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Early in life, we understand that never giving up leads to success. When kids try, fail, try again, fail again, and then finally succeed, they develop certain ideas about what they can do. At the same time, they're creating an idea of themselves based on how they interact with other people. So for parents it is important to help kids learn accurate and healthy self-perceptions. 上の英文の和訳をお願いします!!!


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 にゃはは、長くないですよ。 「人生の初期、我々はうまくやれるための手掛かりすら、諦めることはない。 子どもというものは、やってみて、失敗して、また頑張って、またしくじって、そうして、最後までやり抜いていく。そうして、自分には何ができるのか、ある種の感覚を作り上げていく。 それと並行すかのように、どのように子供たちは他の人々と関わって行くかを考えながら、それについても、どうしたらいいかを感じ取って行く。 だから、親としては、子供たちが、上手に、子どもらしく、自分自身の内面を理解して行けるよう、手助けをすることが大事なのだ。」  意訳してます。おそらく最後のself-perceptionはうっかり専門用語を使ったみたいですので、そこは普通の表現を試みてみました




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ecxtwnq さん。この英語はそんなに難しいものではありませんよ。自分でわかるところは自分で訳してみて、それでもわからないところを聞くと言う方法のほうが、貴方の勉強にもなるし、回答する者へのマナーでもあるかと思いますよ。 いかがでしょうか?


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若い頃に、我々は、決してあきらめないことが成功につながると理解します。 子供が試みて、失敗して、再び試みて、再び失敗して、そして、最後に成功するとき、彼らは、自分ができることについてのある種の考えをもつようになります。 同時に、他の人との関わり方を基礎として、彼らは独自の考え方をつくっていきます。 それ故、両親にとっては、子供が正しく好ましい自己認識を学ぶのを援助することが重要です。




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↓ 若い頃に、我々は、決してやめないことが成功に至ると思います。 子供が試みて、失敗して、再び試みて、再び失敗して、そして、最後に成功するとき、 彼らは、何をすることができるかという特定の考えをもちます。これと同時に、 どのように他の人と交流するかについて基づいて、彼らは彼ら自身についての考えをつくっています。 それで、両親にとって、子供が正確で好ましい自己認識を学ぶのを援助することは、重要です。 これを使って翻訳しました^^ http://honyaku.yahoo.co.jp/transtext/



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    Self-esteem changes as kids grow up. It is affected by a child's experiences and changing perceptions. So it is necessary to know the signs of both healthy and unhealthy self-esteem. Kids with low self-esteem may not want to try new things, and may often talk negatively about themselves: "I'm stupid," "I'll never learn how to do this", or "What's the point? Nobody cares about me anyway." They may easily get discouraged, give up quickly, or wait for somebody else to do someting for them. They tend to be overly self-critical and easily get disappointed in themselves. Kids with low self-steem see temporary problems as being forever and unchanging. That's when the sense of pessimism becomes strongest. 大変長くなってしまって申し訳ありませんが、和訳が全く分からないので もし分かる方がいればお願いします!!!

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    "Here's to the kids. Who will never have 100 percent confidence in anything they do, and to the kids who are okay with that." "Here's to the kids. Who second guess themselves on everything they do." "Here's to the kids. Whose idea of a good night is sitting on the food of a car, Watching the stars." 文頭のwhoやwhoseの意味・働きがよくわらず、一体どうやって訳せばよいのかさっぱりわかりません。よろしくお願いします。

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    It sometimes reads like the most self-indulgent and maundering commonplace book, pregnant with ideas and jottings, their author unwilling or unable to develop them cogently. 上の英文の和訳を、出来れば文法的説明もお願いします。

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    suggestible=被暗示性、という心理学用語ですm(_ _)m We are suggestible,ready to take ideas from others and make them our own. Suggestbility descnbes why people believe something that never happened. They become convinced because they are told about an event. They see it in movies,and they hear about it. So they combine theae thoughts into false memories―――but not real ones. Psychologists believe that many childhood memories are created by parents for their children. They tell the child that something happened: "Remember when we went to the seaehore?' And the child collects beach and vacation ideas into a memory. Propaganda is delibetately telling people ideas that you went them to believe. Advertising is another form of suggesting to people,and people of all ages tend to believe advertising. All of us are suggestible; children are particularly so.

