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A lonely, old fisherman sets out daily in his small boat to fish in the Gulf Stream off Cuba. He has gone 84 days without catching anything. Around noon, his fishing line is tugged in his hand. The weight of the fish is incredible. The huge fish dives deep, and pulls the boat further and further from land. The old fisherman begins to talk to the fish he cannot see. " I really like you. I respect you. " The fish keeps swimming deep in the water. On the second day since hooking the fish, the old fisherman eats his fill of raw tuna. Suddenly, in front of the boat, the fish surfaces. It has a long, pointed upper jaw...it's a gigantic marlin. " This fish is my friend. But I must kill it. " The old man's happiness is to kill the fish that has become as close as a brother to him. On the third day, the sun rises. The old man is practically dizzy with exhaustion. With his remaining strength, he harpoons the fish, which seems to weigh more than 1500 pounds. He ropes the dead fish to the side of his small boat, and begins his trip home. Sharks attack his fish all along the route home. At last, he manages to get back to port that night. Nothing remains of the gigantic marlin but the skeleton and tail. So runs the story of Ernest Hemingway's (1899-1961) classic tale, The Old Man and The Sea.


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孤独な高齢の漁師が、キューバからのメキシコ湾流で釣りをするために毎日小さいボートを出す。彼は84日も出かけたが何も釣れない。正午ごろに、彼の手の中の釣り糸が強く引かれる。魚の重さは信じられないほどだ。その巨大な魚は、深く潜り込み、ボートを陸からより遠くへと引っぱる。 高齢の漁師は、見えない魚に話しはじめる。「わしは本当にお前が好きだ。わしはお前を尊敬する。」魚は水中深く泳ぎ続けている。魚をつなぎ留めて2日目に、高齢の漁師は生のマグロをしこたま食べる。突然、ボートの前に魚が浮上する。それは長くとがった上あごを持っている…巨大なマカジキである。「この魚はわしの友だちだ。しかし、わしはそれを殺さねばならん。」兄弟と同じくらい近しくなった魚を殺すこと、それが老人の幸福なのである。 3日目、太陽が昇る。老人は、極度の疲労で実に困惑している。残っている力をふりしぼって魚を銛でしとめる。それは1500ポンド以上の重さがあるようだ。彼は、死んだ魚を彼の小さいボートの側弦にロープで縛り、家への旅を始める。家へ向かう途中ずっとサメが彼の魚を突っつく。ついに、その夜どうにかして港へ戻る。巨大なマカジキは、骨と尾ひれを残して何も残っていない。アーネスト・ヘミングウェイ(1899年-1961年)の古典的な物語『老人と海』の物語はそう続いている。



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    翻訳を宜しくお願いします。 He has the ability to rise from the ashes of the past and makes use of the hard times in the strength of his character. He is loyal and faithfulness. H is capable of great devotion, whether it is to love, or to some enduring interest, cause, faith or lifework. He has the subconscious desire to build up in his life the things he feels were missing in his childhood. Thus if he had a poor childhood and a grim home, he will build wealth and luxury into his house. If he was lonely, he will seek to populate his life with acquaintances and call them friends. This, underlying desire to have what he never had in childhood and this will dictate many of his unconscious motives though he cannot see it. He is intuitive, with a need to express his feelings to someone special. If he allows his intuition to guide him he can do well. Works best under stress, or demand, when he doesn’t have time to think or plan, as his impulsive and quick intuitive decisions are better than his carefully thought out ones. t H His weakness is he allows unrealistic dreams to blunt his perception of the reality he faces.

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    どなたか翻訳をしていただけないでしょうか? 宜しくお願いします。 He is patient, dedicated, methodical in all he does. Very excellent in his work and ways, and will gain renown in his own field of life Likes to feel he has a purpose He has strong forebodings which do not materialize. However he does seem ambitious to advance himself, to get a better life, or to become free of difficulties. He is interested in the attaining of intellectual knowledge and while he uses it to help others he is idle or impractical or unassertive in using it to help himself, and advances very little in life, He could be parasitic, wasteful or carried by others. For he doesn’t seem to get personal power or position despite his high intelligence. Ends up doing what others want him to, or else evading and shipping out. He has a sense of duty but doesn't like responsibility. A passive dreamy nature. He is a clever and spiritual man. He is sympathetic and imaginative. Kind and generous. But escapist, never satisfied with life and prefers to retreat or escape from the realities of it in one way or another. Thus he has a weak side to his character that may need strengthening if he is to make the most of his opportunities in life. He is mildly mediumistic and may be interested in psychic and occult subjects. An uncommon person, spiritually inclined, mystical and yet well accepted.

