The Evolution of Timekeeping Methods

  • Discover the various ways people have told time throughout history, from using the sun as a clock to creating tools to track shadows.
  • Explore the different methods of knowing the time, from wristwatches and clocks to radio and telephone services.
  • Learn about the evolution of timekeeping devices and how they have made it easier for people to determine the time.
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和訳をお願いします What time is it? There are many ways you can find out the time. You may have a wristwatch on your arm. You can look at an arm clock beside your bed. People tell the time on the radio or TV. You can call a number on the telephone and get the time. It has not always been easy to know the time. A long time ago people looked at the sun to tell the time. The sun was their clock. They could tell the time of day by the place of the sun in the sky:morning,noon,or afternoon. After many years people began to see something else about the sun. When the sun shone on something,it made a dark shadow behind it. This was the place that did not get sunlight. As the sun moved across the sky,the shadow moved too. People could tell time better by the shadows that by the sun. They made something long and pointed so that the shadow was easier to see.

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    和訳をお願いします An example of shadow clocks are the obelisks from Egypt. They are tell,thin buildings that come to apoint at the top. Cleopatra's Needles are the two most famous obelisks in the world. They are almost 3,500 years old. About the same time,people began to make sundials. Sundials have a round part to divide the day into twelve parts. Around the year 1250,someone made the first mechanical clock. It was a mechanical clock because it was a machine that ran by itself. It did not need the help of anything in nature. People began to use the hourglass clock around the year 1400. They made in from glass. It was wide at the top and bottom but narrow in the middle. They put some sand in one part. The sand ran from the top part to the bottom part of the glass in one hour. At the end of every hour people turned the glass over and began again.

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    And I was trying to tell you why it is a reason for things to happen in a certain way if we can show that that way has more ways of happening than some other way.

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