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1.最近、認知症に関する話題が多い Recently, there are many topics on dementia. 2.3月初旬、最も関心を集めたのはのは、列車事故に関する最高裁判所の判断である Early in this March, one of most drawing attention from people was Top Court judgement on rail way accident. 3.約10年前、愛知県に住む認知症の男性が列車にはねられて死亡した Almost 10 years ago, an Aichi Prefecture man was hit and killed by a train. He was suffering from dementia when he killed by a train. 4.事故の為に、JR東海に損害が生じ、約720万円の損害賠償を遺族に求めた Due to accident, railway company suffered about 7million yen. So company demanded his wife and eldest son the suffered money. 5.しかし、最高裁が請求を棄却した The Supreme Court rejected the demand. 6.今回のケースでは、この男性の妻も高齢者で、息子は同居していなかったからである In this particular case, his wife was also elderly and his son was not living with him. 7.この最高裁判決は、認知症高齢者を介護する家族らの不安を和らげた This judgment made many families who take care of elderly patients suffering from dementia lessen their worry. 8.しかし損害に対し、だれが責任を負うのかは明らかでない But it is not clear who should bear the responsibility for an accident. 9.現在日本には520万人の認知症高齢者がいる The number of elderly dementia patients is now total 5.2 million. 10.2025年には推計700万人に増加する It is expected to increase to 7 million by 2025. 11.今回のような事故が頻発する恐れがある Accidents similar may occur frequently in the future. 12. だれが損害賠償金をはらうのか  新しい保険制度が望まれる Who should pay the suffered money for an accident. New insurance systems is anxious to come out. 以上、宜しくお願い致します。


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 #1です。補足です。 >>私の英語で文法的な間違いは、なかったでしょうか?  僕は英語の先生でも、ネイティブでもないので、分かりません。  2のTop Court judgement の前には、「鉄道に関する」などといろいろな修飾がついているので定冠詞をつけるのが常道かと思います。  drawing attention も attention drawing が自然な語順でしょう。同じような語順の問題は、11の Accidents similar よりも similar accidents が自然ですが「間違い」というほどでもないと思います。  3の場合、認知症が事故の時だけの一持的な状態、という印象を読者に与えかねない問いう危惧もありました。  4の Due to accident, も特定の列車事故ですから accident の前に定冠詞があったほうがいいような気がします。  5、これは rejected the demand よりも専門的な法律用語が欲しいところです。  繰り返しますが、よく訳されていると思います。



>繰り返しますが、よく訳されていると思います。 少し、自信がついてきました 詳しく丁寧な説明、ありがとうございました m(_ _)m


  • 英作文の添削をお願いします。

    State what I think is necessary to support elderly living alone. First, the elderly family should live together. If you find it difficult to live together because you have a home or work, you may want to use a public watch service. In particular, elderly people with dementia usually eat rotten food, and even when it is hot, they usually become dehydrated without using an air conditioner. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to create a state in which care professionals can be contacted daily or regularly by using a service such as a care facility or a home care service. is important. Second, use the adult guardianship system. As you get older, your ability to make judgments begins to decline. Furthermore, if you suffer from dementia, your daily judgment becomes more difficult. Elderly people with inadequate judgment may need help, such as managing their own money or contracting for nursing care services. Being involved in troubles that lead to disadvantageous contracts is also a social problem. I think it is necessary to use an adult guardianship system that supports money management and contracts necessary for daily life on behalf of such elderly people who have insufficient ability to make judgments. The third is to provide life support such as “watching” for elderly people living alone. Recently, the number of local connections and family relationships are increasing, and the ability to support each other is decreasing. For this reason, I thought it necessary for private and local volunteers to visit the elderly's homes regularly to confirm their safety. 日本語の文章↓ 私が1人暮らしの高齢者を支援するために必要だと思うことを述べます。 まず第1に、高齢者の家族が一緒に暮らすことです。もし自分にも家庭があったり、仕事があったりという理由で、同居が難しい場合は、公的な見守りサービスを活用すると良いでしょう。特に、認知症がある高齢者は、腐っているものを食べてしまったり、暑くてもエアコンを使わずに脱水症になってしまったりするおそれがあります。そのような事態を回避するには、家族が一緒に住むか、介護施設や訪問介護などのサービスを利用して、介護の専門家が毎日、あるいは定期的に接触するような状態をつくることが大切です。 第2に、成年後見人制度を利用することです。高齢になると、どうしても判断能力が衰え始めます。さらに認知症を患ってしまうと、日常的な判断はさらに難しくなります。判断能力の不十分なご高齢者は、ご自身の金銭の管理や介護サービスなどの契約を行うことなど手助けが必要となる場合があります。不利益な契約を結ばせるトラブルに巻き込まれてしまうことは、社会問題にもなっています。このような判断能力の不十分な一人暮らしのご高齢者に代わって、日常生活に必要な金銭の管理や契約などを支援する成年後見制度を活用していくことが必要だと思います。 第3に、1人暮らしの高齢者の「見守り」などの生活支援を行うことです。最近では、地域のつながりの減少や家族関係が希薄な場合が増え、地域の支え合う力が低下しているのが現状です。そのため、民間や地域のボランティアが、高齢者の自宅を定期的に訪問し、安否確認をすることが必要だと思いました。

