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My name is Tom and I am cat. I have a major problem. It is my owner,Eva. She does not understand how people should take care of their pets. She has very strange ideas about the retionship bet ween people and pets. Eva treats me like a human child. she worries about me and tells me what to do all the time. she does not want me to go every night while she watches television. Boring. The programs she watches are totally tastless. There is more. Eva brushes and combs me twice a day.



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私の名前はトム、私は猫です。 私は重大な問題を抱えています。 それは私の飼い主、エヴァのことです。 彼女は人々がどういう風にペットの世話をするべきかを理解しないのです。 彼女は人々とペットの間の関係について非常に変わった考えを持っています。 エヴァは私を人間の子供のように扱うのです。 彼女は私のことで悩み、常に何をするべきかを命じます。 彼女は毎晩テレビを観ている間は私に外出してほしくないのです。 うんざりすることに彼女が観る番組は全く面白くありません。 その上、エヴァは私を一日に二度ブラシにかけ櫛でとかすのです。


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トムといいます。ネコです。 少々深刻な悩みがありまして。 というのも、我が飼主であるエヴァのことなんだけれども。 あの人はペットをどう扱ったらいいかって事すら、わかってないんだ。 人間とペットとの触れ合いに対しても、妙な偏見があるみたいで、 僕のことまるで、人間の子ども扱いさ。 始終気になって仕方ないのか、ああしろこうしろってうるさくて。 しかも毎晩自分はテレビなんか見てるくせに、その間外にも出してくれないし。 またそのテレビ番組のくだらないこと! まだあるんだ。彼女一日に二回、僕をブラッシングしてくれるわけ。


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英訳ですねよね? 私の名前はトムそして、私は猫です。 私には気がかりなことがあります。 それは私の飼い主のエバについてです。 彼女はどうペットを飼うべきかを全分かっていません。 彼女は人間とペットとの間に、とても変わった考えを持っています・ エバは私のことをまるで人間のように扱うんです。 彼女はいつも私のことを気にかけ、何をしたらいいのかを言ってくるのです。 彼女がテレビを見ている夜はいつも外に行かせてくれません。 彼女が見ている番組はまるで面白くありません。 まだ他にもあります。エバは私の体を一日に二回もくしでとかすんです。



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    And so the customer, of course, is the housewife. What do they pay us for ? I do not know how many people in the world make soap, but there are a great many. And I can’t tell you the difference between one kind of soap or the other. And why does the buyer have a preference, and a strong one, by the way? What does it do for her? Why is she willing to buy from us when on the same shelves in the US or in Japan or in Germany there are soaps from five other soap manufacturers? She usually does not even look at them. She reaches out for that soap. Why? What does she see? What does she want? Try to work on this.

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    I am cat というお話の一部なのですが、、、 この部分の和訳が分かりません。 教えてください。。。 She takes me to the Pet Beauty Clinic once a week for a bath we have togaes that we use to lick ourselves and keep ourselves clean? I do not like the flea powder she puts on me. It smells awful and I think it might cause skin cancer. Eva thinks she knows what kind of fool I like,though she actyally does not know my tastes at all. She feeds me cat food and puts it in a silver dish. But all I want is some day-old fish that stinks,And alittle water. Thats all. Is that asking too much? Once time I managed to get out of the house. Did I have a good time! I ran around with some other cats in the neighboehood. We ate garbage and chased a dog. I even caught a bird. Good fun. But when I returned home,Eva went crazy. She was so angey. She took me to the Pet Beauty Clinic for a bath and shampoo, even tjough I had been there the day before. She even wants to have me buried next to her! I won't be free of her even when I am dead. What a life! 以上です。回答お願いします。

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    和訳をお願いします 昨夜、私の和訳を添削していただこうとお願いしましたが、ご回答いただけず。。 和訳で再びお願いします。 1)Now all I care about is the person in my life who understands me. 2)I will treat the person the same why she treats me. 3)I love the way you care for me, being next to me worrying about my health.

