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After your 19 city tour, in support of “Detour”, what’s next for Cyndi? I am currently busy with Detour release. Then there is the tour coming in May to support the album. We just announced the second leg of the tour for the West Coast which will keep me busy till the fall. I will be in UK & Europe this summer, then also making plans to tour Japan and Australia in 2017. I am working on another musical which I am pretty excited about. Kinky Boots is keeping me quite the busy too, Kinky Boots just won 3 Oliver Awards for the West End production and it’s opening in Australia, Japan, Germany, Sweden and is already in Toronto and Seoul so I need to stay on top of that. Of course I have my family to take care of so it’s a pretty full life. 長文ですが、宜しくお願い致します。


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 「デツアー(回り道)」を支持して十九都市を回るツアーの後、シンディーは次に何を  今のところデツアーのチラシで忙しい。五月にはアルバム関係のツアーがある。いま西海岸のツアーの続きの公表をしたばかりで、秋まではこれで忙しい。  イギリスやヨーロッパにはこの夏行く、その後2017年には日本やオーストラリアに行く計画だ、もう一つのミュージカルに取り掛かって、熱を上げているところだ。  キンキーブーツの方でも忙しい。ウェストエンドの公演で、キンキーブーツはオリバー賞を3個獲得したばかりで、オーストリア、日本、ドイツ、スエーデンで公演の予定だ、  もうトロントとソウルには行っているので、私が遅れているわけにはいかない。もちろん私の家族の面倒も見なくてはならないので、暇なしってところ。



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    'He's a bum': Cyndi Lauper unloads on Donald Trump as she opens Kinky Boots in Australia よろしくお願いします!

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    In a new interview, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has claimed that he isn't angry at Chester Bennington for replacing him in STP. He also claimed he is still an owner of the STP name. Weiland said, “I've known Chester for a long time. I got to be pretty close to him on the (2001) Family Values Tour…I don't think Chester did it in a spiteful way. I'm sure, I mean, the brothers DeLeo can be pretty persuasive.” He added, “My feelings were definitely hurt because it wasn't something that was handled right at all…I don't think that it was smart for them to do that…I've played with them for a long time. But then on another side of it, I can't say that I’m that surprised. There's things that have happened in the past that are somewhat similar…so I guess nothing is totally shocking. But I am surprised…at what they did and without checking the legality of it, how they just decided to go and use the (band) name and go and hire another singer and start playing shows with a name that I still am an owner of.”

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    It is also a request to respect this union (marriage). My job is to be a provider and try my best to do so. I might not be making a ton of money, but I am trying and continuing to look. Just up and leaving a job is not the answer and is not what a man should do.

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    Scott Weiland's Purple At The Core Tour Is Over Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland's Purple at the Core tour has finally come to an end. The tour was also called The Purple to the Core tour. Weiland and his backing band the Wildabouts kicked off the tour on February 28th in Detroit, a day after he had been fired from STP. The final date of the tour came on September 14th in Utica, New York. Weiland has two upcoming tour dates: November 30th in Mount Pocono, PA and December 3rd in New York City at the City Winery. Neither show is being advertised as a Purple at the Core show, and guitarist Doug Grean has reportedly told a fan on BelowEmpty.com that the tour is over. The description for the Mount Pocono show reads, “Join us for an evening with Rock Superstar and lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland.” Take a look back at The Purple At The Core tour below.

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    The guitar-less hard rock band Crash Kings were the last band to support STP before the original lineup’s demise, opening for the band during their fall 2012 tour dates. According to frontman Anthony Believeau in a new interview with Alternative Addiction, any sense of unity between STP frontman Scott Weiland and the rest of the band was completely absent during the tour.

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    I love pretty much any kind of music, I like watching both American and foreign films and TV shows. I totally understand if your English is incorrect, but you are already past me in learning. I am only a beginner of Japanese and can't create sentences that well. So I'm sorry for any incorrect grammar in the future 宜しくお願い致しますm(__)m

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    丸投げですみませんがよろしくお願いします。 From the behavior of macromolecules among themselves, we moved quite naturally to the problem of their behavior toward other substances, notably solid grains in suspension, which led us to the science of colloids, or suspensions of fine particles. More about those later. “TO LEAVE IS TO DIE A LITTLE”(E.HARAUCOURT) I have just described the chronological evolution of our group, perhaps in a way that is too utopian. In truth, switching fields is not as easy as I made it sound, even for a theorist. It means some three years of work, each time, just to come up to speed For an experimentalist, the prospect is even more daunting. He also has to contend with a traumatic change in instrumental expertise, a completely new set of scientific apparatus. To change disciplines is to leave one scientific community for another. Often, these communities have different languages, different books, different instruments. Just about everything is different. Still, I am happy to have participated and helped in two or three such changes.

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    In July, a tour was announced featuring both bands in a pairing that's oddly appropriate: in 2006 Patrick played in a supergroup with Dean and Robert DeLeo of STP, called Army Of Anyone. Bennington, with his band Linkin Park, used to cover “Wish” live; the video for the Grammy-winning Nine Inch Nails song featured Patrick on guitar. The two sat down with The Hollywood Reporter before the bands' Sept. 9 bow in Boston to talk about the tour, new music, working with the DeLeo brothers, and why Bennington is a good fit for STP.

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    下記の英文になります。 よろしくお願い致します。 Thanks for the mail,i would like you to know that the item is needed urgently by an important client of mine in Nigeria. I am ready to buy it and would be making the payment through the my bank's Escrow service in beneficiary to your account. All i require in order to proceed with the payment is the total cost which includes the shipping cost of the item through EMS to my client in Nigeria alongside your account details of who and where the payment transfer is to be made in beneficiary to.Below is my clients address for the shipment after the payment is approved by bank.

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    How did this tour come together? Richard Patrick: I heard about it and said to Dean [DeLeo], “Hey, Dean: take me on tour!” [laughs] And he asked the guys, came back and said, “Everyone says this is good!” Chester Bennington: Pretty much. We wanted this tour to be a really good experience for our fans; and we had been struggling to find bands, the right band, to make it awesome. So when Dean came to rehearsal, we were at Robert’s house recording, and said, “Richard said that they would go out with us.” I was. like, “F---, yeah!” That is exactly what we want and what we need for this tour.