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Ok, lets do this. I have a $100 e-gift card you can purchase via paypal, and I can then apply it to the shipping charge. Please see link below…. http://www. Please let me know once you order it, and I will set up the order. Best, Nick


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了解。やりましょう。ペイパルで購入可能なギフトカードが100ドル分ありますので、こちらを運送料の充当します。下記リンクをご覧ください。 ご注文の際にはご一報下されば、直ちに手配致します。 宜しくご愛顧の程。 Nickより






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    翻訳してください。 I believe we can do that, I just need to see how we create a line item for it. I will be in touch shortly. Please keep in mind, Ira Woods Inc will not be responsible for any warehouse charges accrued on your end. I just wanted to make sure that was clear. Ok, lets do this. I have a $100 e-gift card you can purchase via paypal, and I can then apply it to the shipping charge. Please see link below…. Please let me know once you order it, and I will set up the order. Im not sure, it depends on how many they have awaiting pickup I just placed the order. I will try to get the order out asap. The below items from order no. 1600 have been shipped to you. If your order included additional items not listed below, you will receive a separate email notification once those items are shipped. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the below tracking to register with the shipping carrier.

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    Good deal but still shoot me your email so I can look up the order I can't do it via shipping numbers.

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    海外の某WEB SHOPで雑貨を購入したいと思いまして、 メールでPaypalでの支払いは可能でしょうか?とゆう内容を送ったのですが、 (Can the payment use paypal?) お店からの返信の内容は We can only ship to confirmed address by paypal. As an international order, it will not work. でした。 一番始めに送られてきた内容は、 (日本からの注文は可能ですかとゆう問い合わせ内容に対して) Most of our items can be shipped international but we only accept wire transfer payment from international customers. Is it acceptable for you? if yes, please let me know the model#, quantity and your shipping address so that we can run a quote for you. でした。 いくつかの翻訳サイトを利用しましたが、よく分かりません。 銀行振込のみなのか、それともPAYPALでの支払いは可能なのでしょうか? どなたか、正しい翻訳をして頂けないでしょうか。 宜しくお願い致します。

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入予定です。発送と値引きの事でメールが来ました。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 I have created a code for you, you can use the code “AAAA” and it’s valid for anytime you spend over $20, you can use it anytime, this is a special pricing for you. If you want you can purchase it and we can start the order, as for the shipping, we can refund it back if you decide to use your own shipping company, we can also see if we can find a cheaper rate than our retail site and if we can I can refund you back the difference. Please let me know if this works and also if there is anything else I can do for you, thank you for your order

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    I am arranging for our japan importer to handle this order. That way if there is any issue you can deal with it locally. And it will save you money on shipping. 船便のほうが安いよと言ってるのでしょうか?

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    Hi, how much would it cost for delivery to the JAPAN for 3 combined? ThanksI understand that the item can be delivered within Worldwide and United Kingdom ,however,could you send it out to japan Would you reduce the price of the postage in GBP100?I'm sorrySinar Camera £325 Camera Case £40.00  Lens £175   325+40+175+100(Postage and packaging)=GBP640to japan  I'm sorry 上記は自分が慣れない 英語で3つの品を日本に送っていただけますか?送料は全部でGBP100でトータルGBP640でおねがいできますか?と聞いたのですが 以下のように返事がきましたが、なんていつているのかわかりません。よろしくおねがいします。 It will actually cost me £150 to post all three items to Japan.I am willing to do the shipping for all three itmes for £125.Alternatively, I will ship the camera and lens only to you for a combined postage of £95 (ie. just the cost of shipping the camera)If you wish to purchase. Please buy the items and pay for them. I will then send you a PayPal postage refund.regards,Andrew

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    OK well as you may know I have to do it the way it is on paypal or I will not have any "Seller Protection" and it is not as you typed it out to me so I would ask you to change it on paypal. here is how it shows up now> So please go change it so I can mail your items to you. I did send your driver to the address listed on paypal as I have shown you so I do hope it gets to you. Let me know when you have changed it to how you want it to be, Thanks.

  • イギリスからの英文メールの翻訳をお願いします

    イギリスから商品を購入しようとして英文で困っています よろしくお願いします。 長くなりますが順を追って状況も書きます (1)イギリスのある会社の品をネットで注文して同時にpaypalで支払いました    (2)翌日このようなメールが届きました  (同メールにPROFORMA INVOICE という伝票がPDFで添付されていました) Thank you for placing your order with Bits from Bytes. Please find attached a pro forma invoice for the goods required. PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE ADDED THE SHIPPING COST OF £160.33. IF YOU ARE COLLECTING THIS ORDER PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND I WILL CHANGE IT. Please ensure payment is made for the goods as soon as possible. Once we have received your payment, your order will be processed and an email will be sent, confirming your updated order status. We kindly ask that payment is made for the total amount, and that you quote your BFB order number (starting with 20000) using one of the following methods: PayPal =  ****@*****.com Bank: 会社の口座の情報 Once we have received payment our sales team will contact you with regards to the shipping information. (3) なんとなく送料分の支払いが抜けてた? 自分で判断して  paypalでさらに160.33ポンド支払いました (4)すると翌日このようなメールが来ました  (同時に前と同じPDFが添付されていました) Thank you for your order, please find attached confirmation of your purchase order as receipt of payment for goods required. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below. 以上の状況です (2)と(4)の英文の翻訳お願いします。

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    Sure I will do that for you but you have to realize there are other people in line right now waiting for me to make there heat sinks and other machined items, so it's not going to happen over night. Once I order the SAIK host it will be several weeks before it even gets here so it could be as much as 4-5 weeks before I can start on you copper heat sink. Of course there will be shipping from me to you, I don't pay to ship other peoples items to them. I would think the shipping will be approx $12.00 but I will only charge you the exact shipping cost after I weight the package. There will also be paypal fees they should be around $4.00 if all you are getting is the host and the heat sink. You could send the $90.00 now and that way I will get the SAIK ordered and your name written in my work log so that you are in line. And then when your SAIK arrives I will make the heat sink and you can decide if you need any other items and also get the balance payed at that time. Let me know so I can get it ordered

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    海外通販をして発送が遅れているので理由について問い合わせました。 返信がきました。いまいち内容が理解できないので日本語に訳して下さい。 I understand that you have requested an order status update. I have reviewed your order and see that your order has not yet completed the shipping process. Please review your original order confirmation that was emailed to you. Located in the top right corner of the order confirmation email you will find an estimated order shipping date. This date represents the date we expect your order to complete the shipping process. If the estimated shipping date found on your order confirmation has passed, the item(s) on your order may be on backorder. Occasionally due to unexpected delays it may not be possible to meet the tentative shipping date originally provided to you. I am currently working to provide you a revised delivery estimate. Once I obtain a delivery estimate I will email you this information. Please know, your item(s) have been reserved for you and are on order with the manufacturer. We are doing everything possible to fulfill your order as soon as possible. If you would like to discuss other possibilities for fulfilling your order, please respond to this email or call and a Customer Service Representative will gladly assist you. Thank you for your patience. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  • お墓が怖い理由について、子供の頃から大人になった現在でもお墓が怖いと感じる人がいるのか、その理由を知りたいという質問です。
  • 中学生までお墓が怖かった経験を持ち、同じような恐怖を抱いていた人がいたことを述べていますが、いつの間にか恐怖心がなくなってしまったとのことです。
  • 大人になってもお墓が怖い人がいる場合、その理由を知りたいと質問者が述べています。お墓が怖い理由を知ることで、自身が子供の頃に感じていた恐怖の理由も理解できるのではないかと考えています。