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Again a victim of SGI has occurred. American singer Tina Tu...

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> We are calling on the Internet etc about the dangers of SGI, but it is very
> disappointing that it has not reached many people yet.
> という英文で問題ないでしょうか?

問題ないです。一言付け加えるならば、... it is very disappointing that ...とすると、発言者「個人の立場から見て」"とても残念に思う"、というニュアンスになります。これを ... it is extremely unfortunate that ... とすると、より「客観的な観点」から "とても不幸なことです"、といったニュアンスが強くなります。

We are calling on people through the internet etc. to be warned about the dangers of SGI, but it is extremely unfortunate that it has not reached many people yet.

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Please accept my sincere condolences.

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【sad】Tina Turner's son committed suicide

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  • 英訳添削願。English translation 英語

    Please correct the English translation. 英訳の添削お願いします。 People in English speaking countries, check if there is a mistake in the English translation, if there is anything wrong with the expression. 英語圏の国の方、英訳に間違いがないか、表現に違和感がないかをチェックしてください。   ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ "SGI (Soka Gakkai International)" 「SGI(創価学会インターナショナル)」 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ First Chairman "Makiguchi" and Second Chairman "Toda" 初代会長「牧口」と、第二代会長「戸田」 Why all of their descendants gone away SGI 彼らの全ての子孫がSGIを去った理由 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ The reason is that the doctrine about "Gohonzon" has become the opposite. その理由は「御本尊」についての教義が正反対になったからです。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ First Chairman "Makiguchi" and Second Chairman "Toda" The Two Chairmans believed in this way. 初代会長「牧口」と、第二代会長「戸田」 二人の会長は、このように信じていました。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Gohonzon must be appropriate, to the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. 御本尊は、日蓮大聖人の教えに適ったものでなければいけません。 If the most important Gohonzon is fake, it is not Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. 最も重要な御本尊が偽であれば、それは日蓮大聖人の仏法ではありません。 It is a big mistake to worship fake Gohonzon made by someone. 誰かが作った偽の御本尊を拝するのは大きな過りです。 Heresy Buddhism is worshiping fake Gohonzon. 異端の仏教は偽の御本尊を拝しています。 Worshiping fake Gohonzon makes us unhappy. 偽の御本尊を拝することは、私たちを不幸にします。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ But heresy Buddhism hides that it is a fake. しかし異端の仏教は、それが偽であることを隠しています。 Believers ask questions. 信者は質問します。 "I believe, but why can't I be happy?" 「私は信じますが、なぜ幸せになれないのですか?」 But heresy Buddhism says this to delude the believers. しかし異端の仏教は信者を欺くために、こう言います。 "That is because your faith is lacking." 「それはあなたの信仰が欠けているからです。」 "It is been test by demons to upset your faith." 「あなたの信仰を混乱させることは魔による試練です。」 Of course, this word is a lie. もちろん、この言葉は嘘です。 But ignorant believers believe in this word. しかし無知な信者は、この言葉を信じています。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ SGI took real Gohonzon photos. SGIは、本物の御本尊の写真を撮りました。 SGI has falsified the picture with a computer. SGIは、コンピュータでその写真を偽造しました。 SGI created the Gohonzon by printing the photo. SGIは、その写真を印刷して御本尊を作りました。 This is a fake Gohonzon that turned against the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. これは日蓮大聖人の教えに反した偽の御本尊です。 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 8 November 2015, SGI Chairman Harada said. 2015年11月8日、SGIの原田会長は述べました。 "SGI does not need Gohonzon of Nichiren Daishonin." 「SGIは日蓮大聖人の御本尊を必要としません。」 ”Gohonzon was made by SGI.” 「御本尊はSGIによって作られました。」 ”SGI worships Gohonzon created by SGI.” 「SGIは、SGIが作った御本尊を拝しています。」 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Perfectly SGI abandoned Nichiren Daishonin's faith. 完全にSGIは、日蓮大聖人の信仰を捨てました。 SGI has changed to a new religion that has nothing to do with Nichiren Daishonin's faith. SGIは、日蓮大聖人の信仰とは無関係の新しい宗教に変わりました。 However, SGI frequently uses Nichiren Daishonin's name and doctrines. しかし、SGIは日蓮大聖人の名前と教義をよく使います。 For that reason, many people think that SGI has Nichiren Daishonin's faith. そのため、SGIには日蓮大聖人の信仰があると多くの人が考えています。 An ignorant believer being deceived by SGI in this way. このように、無知な信者はSGIに騙されています。...

