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英文の翻訳を早急にお願いします!英語に自信のある方! London is not only England’s and Britain’s, capital city; it is also one of the most multi ?racial, cosmopolitan cities in the world. A quarter of schoolchildren in London do not speak English at home. Instead, they speak an Asian language such as Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali or Chinese; a Middle Eastern language like Arabic or Turkish, or another European language such as Greek, Albanian or Spanish. A recent poster (see above) celebrating London’s diversity claimed that 300 languages were spoken by the 7 million residents, who followed 14 different faiths, or religions, between them. In parts of some other towns, it is easier to hear a language other than English spoken. In Bradford, in the north, or in parts of England’s second biggest city, Birmingham, in the West Midlands, you are more likely to hear a south Asian language. About three adults in ten admit they have prejudice against people of a different skin colour. In one recent survey of 1500 people, more than half said they believe Britain is a racist society; but more than half also said they believe it accepts people of different races more easily than it did ten years ago. It is interesting that some people from former colonies feel more comfortable as devolution increases. Some were scared of the Union jack, a symbol of the British Empire. They feel more comfortable now that English people are choosing to fly the red and white flag of St. George. The other countries of Britain also have their own flags; and some families who have always been British do not speak English as their first language: Wales is officially a bilingual country and 20% of Welsh people speak Welsh. 翻訳サイトを使わないで、翻訳していただけると助かります。



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「ロンドンはイングランドやイギリスの首都であるというばかりではない。多面的な機能を持った世界で有数の国際都市でもある。ロンドンに住む子供たちの4分の1が、日常生活で英語を話してはいない。パンジャブ語、ウルドゥー語、グジャラート語、ベンガル語、中国語などのアジアの言葉、アラビア語、トルコ語などの中東の言葉、ギリシア語、アルバニア語、スペイン語などの英語以外のヨーロッパの言葉を話している。先ごろ開催された「反人種差別音楽祭」のポスター(上図)には、700万人の住人が300の言語を使い、14の異なる信条や宗教を持っていると記されている。他の都市には、英語以外の言葉のほうが耳にしやすいところもある。北部のブラッドフォードや西中部地方でイングランド2番目の大都市バーミングハムでは、英語よりも南アジアの言葉のほうがよく聞かれるほどだ。 成人の30パーセントが、肌の色が違う人たちに対して偏見があると認めている。1,500人を対象とした最近の調査では、半数以上がイギリスは人種差別社会であると思うと答えている。しかし、10年前に比べると、異なる人種の人たちを受け入れやすくなっていると思うと答えている人も半数以上になる。興味深いことだが、旧植民地出身者の中にはイギリスが分化傾向にあることを快く感じている人がいる。中には、大英帝国の象徴であるユニオンジャックに恐怖を感じていた人もいる。そういった人たちは、イングランド人が白地に赤い十字の聖ゲオルギウス十字を掲げるようになり、さらに快く感じている。イギリスの他の国にも各国の旗がある。また、常にイギリス人として生活してきている家族でも、第一言語は英語ではないという場合もある。ウェールズは公式に二言語国家であり、ウェールズ人の20パーセントがウェールズ語を話しているのだ」