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    1.3月8日に国立大学の合格発表があった On March 8, there was an announcement of entrance examination of national university. 2.F君は昨年国内最難関と言われるA大学を受験したが失敗した Last year, my friend A failed the entrance examination of A university which is often referred to as the highest level university in Japan. 時世の一致で、isよりもwasかな? 3.彼の家は経済的に二浪を許す余裕はなかった His family could not afford to give him second failure. 4.それで今年は少しランクの下がるB大学を受験し、合格する事ができた So, this year, he take an entrance exam to B university which is referred to as slightly easier for entrance compared to A university. low level では失礼ですよね 5.いずれにしろ、AもBも日本ではトップクラスの大学だ Anyway, both A&B are top class universities in Japan. 6.たぶん彼は今達成感に浸っている事だろう Probably, I suppose he is now immersed himself in a sense of achievement. 以上です。宜しくお願い致します。

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    1)The boy has to be {looked after} by you. 2)There's been an accident.A man {is hurt}.He is bleeding badly. 3)The art of Van Gogh was not fully {appreciated} while he was alive. 4)It goes without saying that my mother is {satisfied with} the news. {}内の添削をお願いします。 解説も加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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 #1です。補足です。昼飯に呼ばれたのでそっけない書き込みになってしまい済みません。  全体よく訳していらっしゃるので通じます。認知症をアルツハイマーにしたのは、ディメンシア(アメリカではちょっとお高くとまっている感じ)より普通に使われるからです。  二、三まとめたのは、こういうのがわかりやすいと思ったからです。



早速の回答、有り難うございました。 私の英語で文法的な間違いは、なかったでしょうか?

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1. The are recent traffic accidents caused by Altzheimer patients. 2. What attracted much attention in early March was the Japan's Highest Court decision on a train accident. 3. About ten years ago an Altzheimer patient in Aichi Prefecture died in a train accident. 4. Because of the accident Japan Railway Tokai demanded (the patient's family) about 7.2 million yen for the damage. 5, 6. But the high court dismissed the claim, because in this case, the wife of the deceased was old and the son was not living in the same household. 7. The court decision was comforting to those who are caretakers of the patients. 8. But it does not clarify who should pay for the damage. 9,10,11. Currently there are 5.2 million senior Altzheimer patients in Japan, and the figure will increase to 7 million by 2025, indicating that it is likely that similar accidents could occur more frequently. 12. A new insurance regulation is needed to specify who should pay for the damage.



  • 英訳しました。添削お願いします。

    「信じていたのに裏切られた」と言う人は、「信じる」という行為への考え方が私とは違うのだと思う。そういう人は、自分で責任を持って考えなきゃいけないことを放棄して、誰かを「信じる」ことで安心したいのだろう。 本当の「信じる」ってことはそうではないと思う。誰かを信じるってことは、「この人でダメだったら仕方がない」「裏切られたら信じた自分の責任だ」と覚悟を決めること。 そういう風に、信じたい。 I think my views about a "trusting" act are different from ones of those who say "Even though I trusted, I was betrayed". Those people would give up what to think responsibly and want to feel at ease by trusting someone. I think true "trusting" is not that. Trusting someone is being prepared for "it cannot be helped if this person is hopeless" or "I am responsibile if I am betrayed by someone who I trusted". I want to believe in that way.

