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Is very glad to see your letter today. When I receive it, on mine The person always a smile, and in my heart warmly. After all when I read yours Letters, I start to represent that you stand nearby and speak to me about It. I do not know that occurs, but for that time that we are familiar with You, I have very much changed. As soon as possible I always hasten to To the computer to read your letter. I have a such Feeling that I became a little dependent on you. Because for days on end I think only of you, I represent your life there, is far from me. As You think, what is it? I am afraid to tell it, but it seems to me that it Love. I am afraid of this loud word, but I tell you the thoughts. After all we have agreed with you that we will tell all secrets each other. I trust you and I hope that you as trust me. Recently I began to think of how would be much Remarkably, if could meet and learn each other better. That You think of it? I think, it is difficult to speak about something only through Letters and phone. I wish to have with you live dialogue. But I do not know, What your thoughts that I have now written to you. My dear, do not worry, we will necessarily speak on msn! ok!? We will necessarily speak in msn, I promise to you! :) "Do you agree?" Is such expression is available in Russia. I do not know, how To you it to explain. You trust in destiny? It means:"nobody knows, That the destiny has prepared for us ". Understand me? Now I will finish the letter and I will wait for your early reply.


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 おはようございます。  回答ではありませんが、一応。  あなたは翻訳サイトをご存知ですか? 検索サイトで「翻訳」と検索すると色々なサイトが出てきます。そちらも参考にして下さい。あなたの文章はあまり上手に翻訳されないようですが……。  ちなみに要約では私もupshot様と同じ意見です。  参考にして下さい。


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要約? 「ずっと君のこと考えてる。生で話したい。運命みたいだ。分かるかい?」 こんな感じですけどね(笑)



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    I care so much about you I care about you more than I can say. And that caring and that feeling have a meaning that is more precious and more special to me than I can explain. But let me try to tell you this... Stying ''I care'' means that I will always do everything I can to understand. It means that I will never hurt you. It means that you can trust me. It means that you can tell me. What's wrong. It means that I will try to fix what I can,that I will listen When you need me to hear,and that ~even in your most difficult moment ~all you have to do is say tha word,and your hand and my hand will not be apart. It means that whenever you speak to me,whether words are spoken through a smile or theouge a tear... I will listen with my heart. I do care about you... In a very special wey. メッセージカードの柄としてあったので気になりました。お願いします

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    proble はスペルミスかもしれませんが、一応そのままコピペします。 私が I cannot make cakes. 等とメールに書いた事に応えてくれているようですが、私の理解が不十分です。教えていただけるとありがたいです。 よろしくお願いします。 I have a proble with your translation and I am worried. When you say that you can not do cakes, it is because you do not have the ability to do it or it is forbidden because prices are too expensive. To make a carrot cake it is very easy! It will be the perfect excuse to visit me and I will make a carrot cake!

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    I understood. You are a temporary teacher. Will many foreigners come to your school? I think you and I can have beautiful children. (closed eyes smile) It will certainly be great. I want to see you so much. I think and hope to see you soon. I want it. I know that we will succeed. Do you want to see me? 話をして居たのですが、 なぜか私が期間契約先生になっています。 ALTとは、各公立の小中学校に来る外国人講師(期間契約)が私と思ってます。違う!!!!NOですと言ったのですが、うまく伝わりません。ALT自体を知らないと思います。どう説明したら理解できるでしょうか。

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    翻訳していただけないでしょうか<m(__)m> 翻訳機だと全く意味不明で。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 I have heard that in Japan people don't vocalize opinions on anything negatively and they do what they are told. I don't think it's impressive I think it's very sad that so much is sacrificed and they have to give up so much and are told what is right and if they act out or speak up they are disowned. That is horrible. We are all made different and should be allowed to so what we feel and given the choice to see what we think is right and wrong behavior . I am sorry for your pain. I am also depressed. Everyone here has their own thing going on and I am left out. I just want other things then everyone else and I know I have to do them alone. My parents do not know and when I tell them they will not accept it but its my choice and my life and I want to live not merely exist. Does that make me selfish? I hope you are able to do that Kotoe. Only thing you can do is keep your head up and don't give up.