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  • maidemi
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ロンドンは、イングランドのものと英国(首都)だけのものでありません;それは、最も複数もののうちの1つでもあります?世界の人種的な、国際的な都市。ロンドンの4分の1の児童は、自宅で英語を話しません。その代わりに、彼らはアジアの言語(例えばパンジャブ語、ウルドゥー語、グジャラート人、ベンガル語または中国人)を話します;アラビア語またはトルコ語のような中東の言語またはもう一つのヨーロッパの言語(例えばギリシア語、アルバニア人またはスペイン語)。ロンドンの多様性を賛美している最近のビラ(上記参照)は300の言語が700万人の居住者によって話されると主張しました。そして、その人は、彼らの間で、14の異なる信仰または宗教に続きました。若干の他の町の地域において、英語以外の言語が話されるのを聞くことは、より簡単です。ブラッドフォードでは、北では、または、ウェストミッドランズのイングランドの2番目に大きい都市(バーミンガム)の地域において、あなたはより南のアジアの言語を聞きそうです。 10のおよそ3人の大人は、彼らには異なる皮膚色の人々に対する偏見があると認めます。1500人の1つの最近の調査において、半分より多くのものは、彼らが英国が人種差別的な社会であると思っていると言いました;しかし、半分よりも多くのものは、彼らがそれがそれが10年前したより簡単に異なるレースの人々を受け入れると思っていると言いました。移行が増加して、旧植民地から数人がより快適であると感じることは、面白いです。いくつかは、恐れました連盟ジャッキ(大英帝国のシンボル)。イギリス人がセントジョージズの赤くて白い旗を翻すほうを選んでいる今、彼らはより快適であると感じます。英国の他の国も、彼ら自身の旗を持っています;そして、常に英国人だった一部の家族は、彼らの第一言語として英語を話しません:ウェールズは公式に二ヵ国語国です、そして、20%のウェールズの人々はウェールズ語を話します。





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    In South Africa, many people consider their own kind of English, with words of their native languages mixed in, as a sign of freedom. Callenging the powe of british or American English in Europe, some people in the European Union are promoting another lind called Euro English. they feel it would be more familiar to non-native speakers of English.

  • 自由英作添削お願いします!!11.早稲田政経

    添削お願いします!!                                早稲田政経では文法ミスなどがなければ細かい論理構成までは減点をしません!20点満点でお願いします!!   問題. Read the statement below and write a paragraph giving at least two reasons why you agree or disagree with it."English should be the only official language of Japan" I disagree with the idea that English should be the only official language of Japan.First,it is almost impossible to put this idea into practice. Some Japanese people cannot speak even a word in English,so they will not be able to speak English well,no matter how hard they study English.They are not intelliget enough to learn English.Second,even though English is more widely used than any other language in the world,people who do not go abroad or communicate with foreign people do not have to study English.They have only to be able to speak Japanese language. 20点満点でお願いします!!

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    English education in japan is very bad, because which mainly focus on input way of studying such as listening and reading, on the other hand, we don't usually practice output such as writing and speaking. Even though, we have been studying English from middle school to college. TOEFL(test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers) score of Japan is at the worst level in Asia. On the other hand, Germany people can speak English very well because English education system in Germany is very good, which focus on more practical, so that people can speak English, they spend more time to speak and writing instead of listening and reading.

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    Indeed, such is the demand to learn language that are now more students of English in China than there are people in the United States.

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    (1)~(3)まで教えてください。 According to researchers from the University of Manchester, 90% of the world's language are ((1)) to disappear by 2050. One such tongue is Tofa, spoken by only about 60 people who keep reindeer on the empty land in Siberia. One of the researchers speaks the language, and says that he can speak fluently enough to be able to express anything he wants to say. The researchers have been trying to keep records of endangered languages or videos. They have done fieldwork across the globe to investigate languages ranging from Faroese (50,000 speakers) to Banawa, one of 300 languages spoken in the Amazon basin. At a recent meeting, Yaron Matras, who speaks 13 languages, played a recording of a British Romani speaker made in the 1950s. He said that British Romani is now ((2)) at the level of extinction, and he is ((3)) looking for the alleged four or five families in Wales who still speak it. There is no shortage of languages. At the last count there were about 6,000 , but only 4% of them are spoken by 96% of the people in the world. About 10 languages, including English, Arabic, and Hindi, are spoken by more than 100 million people each. No one needs to worry about them. But the little languages with little chance of survival need help. According to a professor at the University of Manchester, people are aware of threats to ecology and of species dying out, but they don't realize that we are leaving languages to die out. It is true that every languages is the repository of the culture of the people who speak it. When we lose the last speaker, we lose the people's cultural memory.