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    この英文におかしい構文やアドバイスなどがあれば教えてください。 First, I will state about dream. Many people have dream. Not only children but also adult. And many people want to work about television. For example, singer, actor, cameraman. I think television give them dream. My friend wants to be actor. So she watches many movies. Anime is popular in my country. Anime is part of television. Anime give many people dream too especially children. This is because children like watching anime. My young sister is always watching anime. We can know many works by watch television and movie. I watched television about introduce work. I like sing a song that watch television and remember song. Therefore, I think television and movie give us dream. よろしくお願いします。

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    以下の文章を和訳お願いします>< とても困ってます。助けてください; Gambling on a smaller wedding dressーLisa Shumpert has six months to lose three sizes and 40 Ibs. 1. Meet Lisa: Lisa Shumpert is the tallest and the heaviest of all the "Dateline Diet Challenge" brides at 5 feet 9 inches and 308 Ibs. "I am not walking down the aisle looking like a balloon," She says. "Right now I'm the biggest person in my bridal party. I want the attention to be on me because it's my wedding and not because, 'Wow, she's huge.'" Shumpert has battled being overweight all her life. She's tried dieting before but has never been able to keep the weight off. And obesity runs in her family——her father was obese and died of a heart attack when she was 7 years old. 2. But at the age of 29, Shumpert has a lot going for her. She's a successful accounrant and says she gets lots of support from her mother and two sisters. Shopping for a dress wasn't easygoing. "The largest size of The dress I chose still didn't fit me. So it was like, 'Okay, Lisa this is it.' No one wants to not fit their wedding dress." As any bride knows, one of the first decisions is picking a dress which is usually orderd months in advance. So Shumpert is talking a big gamble by ordering a gown three sizes too small for her. To meet her goal, she chooses the appropriately-named "Wedding Dress Diet" by Robyn Flipse and Jacqueline Shannon. Shumpet wants to lose 40 Ibs. by her wedding day. She literally can't afford to fail. 3. Month 1: Shumpert realizes that at this point there is no "Plan B." "If I don't reach my goal, I can't fit in my dress, and my dress would have been bought, " she says. "I've never had a waist, and I would just like to see a waist at some point in my lifetime." To lose weight, Shumpert starts working out with a personal trainer at The Training Loft. She is getting help revamping her eating habits from Flipse, a nutritionist. The "Wedding Dress Diet" emphasizes counting calories. She's limited to 2,200 calories a day — 1,000 less than what she consumes now. And if getting started on a diet wasn't hard enough Shumpert also has plenty of wedding worries, including her guest list: just "My reception hall only holds 175 people. And when I did my guest list just for my family and friends, I had about 169. So that doesn't leave Josh with many people."

  • この和訳は合っていますか?

    この和訳は合っていますか? 1)Now all I care about is the person in my life who understands me. 今、私が人生で大切な人は私を理解する人です。 2)I will treat the person the same why she treats me. 私は彼女が私を扱うのと同じように扱うつもりです。 3)I love the way you care for me, being next to me worrying about my health. 私は、私の健康について隣で心配するあなたの世話の仕方が好きです。

  • 和訳をよろしくお願いします

    She does not believe in acknowledging other peoples' special events (birthdays, holidays), and brushes off not doing so by saying, "We don't celebrate birthdays, etc., anymore." 和訳をよろしくお願いします

  • 英文が正しいか教えてください。

    英文が正しいか教えてください。 Second, I talk about society. Now, society judges a person by external appearances. For example, if my hair is blond, people would judge me and say “she is fool.” I watched one movie when I was 15 years old. The movie story is about blond hair girl. She’s hair is blond. But she is very smart. This is the fact. Now, but, judge a person by external appearances not only people but also society. Society is a big group. We don’t judge a person by external appearances. But I think that we have to change society. If people don’t judge a person by external appearances, we could accept people have many things. That’s why I agree with one should never judge a person by external appearances. 間違っているところなどがあれば教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

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    Suprisingly, some of Japanese students have their lunches inside of restroom stalls because they want to make sure nobody watches him. They do not want to give a mistaken impression of not having any friends at school. However,American usually does not care about what other people think about him あと、under someone's lonely eyes これもお願いします

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    下記はある日記形式の本からの抜粋です。第三段落のwe will not get to wear uniformsを「意志」で訳したらよいか「予測」で訳したらよいか今ひとつわかりません。その一文の和訳をお願いいたします。 I'm spitting mad.Not only is Mama training to be a nurse, but so are Olga and Tatiana. But not Mashka and me. No! We are too young! ※Olga、Tatiana、Mashkaと「私」は姉妹です(年齢順に記載しました)。OlgaとTatianaは"the Big Pair"、Mashkaと「私」は"the Little Pair"と呼ばれています。 Mashka is so good, always so sweet about everything, and she has tried to make me feel better about being left out. "At least it's both of us, the Little Pair," she said, and then suggested that maybe we could find other good work to do for the soldiers. She's such an angel, I'm not sure we're truly sisters. Mama says indeed we can be of great help, we can visit the sick and injured. But - we will not get to wear uniforms, and I did so much want to. お手数かけますが、ご教授の程宜しくお願いいたします。