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Your people are more important than ever today -- and you need to make sure that they know it! Gather them up and take them out somewhere fun, and tell each one what they mean to you.


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 #1です。間違えました。お詫びして訂正します。 1。間違い版。 今日は今までにもまして、あなたの人々が大切な日です。彼らがそれ(あなたに取って彼らが重要であること)を知らせなければなりません。(あなたの人々を)ひと所に集めて、どこか面白いところへ連れて行き、あなたに取って、かれらがどんなに大切かを言いなさい。 2。訂正版。 今日は今までにもまして、あなたの人々が大切な日です。彼らにそれ(あなたに取って彼らが重要であること)を知らせなければなりません。(あなたの人々を)ひと所に集めて、どこか面白いところへ連れて行き、あなたに取って、かれらがどんなに大切かを言いなさい。



SPS700さん。いつもありがとうございます。いつも丁寧に訳してくださるので、それを参考にしてもう一度読み直し、自分でも少しずつ読めるようになって来ました。ありがとうございます。 折角、1間違い版と2訂正版をいただいたのですが、申し訳ありません、1と2の違いが分からず、もし、よろしければ、もう一度違いをお教えいただけないでしょうか。 PS 補足にて同文を前送いたしました。その後、本サイトで「補足」を確認したところ、お手元には届かないようなので、お礼にて再送いたします。たびたび申し訳ありません。


SPS700さん。いつもありがとうございます。いつも丁寧に訳してくださるので、それを参考にしてもう一度読み直し、自分でも少しずつ読めるようになって来ました。ありがとうございます。 折角、1間違い版と2訂正版をいただいたのですが、申し訳ありません、1と2の違いが分からず、もし、よろしければ、もう一度違いをお教えいただけないでしょうか。

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 #1です。 >>1と2の違いが分からず、もし、よろしければ、もう一度違いをお教えいただけないでしょうか。  第2文のはじめ、間違い版の「が」が、訂正版では「に」になっています。再度すみません。



わかりました!何度も読み比べたつもりでしたが、不注意でした。お手数をおかけしてしまって本当に申し訳ありませんでした。 ありがとうございました!!

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 今日は今までにもまして、あなたの人々が大切な日です。彼らがそれ(あなたに取って彼らが重要であること)を知らせなければなりません。(あなたの人々を)ひと所に集めて、どこか面白いところへ連れて行き、あなたに取って、かれらがどんなに大切かを言いなさい。  「あなたの人々」という漠然とした表現がこの卜の原点です。両親には家族、学校の先生には生徒、会社の社長には社員、犬の飼い主には愛犬(あ、この場合はあなたの犬犬かな?)いろいろ解釈の余地がございます。肉屋の裏口へ飼っている30匹をみんな連れて行って「あなたこそ我が最愛のワン子よ」と一匹一匹に言え、ということでしょうかね。



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    You need to make sure that you're moving forward today, even if it feels like you're throwing caution to the wind. Someone close needs to see that you can take risks when the time is right.

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    Direct your energy outward -- you need to be part of the vital web that keeps life flowing on a day like today. As long as you are helping others, you are sure to find your own needs getting met as well.

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    You need to firm up some travel plans today -- or make some, if nothing is on your plate right now. See if you can get your friends or family to pitch ideas as you decide what comes next.

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    You get all fired up over some issue that might not be important to anyone but you. That's okay, as now is your chance to educate folks -- go to town and let your passion move the crowd.

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    Even if you're usually out in space or lost in thought, today brings you right back down to earth -- in a good way! Your amazing energy is just right for enjoying food, gardening and nature.

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    Say I love you, only when you mean it and make sure they know you mean it. Make excuses to call you every 5 minutes when am at work. Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say I love you. Let there never be a second during any given day that you aren't thinking about each other, and make sure you knows it. よろしくお願いします。

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    Let go of your impulse to lecture or even to remind people of what they need to do today -- things just aren't going your way right now, but that is okay. Your energy is best spent taking care of your own needs. 特に、文中のeven to remind・・・のevenの意味や文中の効果が良く分かりません。 どうぞ宜しくお願いします。

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    you know you're attached to someone when you've gotten so used to talking to them on a daily basis and they've become a part of your happiness. but when you guys don't talk it's like a part of you is gone and you just started to miss them uncontrollably. 様々な訳し方があるように思いますので、いろんな方の解釈をお聞きしたいです。 よろしくお願いします!

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    You have to remember if your drives both will be putting out 2000mA each then each one will be drawing 3000mA or around there so I would use no smaller than a 26650 cell or cells and I think 32650 would be nice if a good host can be found that is to your liking. The SK can take a 32650 if I put it in the lathe and take out about 0.25mm of aluminum from the inside. The two XB-2 drives I sent you are the very latest model they are capable of 4000mA each so with the proper heat sinking they may work for you. Do not try and run them above 2000mA with out heat sinking them, I do believe they have a built-in temp controller so if they get too hot they will shut down till they cool off, I'll check on that to be sure. The full back side needs to be in contact with a heat sink if your going to take one all the way to it's max current of 4000mA ! Hope this helps Let me know if you need any other info

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    彼からのメールのないようですが、英語力の乏しい私には意訳ができません。どなたか翻訳してもらえないでしょうか? I could not respond because of my job yoğunlğundan. At this time in my personal life and my business life, he decides to live in because of the stress I'm not sure. You get very impatient. I do not understand why. People to marry each other very well need to know. I married again to another without fully concluded'm not ready for marriage. Friendship and friendship and love in the coming time, as more development would be better for us. And together we will make better decisions about what to do. Why so quick to make a decision as I insist you do not understand. These are very serious issues. Decision can not be easy. More do not recognize each other full Incentives. And the Japanese society and Turkey have different traditions. In this regard you and me how we can comply with this tradition. I think people need to know each other a long time for marriage. We only We saw each other 2 days. I think this closeness, friendship and love each other without breaking continues in this way and get upset. Conclusions as a result of friendship beautiful. I very busy businessman, I can not take too much time for my private life. Please forgive me because I can not talk much with you.you get to me a very special person and I'm very happy to know you.I want to be with you always in the future. I like you very much.