  • 英語から日本語へ翻訳して頂けないですか?

    awww dont think that you have a clumsy English ... i never think that way about you English ... i know that you are doing well on it ... and you never will annoy me wit it . i be so sad if you stop sending me! e-mails .because you think that is annoy me .. went i see, a email from you it make me feel special and happy . it doesnt matter if you wrote it wrong...... please dont never feel that way .... i will do my best to write back to you in japanese so you dont fill bad about you english ... you are doing well .. you are special for me ! この文章です。 よろしくお願いします。

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    It is not that I do not want to marry you, it would be a lovely dream to do so, I think. I do not think that we have this path ahead of us... but I want to have you in my life always, somehow. Duty as a man? To stand and hold the load, to carry it forward. To move and put the wants of man away. 宜しくお願いします。

  • 教えて下さい! 日本語に翻訳お願いします。

    下記の英文を日本語に翻訳をお願いします。 J am happy to welcome you in my apartment in August. It is very clear, comfortable and you have a splendid view on Paris You said to me that you do not speak french (also I do not speak japonese) and english. However you write me in english and may be you read english language. Myself I do not speak fluent english. J suppose that you come to visit Paris. J can to help you to indicate which is to be visited. Do not hesitate to question about which is important for you. J will be happy to read you again よろしくお願いします。

  • 日本語に訳していただけないでしょうか?

    長文になりますが、おおまかで構わないので日本語に訳していただけないでしょうか? よろしくお願いいたします。 ………………………… In summer in the year before last, I received a mail from a person. I felt almost was make-up story but various thinks about you were written in it. I understood the contents and replied my promise not to relate with you. However, harassment to me started by your friends, staffs of (店名) and your friends I had never related and it has been continuing until now although it becomes not so often as before. Even some of my friends were harassed only because being with me. (店名) is your working place and a place for your friends to gather. I guess they hope me not to relate with you. Because I had been told about you sometimes, I had a complicated feeling when I received your message via facebook. I thought that I would select my human relation and it would be possible for me to be a friend with you but I can not be free from the wavering of my decision to relate with you as a friend if I visit (店名). I have to keep promise with your friends.... I do not know why your friends still stick to me. Because I have no relation with you now. I also have no relation with anyone who might have close relation with you. I do not know you have any engagement to such continuous sticking to me but I think it is a matter of mind of these people not of yours or mine. I am thankful to you for calling me your friend. However, considering my current position, I think that it would be difficult to be your friend. If you have good human relation now, I think that there would be no reason for you to keep on staying as my friend beyond it. What do you think about it? Please do not misunderstand. I do not take you into my confidence to hurt you. I want to tell you only why I have avoided you. If we have fate, we might be able to relate as ordinary friend.

  • 日本語に訳して欲しいです。

    Of course Your work is beautiful and that is what matters to me! Can we try that on a shirt for you? I'll tag you. If it sells, then I'll pay you to do more!! Can you email .png?

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    Although I want to be with you in Japan, I am scared about it. You said that the police would arrest you quickly and that worries me. If you get arrested and I live in Japan with you, what can I do? Where do I go? The thought that I may have to be alone and have no where to go scares me. Your parents do not like me, so I can't get help from them. This scares me very much. If we had children and the police arrested you, I would be alone with no one to help me. I am so scared by that thought. Also, during our whole relationship your anger has scared me. You are not a bad man, I know why you have become angry. But I am someone that cannot deal with anger well. I have bad panic attacks when you do become angry and become unable to talk with you. I am not calling you a bad person, you are a wonderful man. I just think our personalities do not react well. I know there is a woman out there that will compliment your personality better, a woman who does not panic when a problem happens. I just don't think our personalities go well together. I cause you to become angry easily and we both become hurt. I don't want to be hurt anymore. I am not blaming you or calling you a bad person. We both have our problems equally. When you become angry, I get very scared and stressed. Both of our personalities do not work well together. You deserve a woman that will not make you angry. I'm unsure what to say, do, or think. I just do not know anymore. I really hope you find a woman that works better with you. You deserve it. I think this is for the best. I am sorry I have been quiet lately, I have been thinking about this a lot.