q Ah, I don't know if you understood, but yeah, Finland likes to complicate things. I still love you and miss you so much. And I don't think sending e-mails will change what I feel and think about you. But I'm sure that when we meet again in real life it will be ever better than before.


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新しいアパート探しは本当に遅れているのですが、私はそれを早めるために出来る限りのことをしています。今回も、部屋探しを再開できるまで、私は約2週間待たなければなりません、なぜならば、私がある所に申し込みを送った後、相手が実際にそれを受理するまで1~2週間必要なのだそうだからです。しかし、その後は、随分早く何らかの物件を見つけられるのではないかと思っています。ちょっと「費用のかかる」やり方です。先方があなたを賃貸アパートの一つに入居させる前に、ある程度の前金をあなたは払う必要があります。その前金が結構な金額になるので、このやり方をする人はあまり多くないです、そういうわけで、私が見つけ出せるアパートはもっとあるはずなのです。前金は15000~20000ですが、私の両親はその金額を私に貸そうと言ってくれました、なぜならば、両親は、私に銀行から借り入れさせたくないからです。そして、このお金は私が引っ越せば、戻って来るお金です、だから、私が、実際にその15000~20000を失うわけではありません。Q_Q あの、あなたが理解できたかわかりませんが、確かに、フィンランドは物事を複雑にするのが好きですね。 私は、今もあなたを愛しているし、会えなくてとても寂しく思っています。それから、メールを送ることで、私があなたについて感じることや思うことが変わることはないと思います。でも、私たちが、実生活で再開できれば、以前より状況が改善するのは間違いないと思います。



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    I have alot of stress because of school. And because of my ex. And because of my family who thinks I am the one who needs to be solving all their problems. And then I stress because of you because you say how communicating is so important but I don't want to/don't have time to be here writing to you about how shit my life is.

  • 英語の質問です。和訳お願いします。

    I have alot of stress because of school. And because of my ex. And because of my family who thinks I am the one who needs to be solving all their problems. And then I stress because of you because you say how communicating is so important but I don't want to/don't have time to be here writing to you about how shit my life is.

  • 英語の手紙和訳お願いします

    happy birthday aki   I'm not sure this leteer cold arrive in your birthday or not,rather, I should have began writing earlier... Anyway congratulation!! I'm glad you become 21 years old because I can drink with you in the United States.Don't you think so? What?You never drink?Come on!! when will you be ready!? No orange juice! You have to try! or I can't wait forever ! Yeah,that kidding ^^ Of course I know you hate alcohol, so I  seut a birthday present that's not kind of alcohol. I beleive you'll like it. If it's difficult to use for you or you have any guestions about my present, you can ask me!! Because, I've already  researched it and  I know it a lot even though I don't have it!! Hahaha!! Are you with me? Maybe You don't know what is what ^^; It's been about 7 month since I came to Los Angeles. My English skill is still poor, and that's why I'm confusing now... Don't care about my work . Everything is good. I'm learning many things little by little from my father and brother. They teach me kindly, so I'm really grateful to them. Perhaps you also have some worries . But , nobody has no worry. we have to overcome with making effort, and our efforts will be reworded. But , please let me help you when you feel down and help me when I feel down...ok? I really miss you and I hope I'll go back to Japan soon. But as you know , I have full of schedule ... it's almost working and school ... Instead, you can eat anything you want and go anywhere you want when I go back to Japan! So, please wait for me with great patience. 数年前大切な人からもらった手紙です。 どなたか意味を教えていただけませんか? よろしくお願いします!

  • 英語の質問です。和訳お願いします。

    I wonder what would happen if we burned and spat on the Abo flag because ONE person said something we found offensive? Oh I forgot, it's only offensive and "racist" when the whites do it isn't it? Blacks can do whatever the they want. I don't give a shit if you find what Abbott said (or whoever the fuck) offensive, burning and spitting on the flag is fucking disgusting. What a disgrace.

