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Is Being Hard to Get the Secret to Dating?

  • Is being mysterious and hard to get the key to successful dating?
  • Many people believe that playing hard to get makes you more attractive
  • But is it worth sacrificing your authenticity and feminist values?


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"Kinda takes the mystery out." = "(It) kind of takes the mystery out." 「これで謎の一部が取り払われる/これで謎の一部分の説明がつく。」 https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=kind+of ここで「謎」とは、話者がいくら弱くて傷つきやすい女性の側面をさらけ出した(弱い女性を演じた)ところで(I've tried to be vulnerable and real)、相手の男は皆逃げ出して行ってしまう(this sends them running for the hills)ということです。 ではなぜそうなってしまうのか? それは彼女自身の問題というよりは(But it's just not who I am)、グーグル検索すれば彼女が男女同権主義者だということがすぐに分かってしまう、彼女が残してきた一連の作品の存在のせいなのです。






  • 意味を教えください

    I live in an apartment building and my elderly neighbor next door has a clock that plays music every 15 minutes and chimes on the hour (12 chimes for 12:00, etc.). I’m a graduate student in a really intense program, and the noise is maddening. I don’t like confrontation, and I tried tolerating it for a few months (studying in the library, etc.), but I learn best at home and hate feeling like I’m being chased out of it. I’ve complained to management, and while he’s lowered the volume, I can still hear it. It’s not loud enough to clearly register on a cellphone recording, but in person it’s audible. being chased out of itとregister on a cellphone recordingの意味を教えください。よろしくお願いします

  • 何と書いてあるのでしょうか?

     この文は、いったいなんですか?  なんて書いてあるのか知りたいのですが、教えてください。  It is ... to a thing reading this message.  I think that you who watch this are lucky. ... that ... this world does not have light than the person whom I do not take little it  ... that a person does not have a smile  It is you who watch this that hope saves few ... this world in living everything.  Value all the ... you living things which must not die, and ... you that ... you who will walk fate same as the present people if I neglect this message must not break a law of a country are ... till the day comes.  Leader / viki from the future 

  • わからない英文があります

    下記のMとJの会話文の最後にJが言ったIt’s gonna take a lot more than a rejection from a soft girl to get this guy downの意味を教えてください。 M: It turns out that when she said she likes Jackson, she meant she likes President Andrew Jackson. And I mean come on, who doesn’t? J: So she doesn’t like me? M: No. When she heard that I thought she meant you, she laughed so hard … J: She laughed? M: Not really a laugh, it was more like a little giggle, little titter, like ‘he he he’, but less. J: I get it. M: Come on Jackson, it’s not like you cared anywayz. J: You’re right, I didn’t. I mean, I was just trying to be nice, ‘cause … ‘cause that’s totally the kinda guy I am. It’s gonna take a lot more than a rejection from a soft girl to get this guy down.

  • 英文 訳すのを手伝ってください。

    (1)I really believe-and I've believed this f-from the beginning, not, this is not something, some revelation from the last week or so-that the tablet market would eventually surpass the PC market. (2)And I think everybody, kind of, heard that in the beginning, kinda, laughed that off and said, "No away." You know? There were many naysayers and so forth out there. Today I think there's a lot more believers in that.  (1)not, this is not something, some revelation from the last week の部分なんですが、notはthis is not somethingとsome revelation from the last week を否定しているのですか? some revelation from the last week 先週から気づいていたを否定して先週から気づいていなかった ここはなんとなくわかるのですが、 this is not somethingの部分 これはなにかがないの否定でなにかがないわけでもない と訳すのですか? (2) And I think everybody, kind of, heard that in the beginning, kinda この部分が訳せなくて困っています。 everybody,kind ofが主語でheardが動詞ですか? kindaは副詞ですか?

  • どのような意味でしょうか

    This is a fairly straightforward situation, but I’m not sure how to handle it. I’ve met a sweet guy, and we’ve exchanged numbers and have already gone on a first date. We have our second date tomorrow night, and three days after that, I’m having a laparoscopic (small incisions, in and out in a few hours) surgery. in and out in a few hoursはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • どのような意味でしょうか

    I have a college friend who is getting married this fall. (I found out about the engagement from a mutual friend and a subsequent email blast from the engaged friend.) I haven’t really spoken to Engaged Friend in the last year due to a history of minor slights and her overall sense of entitlement. (Honestly, I’ve always known she had the potential to be an awful person, but I disregarded it because I wasn’t on the receiving end.) At the wedding, I’d be one of the few attendees who knows that the groom was engaged to another woman two years ago and used Engaged Friend as a rebound. Knowing their history and Engaged Friend’s general bad behavior doesn’t put me in a celebratory mood. I don’t mind just sitting this one out, but I am concerned I will lose our mutual friend if I don’t attend. (She asked me to coordinate flights and hotel arrangements for the wedding weekend.) I don’t know how to explain I’m not attending without speaking ill of Engaged Friend, and I’m really just over the situation. over the situationはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • take the spot of

    I am a straight woman who recently moved to the U.S. In order to make friends, I joined a softball team. I found a team that was described as “feminist”; I later found out that it was a lesbian team. (I don’t mean that it is gay-friendly, I mean that it is specifically for lesbians and bisexual women.) I am wondering if I need to tell my teammates that I’m straight. I don’t want to take the spot of an actual gay woman, but I feel like if I leave, I am letting the team down and it could be perceived as homophobic. I like the women on my team, who have all been very friendly to me, but I worry they might be angry that I am taking the spot of a bona fide lesbian or bisexual woman. ここで出てくるtake the spot ofはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 英文の意味

    I'm asking you to come to live in my palace, not as a servant but as my friend and confidante. I badly need someone who will not simply tell me what I want to hear, and I know you are that person. 発話者は信頼できる人を自分の側に置いておきたいようですが、この I badly ... 以降が意味しているのは、単なる情報提供者は要らないみたいなことでしょうか。 お手数かけますが、ご教示頂ければ幸いです。宜しくお願い致します。

  • 意味を教えてください

    I went to high school with a bunch of privileged, wealthy assholes who grew up to be more of the same. I grew up to be someone who doesn’t take shit, and I feel like the chip on my shoulder that’s been there since I was 13 is what’s keeping me from breaking down right now. grew up to be more of the sameとdoesn’t take shitの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

  • thatが文頭にくる場合・・接続詞?

    that についてお聞きしたいことがあります。 And I cannot bear to think of her being mistress of this house! That I should be forced to make way for her and live to see her take my place in it! この that は文法的にどういう働きをしているのでしょうか? お願いします。

  • RD-2000の鍵盤部で最近ガタガタという金属音がする
  • 金属フレームを抑えると音が鳴らなくなるため、何かが干渉している可能性
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