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    As participants assume characters in the cooperative enviroment of creating a drama, they learn to understand themselves and to work with others. 参加者が協同組合環境のクリエイティブドラマのキャラクターだとすると、 彼らは自分自身を理解する事を学び、他の者と仕事をする。 この和訳であっていますでしょうか? 補足・回答をお願い致します!

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    安楽死の文章の一部です People confronted with their own death desire intimate human relationships, totally honest communication, dignity as human beings and the right to determine their own fate, just as they did when they were healthy. confrontedがうまく訳せません。いいたい事はなんとなくわかるのですが、訳が書けません。 confrontは他動詞ですが、目的語が後ろにありません。要素の移動でしょうか?

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    They found Mageibra evacuated on 5 August. After camping there for the night, they fought strong hostile forces between Bayud and Mageibra the following day, but could make no impression. Some days later, on 8 August, the Mobile Column did succeed in getting round the Ottoman flank, but was too weak to have any effect and retired to Bir Bayud. During the previous night, the German and Ottoman force evacuated Katia and was moving towards Oghratina when Chauvel ordered the Anzac Mounted Division to continue the attack. The New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigades and the 5th Mounted Brigade were ordered to capture Oghratina.

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    Thank you for your e-mail. I had send an e-mail earlier to a different address and it was rejected. I was looking at your application form and found your hot mail details and thought that I would try again. >I posted the photos and letter last week and they were sent air-mail so hopefully they should arrive shortly. > >Nathan is at a friends house and Sarah is at Gymnastics but they both talk about you and Kana and we often wonder how you are going. > >Please keep in touch,

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    I am very (comcern) about healthy eating since I want to keep fit, and perhaps eating healthy, happy life. Nowadays I try to have a healty, low-sodium diet. I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than processed foods. I try to avoid foods that have a (highly) content of sodium. Instant noodles are not my daily food any longer. Instead of potato chips, I choose unsalted snacks. I read labels and buy foods low in sodium. I think it important to maintain the safe level of sodium intake recommended by medical (expert), because a high-sodium diet (cause) high blood pressure. People who have high blood pressure, they claim, can have a higher chance of (develop) heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems. Do you know how much sodium you can have daily? カッコ内は文法的に正しい形じゃありません。お願いします。

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    The stereotypes associated with old people are particularly unpleasant. They are often regarded as sick, stupid, or even dirty. Because a minority of old people become confused, or suffer from mental disorders such as Alzhimer's disease, it is assumed that any old person is likely to become mentally incapacitated -although, in fact, the evidence is very different. Because of this, the positive contributions which older people can make to social events and processes are often overlooked, or simply ignored. Recently, a number of organizations and individuals have begun to challenge these stereotypes about ageing, and there is some indication that attitudes are beginning to change. But there is still a long way to go. Insight The negative view that we have of old people is like other stereotypes, having a small grain of truth in some cases but a lot of exceptions. Interestingly , although old people also share this negative stereotype, they almost always see themselves as one of the exceptions. So who is left to fit the stereotype? RETIREMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY Some people who reach reach retiring age, though, still hold to the old negative ideas about retirement. Sometimes they feel that society has simply thrown them away, even though they are as fit as ever. But sometimes they interpret any aches and pains as being evidence that they are becoming old and useless, so they stop doing activities which would help them to keep fit. Anyone will grow infirm if they do nothing all day but sit in the house and watch TV- muscles need exercise to keep toned, and a healthy retirement means an active one. Also, feeling socially useless is a major source of stress and helplessness. Without another source of self-esteem, such as a hobby or voluntary work, people can become extremely depressed, and appear to give up on active living.