  • 自由英作の添削をお願いします

    もう前期試験まで一週間もないのですが、心残りなので時間がある時にでもお願いします。 阪大の2008年度の自由英作文の問題です。 Is a lie always bad? Why or why not? Answer in English in around 70 words. I don't think a lie is always bad. Because a man is happy by a lie in some cases. For example, a man was suffer from a cancer. He was getting weaken. When he asked his doctor about his cancer's situation, however, his doctor answered he was getting recovering. Of course, what his doctor said is a lie, but he was happy. A lie made him happy. よろしくお願いします。

  • 和文英訳です。

    訳出お願いします 話題は尽きず、多岐におよんだ。どんな話をしても飽きることがなかった。彼は7歳ほど年上のようだが身なりやちょっとした仕草の端々に品格と知性が感じられる。 自分でも訳してみたので添削or感想もいただけると嬉しいです。 We had a lot of topics to talk and talked about various matters. Whatever we talked about, we weren't bored. Looking his clothes and his behavior, he, who was seven years older than I was, came across as polite and intelligent.

  • 和文英訳です。添削を宜しくお願い致します

    8月31日、札幌で中学生の英語弁論大会が開催された。 August 31, English speech contest of Junior High school was held in Sapporo. 参加した中学校は17校で、各校から二名の代表がスピーチした。 The junior high schools which participated in the competition were 17 and two representatives gave a speech from each school. 孫がスピーチするのを知って、家内と一緒に観にいった。 My wife and I went to public hall for support as we knew our grand sun would have speech. 観客は大部分が中学生徒たちであり、父兄の観客は非常に少なかった。 The audience were mainly junior high school students and parents and grandparents were very few. 孫のスピーチタイトルは「世界平和への架け橋」だった。 The speech title of my grandson was ”A bridge to the world peace”. 4分近くのスピーチを途切れる事無く、見事に成し遂げた。 He achieved the speech fluently for nearly four minutes. しかし、他の演説も皆流暢だった。 But not only my grandson, almost all speaker accomplished fluently. その上、ネイティブに近い発音でスピーチする生徒が多かった。 There were many students who gave a speech by the pronunciation that was near to a native. 話の内容から判断して、何人かは海外居住の経験がある様だった。 Judging from the contents of their speech, it seems that some of them had experience staying abroad. 34名がスピーチしたが、29名が三年生で残り5名は二年生である。 The total of speaker was 34 students and 29 were 3rd grade at junior night school. The rest 5 was 2nd grade. 孫は入賞できなかったが、まだ二年生である。 My grandson couldn’t get the winning prize. But he is now 2nd grade. 来年の弁論大会にもぜひ参加して貰いたいものである。 I want him to participate in a speech contest of the next year by all means. 以上です。宜しくお願いします。

  • 訳をお願いします。(2)

    Former WWF superstar the Warlord (Terry Szopinski) is sueing Pizza Hut. The suit stems from a 1996 incident where Szopinski alleges his car was struck from behind by a Pizza Hut delivery person. Because of this accident Szopinski claims he can never wrestle against due to back and neck injuries which he suffered. Szopinski is seeking $1,000,000 in damages. よろしくお願いします・・・。m(__)m

  • 英訳お願いします。

    He was safely indoors with his old friend who was pretending to be younger than his years by rolling on to his back and letting his front paws flop helplessly. He wanted his chest tickled. As Peter began to move his fingers lightly through the fur, the rumbling noise grew louder, so loud that every bone in the old cat's body rattled. And then, William stretched out a paw to Peter's fingers and tried to draw them up higher. Peter let the cat guide his hand. `Do you want me to tickle your chin?' he murmured. But no. The cat wanted to be touched right at the base of his throat. Peter felt something hard there. It moved from side to side when he touched it. Something had got trapped in the fur. Peter propped himself on an elbow in order to investigate. He parted the fur. At first he thought he was looking at a piece of jewellery, a little silver tag. But there was no chain, and as he poked and peered he saw that it was not metal at all. but polished bone, oval and flattened in the centre, and most curiously of all, that it was attached to William Cat's skin. The piece of bone fitted well between his forefinger and thumb. He tightened his grip and gave a tug. William Cat's purr grew even louder. Peter pulled again, downwards, and this time he felt something give.

