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下記の文の穴埋めと指定部分の和訳をお願いします。 Two beakers were ( 1 ) with water. In each beaker a glass cylinder was immersed, across the bottom of which a membrane was tied. The membrane allowed water to pass through it freely, but it would not allow molecules of dissolved protein to pass which ( 2 ) molecules to pass through it is known as permeable membrane. However, since the membranes used in this experiment allowed only molecules of the solvent to pass through, they are ( 3 ) as semi-permeable membranes. Two protein solutions were then made up, one at a concentration of 5g dm^-3,and the other at 10 g dm^-3. Some of the 5 g dm^-3 solution was ( 4 ) into one of the glass cylinders, and some of the 10 g dm^-3 solution into the other cylinder. The levels of the water in the beakers and the protein solutions in the glass cylinders were ( 5 ) until they were all equal. The experiment was then left for a period of twenty-four hours. After twenty-four hours, it was ( 6 ) that the levels of the water and protein solutions were considerably different from when the experiment was ( 7 ). The level of liquid in the cylinders was seen to be higher than the level of the water in the beakers. Moreover, when the height of the liquid in each cylinder was ( 8 ), /ここから和訳/ it was found that the height of the column of liquid in the cylinder containing the more concentrated solution was twice the height of the other solution. ( )内は以下の語群から、適切な形に変えて選ぶ begin/pour/know/observe/fill/allow/adjust/measure よろしくお願いします。


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it was found that the height of the column of liquid in the cylinder containing the more concentrated solution was twice the height of the other solution. it was found that : (that以下) ということがわかった 主語となる部分 the height of the column of liquid in the cylinder containing the more concentrated solution: より濃度の高い溶液の入っているシリンダー内の液柱の高さは 述語となる部分 was twice the height of the other solution. : 他方の溶液よりも2倍の高さであった 合わせると、 より濃度の高い溶液の入っているシリンダー内の液柱の高さは 他方の溶液よりも2倍の高さであったことがわかった。 穴埋めはパスします。できればご自分で頑張っていただきたい。



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    It was found that the height of the column of liquid in the cylinder containing the more concentrated solution was twice the height of the other solution. よろしくお願いします!

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! While the buildings so far mentioned were the result of local initiative, a final contribution of the Augustan age to Pompeii’s public landscape was apparently due to government investment. The city’s supply of running water was probably furnished by a branch of the aqueduct constructed by Augustus’s minister Agrippa to supply the fleet at Misenum. In improving the quality of life in the city the provision of fresh water was of immeasurable importance. Its chief visual impact was in the creation of two new street-side features:the regular series of towers that maintained the pressure of flow from the distributing tank at the Porta Vesuvio, and the public fountains that were located at street corners to service the needs of those residents of neighbouring blocks who did not have water piped into their own homes. The arrival of running water will also have led to improvements in the functioning of the public baths.

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    以下の文章です。 In some respects it was the closest men have ever come to achieving the ideal of one united world. As one poet expresses it, “Rome had made a city where once there was a world.” It was not a great exaggeration, for Rome's empire at its height included most of what was known of the Western world. And despite its great size, the Empire had many of the qualities of a closely-knit city. From the Atlantic shores of Spain in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east, and from Hadrian's Wall in Britain to Egypt in the south, people lives under one system of government, used the same kind of money and were protected by a common Roman law. Linking the far-flung parts of the Empire physically were 50,000 miles of the finest roads built until very recent times.

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    Which statement about Kronosaurus is NOT true? It lived in the sea that used to cover Australia. It stayed in the water all the time. Its teeth were very large. It was a very dangerous predator.

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    Inside the vending machine was a container of water with a hole at the bottom. A valve in the hole kept the water from escaping. The valve was attached to one end of a lever. When a coin was dropped into the machine, it fell on one end of the lever. As that end went down, the other end went up, lifting the valve from the hole in the water container. Water would flow out until the lever rocked back. 長くてごめんなさい! 説明文がわかりません(><)

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    The radius of the sphere should not affect the solution except that the companion solution in the integral kernel would vary with the radius. Also, it should be noted that the companion solution is a function of source point y. integral kernel という積分核っていったいなんなんでしょうか? お手数かもしれませんが,よろしくお願いします.

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    英文の翻訳をお願いしたいです。 We have to be careful with the analogy to a stretched membrane as the tension in the latter generally increases with increased surface area, while the surface tension is independent of the area. whileの前に,がありますが、これは前文につながるのでしょうか? また、latter generally increasesというところがよくわかりません。 Furthermore, as the area of a membrane is increased, molecules are no removed from it, while molecules are removed from an interface as its area decreases. こちらも、whileの部分、また最後の area decreasesとありますが、動詞の位置がここにあるのに違和感を感じます。

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    古代の伝説の遺跡についての文章です 200 miles northwest of the modern city of Dwaraka, India, this ancient city was discovered underwater in the Gulf of Khambhat. It cannot be dated, but some have argued the city is the oldest on earth... built between 9 and 32,000 years ago. Proof of the age is a major battleground as anything that old means advanced civilizations existed on lands that were flooded way before archeologists have said there were civilized builders. Yet, construction techniques were advanced and points to the intervention of interstellar helpers. 文法についても理解したいので、できれば、中学レベルで崩さずに訳していただけるとありがたいです よろしくお願いします

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    和訳をお願いします! ナレーション部分 The sensors in each room indicated they'd(窃盗犯) spent two hours moving about in the museum. Given that amount of time, the devastation of the paintings was all the more senseless. 以下は証言(警察?) Although it's considered by many people the art crime of the century, and in terms of value and in terms of sort of impact, it is. If you look at the details of it, it was also a botched crime. It was a crime in which a lot of good works of art that were there for the taking, were missed and art work that was taken was cut from its frames, which is obviously not something you want to do with irreplaceable Rembrandts. 有名な絵画が強奪された事件のドキュメンタリー番組です。 どうしても内容が理解できません。。。 長文ですがよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    However,it was never the case,before Europe unified the globe,that relations between states or rulers that were members of different regional international systems could be conducted on the same moral and legal basis as relations within the same system,for this basis was provided in part by principles that were culturally particular and exclusive: the unity of Christendom, the community of the faithful in Islam, the conception of the Chinese Empire as the Middle Kingdom. よろしくお願いします