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    The study suggests people who speak two languages may find it easier to pay attention than those who can speak only one language. It found differences in the way bilingual brains and the brains of people who speak one language process speech sounds. Bilingual people are better at picking out a syllable such as “da” or “ta”, even when other people are talking at the same time. That difference in hearing also seems to improve the attention and memory of those who speak more than one language, they say. “Because you have two languages in your head, you become very good at choosing what is relevant and what is not. You are a mental juggler,” says Nina Kraus, a professor of neurobiology at Northwestern, who was part of the study team. 1.4~5行目のBilingual people are better at picking out a syllable such as “da” or “ta”の意味はわかるのですが、いまいちピンときません。da, taの音節を識別するというのは具体的にどういうことですか? 2.第二段落3~4行目のyou become very good at choosing what is relevant and what is not.の意味がよくわかりません。relevantはここではどういう意味で、what is relevant and what is notを選ぶのがうまくなるというのはどういう意味ですか? わかる方解説のほどよろしくお願いします。

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    So intimate is the relation between a language and the people who speak it that the two can scarcely be thought of apart. A language lives only so long as there are peo- ple who speak it and use it as their native tongue, and its greatness is only that given to it by these people. A language is important because the people who speak it are important-politically, economically, commercialally, social-ly, culturally. English, French, and German are great and important languages ​​because they are the languages ​​of great and important peoples; for this reason they are widely studied outside the country of their use. -A. C. BAUGH, A History of the English Language 構文分析よろしくお願い致します。 できるだけ丁寧に解説して頂けると嬉しいです🙇‍♀️

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    Instead of thinking that college students should learn a second foreign language , it is more important for elementary school children to study English more seriously in Japan.

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     和訳例をお願い致します。  Latin became an international language throughout the Roman Empire, but this was not because the Romans were more numerous than the people they conquered. They were simply more powerful. Later, when Roman military power declined, Latin remained for a millennium as the international language of education, (A) a different sort of powerーthe religious power of Roman Catholicism.  There is also the closest of links between language dominance and economic, technological, and cultural power. (B) a strong power-base, no language can make progress as an lnternational medium of communication. Language has no independent existence, living in some sort of mystical space apart from the people who speak it. When they succeed on the international stage, their language succeeds. When they fail, their language fails.  This point may seem obvious, but it need to be made, (C) over the years many popular and misleading beliefs have grown up about why a language should become internationally successful. It is quite common to hear people claim that an internationl language is an ideal model, on account of its literary qualities and clarity of expression. Hebrew, Greek,Latin, Arabic and French are among those which at various times have been praised in such terms, and English is no exception. It is often suggested, for example, that there must be something beautiful or logical about the structure of English itself, in order to explain why it is now so widely used. “It has less grammer than other languages,” some have suggested. This is intended to mean that the language is grammatically not so complicated compared with other languages, so it must be easier to learn.  Such arguments are wrong. Latin was once a major international language, (D) it seems grammatically much more complicated. A language does not become a global language because of its structural properties, or because of the size of its vocabulary, or because it was once associated with a great culture or religion. A language has traditionally become an international language for one chief reason: the power of its peopleーespecially their political and military power. 【設問】 (A) 1in spite of 2thanks to 3instead of 4at the expense of (B) 1With 2Without 3Because of 4As a result of (C),(D) 1so 2though 3because 4as a result スペルミス等があれば、ご指摘お願いします。

  • 英文を書いたのですが表現や文法の間違いを指摘していただきたいです。

    英文を書いたのですが表現や文法の間違いを指摘していただきたいです。 お願い致します。 Do you speak some language expect English and Japanese? 英語と日本語以外になにかしゃべれる言語がありますか? I speak a little Chinese other than the languages. それ以外に中国語が少し話せます That's great! それはすごい It is a lot of trouble for me learning only English. 私は英語のみ勉強するだけでも苦労している I envy you. うらやましいです。