  • 添削お願いします。

    Goethe wrote the poem in 1770, and it believes that this poem was addressed to Lotte Frederica Lissetten who is a friend with Goethe's sister to farewell her. It is an example that Goethe wrote in early years and not too complicated verse. 「ゲーテは1770年にその詩を書かれ、この詩はゲーテがゲーテの姉妹との友だちであるLotte Frederica Lissettenに別れを告げるために書かれた信じられています。これはゲーテが初期に書いた例であり、あまり複雑な詩ではありません。」 *はじめの文の構成なのですが「この詩はLotte Frederica Lissetten宛に書かれた、別れを告げるために」という風にしています。 addressed to=~宛に としています。 こちらの英文を添削して欲しいです。よろしくお願いします。

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    外国の方へ向けて発信するメッセージです。 おかしい所があれば教えて下さい。 日本の地震の事について少しここで伝えさせて下さい。 Let me tell you a little about the earthquake in Japan. 3月11日に発生した地震で日本では死者・行方不明者併せて2万人を超えました。 The number of deceased and missing persons caused by the earthquake which took place on March 11 is over 20,000 in Japan. その中には自分以外全ての家族が亡くなった小学生がいます。 There is an elementary school pupil who lost his entire family. 愛する妻と生まれたばかりの我が子が火事で亡くなった男性が居ます。 There is a man who lost his beloved wife and his newly born baby with a fire. 長年連れ添った夫が車ごと津波に連れ去られた女性が居ます。 There is a woman whose husband of many years was swept away by tsunami with his car. 自分が見ている前で妻が津波に連れ去られた男性が居ます。 There is a man whose wife was taken away by tsunami in front of his very eyes. そして、地震の影響で計画的な停電が行われた為 信号機が機能せず 事故で亡くなった男性が居ます。 And there is a man who was killed by a car accident because of a nonfunctioning traffic light due to a planned blackout to save the electricity which was affected by the earthquake. また原子力発電所でも多くの問題があり、被爆の可能性が高い中作業している人々が居ます。 Or the nuclear power plants have so many problems that there are some who are obliged to work in the area where they could be exposed to radiation with higher possibility. 多くの日本人は悪夢を見ている様だと話します。私もその1人です。 Many Japanese say that it's like a nightmare. And I'm one of them. 本当にここが日本なのか?と思う程の惨状です。 Are we really in Japan? One may wonder now in this tragedy. 日本人の私が日本への支援を呼び掛ける事で不快な思いをする方が居るかもしれません。 Because I'm a Japanese, there may be some who feel discomfort that I should call for supports from other countries to Japan. 外国の方に頼るだけでなく、私たち日本人も復興に向けて協力して頑張ります。 We Japanese will not just depend on other countries, but will do our best to rebuild our country. だから、もし宜しければ日本が復興する為の手助けをして下さい。 So please give us your helping hands. 危険をかえりみず救助活動をしている米軍はじめ各国の救助隊の方に感謝します。 I am so grateful to the US Army and rescue teams from other countries to risk their lives to save the victims.

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    His speech is only about 17 minutes. After the Emancipation Proclamation, although many black people were still suffering, his speech was started to move toward the solution of racial segregation. 「スピーチはたったの17分です(でした。)奴隷解放宣言後も多くの黒人が苦しんでいましたが、彼のスピーチは人種差別の解決へと向かって進み出しました。」 (奴隷解放宣言後も解決しなかった人種差別問題が、彼のスピーチで解決へと進み出した。) *過去にあったスピーチの動画を見てレポートを書いているのですが、その場合はisと現在形を使うのでしょうか?(His speech is only about 17 minutes. ) 過去形か悩んだのですが、日本語に沿ってisにしました。 *最後の日本語文は少し分かり難かったかもしれないので、別の日本語訳をつけました。「」内の日本語をもとに英語にしています。 こちらの英文の添削をお願いします。

  • 英文添削をお願いします。

    英語の再勉強中です。 英文を作成しましたので添削をお願いします。 There was also an affair today. Of course, that result was our big boss. After our boss reported his work to him, he took a joke, ‘the man who gave me this info told me that this is so expensive.’ This word aroused him and yelled. Then he himself called on the man who said it and clamed about it like child in the presence of us. It was really unbelievable scene. There is a problem wherever he is.