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They once took my son when he was small and drove him around and grilled him because they thought he was being abused. He had fallen and hit his face on a bleacher at the pool. My mom was there and saw the whole thing happen but pretended not to know. I worked for Child Protective Services at the time and was humiliated. But thank goodness, my son and I were interviewed, so we could prove nothing bad had happened. He had fallenとnothing bad hadのところはなぜ過去形ではなく過去完了なのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします


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1。He had fallenとnothing bad hadのところはなぜ過去形ではなく過去完了なのでしょうか?  いずれも過去の時点に「完了」して「結果」が出ていたことだからでしょう。  He had fallen はその倒れた「結果」が現れているから、いろいろと、「過去」に聞かれて居ました。 3。nothing bad hadのところも、「過去」に自分と息子が尋ねられた時、何も悪い「結果」は、なかった、と答えているからでしょう。





  • 過去完了

    My college-aged son and his male friend, "Randall," were staying with us at our vacation home this summer. This was the first time we had met Randall. we had metのところは過去完了なのはなぜでしょうか?過去形ではいけないでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 過去完了について

    "I met my hubby when we were both deployed overseas. The chow hall at our camp had this AMAZING chocolate cake that they served every few weeks. On my birthday he got me a WHOLE chocolate cake, and had somehow found frosting and wrote "Happy Birthday SunShinesForMe". had somehow found frostingのところはなぜ過去完了が使われているのでしょうか?あと、 chow hallとfrostingの意味も教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    和訳お願いします。 An old man died and left son a lot of money. But the son was a foolish young man, and he quickly spent all the money, so that soon he had nothing left. Of course, when that happened, all his friends left him. When he was quite poor and alone, he went to see Nasreddin, who was a kind, clever old man and often helped people when they had troubles. `My money has finished and my friends have gone, `said the young man. `What will happen to me now?` `don't worry, young man, `answered Nasreddin. `Everything will soon be all right again. Wait, and you will soon feel much happier.`

  • 過去完了

    1. When the old man was a child, he lived in China for three years.(なぜhad livedではいけないのでしょうか。ネイティブに聞いたら、had livedだと、"live in China" was before something else at the time "when the old man was a child," but we don't know what "something else is."とのこと。でも"for three years"とくれば、どうしても完了の継続を思い出してしまいます。それに次のような文章、 He had been in the hospital for a week when I called on him. やThey had lived in Brazil for ten years before they moved to Japan. という文章ではwas/livedではなく、なぜかhad been/had livedになっています。自分の想像では、恐らく、完了形の動詞(liveやbeen)とwhen/before以下の表現に何か解くカギが隠されているような気がしてなりませんがそれがなんだか分かりません。 2. The train had already started when he reached the station. や Mrs. Yamamoto had just cleaned up the kitchen when her husband came home with friends. よく学校の先生などが、完了の継続を図に表したりしますよね。あれは非常に分かりやすく、過去のある一点を基準にして例えば、それより3時間前からずっとそれが継続した、みたいな感じで。でも完了の経験や完了はいろいろ問題集を見ましたが、図で表してもよく分かりません。何かよい方法は無いでしょうか?(そもそも図で表すことが間違っているのでしょうか?あと、これはhad抜きで考えたら(過去形)駄目なんでしょうか? already/justがあるから無理やり過去完了で説明を終わらせていいのでしょうか? 3. そもそも「大過去」と「過去完了」の違いとは? 大過去=過去の過去 過去完了=過去のある一点を基準にして、それより前に起こった、完了・経験・継続? これではいまいちよく分かりません。

  • 過去完了じゃないの?

    ある参考書で、 I ( ) for three years when my son was born. 息子が産まれたとき、私はもうそこに三年間住んでいた。 とあり、答えは was living there でした。 僕はどうしても had been lived だと思うのですが、どうしてでしょうか

  • 過去完了について

    My now husband surprised me on Christmas Eve morning with a puzzle. He's a brilliant photographer and he had cut up my favourite picture that he's taken - and turned it into a huge puzzle. ここでhe had cut up my favourite pictureと過去完了が使われているのは、前のMy now husband surprised meよりも前の出来事(大過去)ということでいいでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 過去、過去完了、過去完了進行形

    下の3つの文はそれぞれ正しいですか。 和訳した場合、ニュアンスの違いを教えてください。 I bumped into one of my friends at the station.という文に続けて、 While I was chatting with her, someone "stole" my wallet.  While I was chatting with her, someone "had stolen" my wallet. While I "had been chatting" with her, someone "had stolen" my wallet. よろしくお願いします。

  • 現在完了

    My youngest brother spent about six years in prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a young woman he met at a bar. While he was in prison, we exchanged a few letters, but I did not go to visit him. He expressed remorse for what happened, and was receiving counseling in prison. He was released from prison earlier this year, and now lives about a 30-minute drive from where I live, so I've met him a few times for coffee or lunch. I've met himはなぜ過去形ではなく現在完了なのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 過去形か過去完了形か?

    過去形か過去完了形か? He was better off than I thought him to be. 私が思ったよりも彼は暮らしが楽だった。 これは有名な英文法書(英文法解説)の例文なのですが、 私はこの文は正確には He was better off than I had thought him to be. と従節を過去完了にすべきだと思うのですが、どうでしょうか? 有名な本の時制の一致の項目の例文なので、安易に自分で勝手に間違いだと決め付けることに躊躇があります。 何でもよいので意見をよろしくお願い致します。

  • 過去完了形

    オー・ヘンリの「罪と覚悟」の中の英文です。 The next morning Jimmy took breakfast at the Adamses. He was going to Little Rock that day to order his wedding-suit and buy something nice for Annabel. 【That would be the first time he had left town since he came to Elmore. 】 It had been more than a year now since those last professional "jobs," and he thought he could safely venture out. この中の 【That would be the first time he had left town since he came to Elmore.】について "he had left"の過去完了形を過去形の"left"にしてしまうと 意味がどのように違ってきてしまうのでしょうか? 過去完了形で書いている意味を知りたいです。 訳は「エルモアへ来てから、はじめてこの町を離れる日でもあった。」(大久保ゆう訳) になっています。