  • 和訳をお願い致します

    どなたかこの英文を訳していただけないでしょうか。 よろしくお願致します。 hi! $100.00 with the shipping included! wow that's so cool! thank you! i have to go back to my bank tonight to pay on line because their system is down for the next few hours they said and i'm going to try to increase the credit i have with them. right now i have 32.00 with them abvailable. (50.00 when i pay what is owed, tonight) i can put i can put either the 50 or the 32 down on the item if you want and then make payments from there and when i am done you can ship the item because it's a christmas gift for my girlfriend so i don't need it immediately, i'm so happy! if i get a credit increase for $100.00 i will just pay you the $100.00 but if they don't give me the increase we'll do it the payment way if that's cool with you. thank you so much!

  • 英語日記20 お金

    お金 今回はお金について書いてみました。やっと20までいきました。 最近あまり良い事がないですが。これからは良い事が起きることを信じて頑張ります!! すいませんが最近英語力のライティングをあげようと英作文をまいにち書くようにしてます。 レベルのひくい英作文ではずかしいのですが。できれば文法や細かい間違いを指摘して頂けると幸いです I would like to talk about money today. Of course, money is important for us. I would be able to do almost everything that you can imagine if I had money. What is more, requirements of marriage include money. Actually, I am still student. Of course, I don’t have much money, but I would say YES from bottom of my heart if you ask me “Do you want to be a rich guy??” This is in my opinion, someone say that we don’t need money as long as I have love. What do you think about this idea?? I think that this idea is kind of the right answer, but it is limited what they can do. If they had a baby, how can they take care of babies. Money follow us to do everything<お金はすべてのことに関係してくる>. I don’t know the idea that money is the most important. However, surely I agree with idea that money is important.

  • 和訳教えて下さい。

    メールを読んでいて次の文がよくわかりませんでした。すみませんが、教えて下さい。 1) I usually get people gift cards but it’s never as fun that way. 2) Maybe it's the same for you? 多分、あなたもそうでしょ?って感じでしょうか。。 3)I don't know what happened, but one day I got sick of it because I started to feel taken advantage of. I got sickからよくわかりません。 よろしくお願いしますm(__)m

  • 英語に翻訳してくださいm(__)m

    Ok I'm sorry for being like this to you. I know that it is weird and gross but I do want to try that with you because I trust you. I feel like the whole reason I want to do that with you is so you can beat my ex and show you are so much better than her. But if you really don't want to it is fine I can live without that←翻訳してくださいm(__)m

  • 英訳お願いいたします。

    英訳お願いいたします。 Oh last Friday I went to the super market and I took some pictures of viennoiserie. They don't look very nice since it's only from the super market. But it should give you an idea what it is. It's quite nice. Many people were looking at me thinking ... "why is he taking pictures of viennoiserie?" ... Of course they don't know that I'm taking pictures for my cute ●●:) Are you sure it's not too much trouble to bring a hair dryer? I don't know anything about hair dryers. Maybe you could teach me what's a good one when you're here, ok? If you wouldn't have enough space or it it would be too troublesome I can just get one. But I want to get a good one ... because I don't want your hair to catch fire or something :) Grrr .. time for me to go to work. In my case it's a little bit the opposite ... I keep thinking of you instead of my work. I don't think anyone can blame me ...after all you're sooo pretty. I hope those 3 weeks will pass very quickly and I can come and pick you up at the airport!

  • 英語で説明希望 日本語助詞「と」

    日本語の助詞についておしえてください。 日本語のテストありますので。 I am in the middle of studying japanese for JLPT3 and I need your assistance for figure them out. Here is the 2 questions. (1)because of you I became stronger (in Japanese!) So I wrote: 毎日私は強いなります。 Someone said it meant strong like fighting. and "よろしくお願いします” to be about studying! I didn't know the kanji/words it's using. I would like to know why it is and what it is. (2)Thinking "my japanese is slowly better because of you". I wrote 私の日本語がゆっくり良いのであなたです。 Someone said 私の日本語がだんだんと良くなるのは、あなたのおかげです。is correct. But most of people said it is a little awkward and they would say they can omit と and だんだん~になる seems more natural to say. I have no idea which is correct and why it is. That's when I realized, , I need なる to make it "becomes better". I also knew "だんだん" but I didn't know why it used "と" or why と"? Why not just "だんだん良くなる?" Your assistance would be highly appreciated. Thank you.