  • 和訳 英語

     和訳例をお願い致します。  Latin became an international language throughout the Roman Empire, but this was not because the Romans were more numerous than the people they conquered. They were simply more powerful. Later, when Roman military power declined, Latin remained for a millennium as the international language of education, (A) a different sort of powerーthe religious power of Roman Catholicism.  There is also the closest of links between language dominance and economic, technological, and cultural power. (B) a strong power-base, no language can make progress as an lnternational medium of communication. Language has no independent existence, living in some sort of mystical space apart from the people who speak it. When they succeed on the international stage, their language succeeds. When they fail, their language fails.  This point may seem obvious, but it need to be made, (C) over the years many popular and misleading beliefs have grown up about why a language should become internationally successful. It is quite common to hear people claim that an internationl language is an ideal model, on account of its literary qualities and clarity of expression. Hebrew, Greek,Latin, Arabic and French are among those which at various times have been praised in such terms, and English is no exception. It is often suggested, for example, that there must be something beautiful or logical about the structure of English itself, in order to explain why it is now so widely used. “It has less grammer than other languages,” some have suggested. This is intended to mean that the language is grammatically not so complicated compared with other languages, so it must be easier to learn.  Such arguments are wrong. Latin was once a major international language, (D) it seems grammatically much more complicated. A language does not become a global language because of its structural properties, or because of the size of its vocabulary, or because it was once associated with a great culture or religion. A language has traditionally become an international language for one chief reason: the power of its peopleーespecially their political and military power. 【設問】 (A) 1in spite of 2thanks to 3instead of 4at the expense of (B) 1With 2Without 3Because of 4As a result of (C),(D) 1so 2though 3because 4as a result スペルミス等があれば、ご指摘お願いします。...

  • alreadyの和訳と使い方について 英語

    Already the Directer of the Harvard International Seminor from 1952, he became a part of the faculty in the Departiment of Government and the Center for International Affairs in 1954. the Center for International Affairs:国際関係センター この文のalreadyは分詞構文?で完了が省略されているのでしょうか? また、どうやって訳すればよいですか? 全くわからなくて困っています。...

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    By 2080, global warming could result in one-fifth of the world’s lizard species becoming extinct, a global study has found. Even under the most optimistic scenarios for curbing carbon dioxide emissions, the analysis by an international team shows that one-fifth of the globe’s lizard populations, corresponding to 6% of all lizard species, may go extinct by 2050. “We’ve committed ourselves to that,” says Barry Sinervo, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who led the study. He and his colleagues found that climate change has already driven 12% of the populations of Mexico’s colourful Sceloporus lizards extinct since 1975. If emissions continue at current levels, he predicts that by 2080, 39% of the world’s lizard populations will have vanished, corresponding to a 20% loss in species. The study is published in Science this week. It’s a stunning finding, says Raymond Huey, an evolutionary physiologist at the University of Washington, Seattle, who wasn’t part of the study team. “Lizards are animals that should be very tolerant of climate warming,” he says. よろしくお願いします^^;...

  • 添削III 英語

    自分で和訳しました。 自分なりに和訳したのですが、自分の和訳に全く自信がありません。 なので、どなたか添削をよろしくお願い致します。 Although I did not own a television during the previous five years I had lived in the United States, I became a video addict in Japan. →私はアメリカに済んでいたけれども五年前はテレビをずっと認めていなかった、私は日本でビデオ依存症になった。 American movies dubbed in Japanese were my favorite study source. →アメリカの映画を日本語に吹き替えするのが私の一番の勉強の源だった。 There was little mystery about what the characters were likely to say because, as an American, I am reasonably attuned to how Americans think. →登場人物は何か言っているようだった、私はアメリカ人がどのように考えるかほどよく調和させるのが小さな秘密でだった。 And because the translation was from English, what was said was much less ambiguous for me than Japanese in a Japanese movie. →そして日本語の映画よりも私にとって英語からの翻訳の方が曖昧だった。 Aside from movies, I also utilized very simple dramas. →映画は別にして、私もまたとても簡単に劇を役立たせた。 They gave me basic information about Japanese home life as well. →彼らは日本語の家で同じくらい上手に生活することについて私に基本的な知識を与えた。 The plots of these dramas were so simple that I could understand the story even at the stage when I had almost no vocabulary. →私はほとんどが語彙ではないとき、これらの劇の構想を私はその段階でさえ物語をとても簡単に理解した。...