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Self-esteem changes as kids grow up. It is affected by a child's experiences and changing perceptions. So it is necessary to know the signs of both healthy and unhealthy self-esteem. Kids with low self-esteem may not want to try new things, and may often talk negatively about themselves: "I'm stupid," "I'll never learn how to do this", or "What's the point? Nobody cares about me anyway." They may easily get discouraged, give up quickly, or wait for somebody else to do someting for them. They tend to be overly self-critical and easily get disappointed in themselves. Kids with low self-steem see temporary problems as being forever and unchanging. That's when the sense of pessimism becomes strongest. 大変長くなってしまって申し訳ありませんが、和訳が全く分からないので もし分かる方がいればお願いします!!!


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「自尊心、それはもう言ったように、自分を大切に思えることですが、子どもが大きくなるにつれ、変わっていくものです。いろんな経験を積んで、いろんな物事を考えてみたり、そうして変わっていくんです。だから、ちゃんと自分を大切に思えているか、そうでないのか、よく見て、ちょっとした兆しも見逃してはいけません。 自分がつまらない子だって思っている子どもは、目新しいことを面白がらなかったり、よく自分のことを自分で貶すんですよ。「ぼくはバカなんだよ」「わたしは、これって、どうやっていいか、わかるわけないの」「何が言いたいのさ? どうせ、僕を気にしてくれる人なんていないんだ」とね。そういう子どもは、簡単にくじけてしまったり、なんでもすぐあきらめたり、別の誰かが来てくれて何かしてくれるのを、ただ待っていたりします。大げさに自分自身に辛辣にして見せたり、かと思うと、ちょっとしtことでがっかりしてしまったり。子どもたちは、自分が大切な子じゃないんだって思うと、すぐになんとかなる嫌なことを、それがずっと続くんだ、もうこのままだって思ったりします。そうなってしまうと、どんどん悲しがり屋さんになってしまうんです。」  ほいほい。まだあるようでしたら、もっと長めで大丈夫ですよ。  時たま専門用語をうっかり使うこともあるようですが、おおむね平易な言葉選んでるみたいですんで。  まだ幼い子どもを持つ親向けに話してるみたいだから、まあ、こうなるんでしょうね。




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自尊心は子供の成長と共に変化する。これは子ども自身の経験や、移り変わる認識力の影響を受けるからである。要するに自尊心には、健全・不健全双方の特徴があると認識することが肝要である。 自尊心の低い子であれば、新たな課題への挑戦を拒んだり、否定的な内省を伴いがちであろう。 『自分はバカだ』 『勉強なんかするもんか』あるいは 『それがどうしたの。関係ないでしょ』 てな具合である。 またすぐに落ち込み、あきらめも早い。他力本願で人を当てにし、過大に自己を批判し、いともたやすく自信を喪失してしまうのが特徴である。 加えて自尊心の低い子供は、一時的、過渡的な問題をも不変であって、永遠に続くかのような見方をしがちであり、こうした性向は当人の悲観的傾向性が一段と強くなったときに顕在化する。





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    Self-esteem also includes feelings of being loved.A child who is happy about an achievement but does not receive love may eventually experience low self-eteem. In a similar way, a child who feels loved but is unsure about his or her own abilities can also end up with low self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem comes when the right balance is reached.

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    Early in life, we understand that never giving up leads to success. When kids try, fail, try again, fail again, and then finally succeed, they develop certain ideas about what they can do. At the same time, they're creating an idea of themselves based on how they interact with other people. So for parents it is important to help kids learn accurate and healthy self-perceptions. 上の英文の和訳をお願いします!!!

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    "Here's to the kids. Who will never have 100 percent confidence in anything they do, and to the kids who are okay with that." "Here's to the kids. Who second guess themselves on everything they do." "Here's to the kids. Whose idea of a good night is sitting on the food of a car, Watching the stars." 文頭のwhoやwhoseの意味・働きがよくわらず、一体どうやって訳せばよいのかさっぱりわかりません。よろしくお願いします。

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     Self-esteem refers to all of the beliefs and feelings we have about ourselves. It is how we view who we are. How we see ourselves influences the way we do things and what our attitudes and behaviours are. It also affects our emotions. Patterns of self-esteem start very early in life. For example, a baby who reaches a certain goal feels a sense of accomplishment that strengthens its self-esteem. Learning to roll over after dozens of unsuccessful attempts teaches a baby a "can-do" attitude. 大変長くて申し訳ありませんが、上の英文の和訳が分かる方がいれば、どうかよろしくお願いします!!!

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    If you do,then you have a perfectionist streak, a habit that fuels a whole variety of stress-producing qualities,including procrastination,defensiveness,fear,guilt,and failure to delegate. One sutudy reviewed reports from 9,000managers and professionals and concluded that perfectionism result in reduced job performance. The research also cited health problems that result from this form of self-induced stress.In addition,those who set their standards unachievably high tend to lose self-esteem when they fail to meet their goals,which only adds to stress.

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    As they race down the highway of their life, like so many other characters in so many other movies, they are forced to come to grips with themselves, find out who they really are, and ultimately take responsibility for their lives and actions. Thelma & Louise is a road movie, yes, but it's really a journey of enlightenment, a journey of self-discovery. And it begins with the incident, the hub of the wheel of action. 考えてはみたものの、英語がかなり苦手で和訳できませんでした。 よろしくお願いします。

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    Should they be role models for young people to admire, look up to and imitate, as the early Olympic athletes were? Or do they just have to be top athletes and play their sport well? あと、本文中に Arthur Ashe と書かれているのですが どう訳せばいいのですか? よろしくお願いします(>_<)

  • 文の意味の切れ目とカンマの使い方

    次の文章で、文の意味の切れ目とカンマが入っている所とうまくマッチしていないような気がします。 Placing opposite characters in a fairy tale makes it easier for children to understand the difference between the two, which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life, with all the complexities that characterize real people. 日本語訳は途中からですが。 (もし、その登場人物が現実に忠実で、実際の人物の特徴である様々な複雑な要因を持っていたら、これほど簡単に理解は出来ないであろう。) ifの従属節がthey couldの主節と密接になっていて、むしろwithの前にカンマがある為、with(前置詞句)がどこに属してはっきりしなくなります。実際はif節に入っているのですが。どうもカンマがあると、そこで文が一旦切れているように思ってしまいます。 そこで以下のような、4つの文にしてみました。どれがどのような理由で適切でしょうか? 勿論、2のオリジナルが適切なのでしょうが。 1A.which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life and with all the complexities that characterize real people.  *and は同じ形を並べる為、形容詞と前置詞句とは並べられない? 1B. which they could not do as easily, were the figures true to life and with all the complexities that characterize real people.   *wereの前にはカンマが必要でないか?  2. which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life, with all the complexities that characterize real people.   *カンマは形容詞と前置詞句を同等に並べのに使う?     3. which they could not do as easily were the figures true to life with all the complexities that characterize real people.   *be動詞の補語となる形容詞と、修飾語をカンマやandなしに並べられるか? 却って疑問を複雑にしたかもしれませんが、上記のような文章でのカンマの使い方、andの使い方をどなたかお教え下さい。

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    和訳出来る方お願いします(>_<) The bulbs and corms that dominante the Cape floral region are additionally appealing because in contrast to the many geophytes that are highly fibrous, they are low in fiber relative to the amount of energy-rich carbohydrate they contain, making them more easily digested by children.

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    I attached a photo in case you do not know what they look like. I'm happy school is almost over with. ^^ When do you get out of school? we get out in June and have three months off. 和訳お願いします。