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    In addition to questions of institutional authority and historical precedent, the personal qualities of the first three Tokugawa shoguns did much to confirm their family’s power. All of them were cautious and hard-working men who, although they surrounded themselves with capable advisers, nevertheless reserved the right to make final decisions. Hidetada appears somewhat prim and colorless in comparison with the other two, but there two, but there is no doubt of his administrative ability. Iemitsu is alleged to have been imperious and capricious. He certainly behaved like a strong ruler and it was in his time that the bakufu's control system was ‘perfected’; but whether he was really moody or not – or whether even if he were, this in any way affected the issues at stake – is hard to say.

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    以下の文章を翻訳お願いします He has a negative side that is proud and sullen. Too proud to admit when his ambitions are falling or brining ruin on him. He struggles on, but not stupidly or blindly. He try’s to salvage himself, help himself. He admits to himself he is going down, but not to others. One who harbors jealousies and can be sometimes spiteful. Quick tempered, but not so much with people, it is more when everything goes badly or goes wrong, or when he makes mistakes. He gets angry at objects, situations, may slam the door, or slam things down. The incompetence of others also angers or irritates him. He can become unapproachable and lonely when angry. He brings many troubles on himself by this. One who has both good an evil fortunes. An interest in the history of times and places and the making of new chapters in the destiny of his life. His circumstance have made his life not a fixed one. and he will have encountered many interesting changes of friends partners, work and environments before he finally settles down. He is generous to those close or those he wants to impress. but sometimes wasteful, buys foolish possessions, that belong to some impractical ideal in his head. Or is impulsively foolish at a time when he has little to be impulsive with..

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    Among fish, the swordfish is the king of kings. The swordfish, leaping out of the water with its upper jaw like a spear, represents the ultimate in sport fishing. Technically, the swordfish is unrelated to the tuna, but its body resembles that of a tuna, and in Japan it is called a "swordfish tuna." Americans enjoy the light flavor of swordfish meat. In Japan, "true tuna" is more highly prized than swordfish. Toro, the oily meat taken from the belly of the tuna, is considered unbelievably expensive by Europeans and Americans. In Japan until the 1930s, the more lightly flavored red meat from the spine of the tuna was more expensive than toro. This "reversal of fortune" simply shows how tastes change, because no logical explanation for the fact is possible. In Japan, there are three ways to eat fish at its best: raw,grilled, and simmered. The freshest fish is eaten raw, fish that is slightly past its prime is grilled, and less fresh fish is simmered. Really fresh fish is best eaten raw, and the island nation of Japan can boast the freshest of fish. The Japanese language gave the world "sashimi" to the international community years ago. A survey was conducted to determine the popularity of tuna in New York, Paris, and Tokyo. The popularity was the same for Tokyoites and New Yorkers, but Parisians did not much care for tuna. It just did not have the same high quality associations as the white meat of sole. Wild red sea bream is considered a high-quality fish in Japan, but is not popular in Southeast Asia and southern China because its hard bones make it difficult to eat. If you want to know where to get your favorite fish cheap, you should know something about national characteristics. In terms of price, tuna is best in France, and red sea bream is best in Southeast Asia. A certain gourmet made himself sashimi in Kuwait. It was a fine fish, but the sashimi lacked flavor for him. He noticed that the meat had no fat in it, so he added some oil to the sashimi. As a result, it became tastier. Now, because the meat was too oily, he had to make a sauce using vinegar as the base in order to make the sashimi flavorful. In this way, with a little ingenuity, sashimi becomes tasty even if it's made in a foreign country. Nowadays, you can get sashimi practically anywhere in the world. However, not all of it is good. It was reported in local magazines that if you want really good sasimi in Johannesburg, South Africa, some restaurants will use their own special fishing boats in Cape Town to catch the fish of your choice. It was also reported that there is a small fishing village in the north of England that prepares sashimi just the way the Japanese like it. Can it be true?

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1文節の前半となりますので、内容が途中で切れてると思います。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 People change immensely with time, the journey from infancy to old age is a long one. I have spoken of his childhood and what he will look like at the time of meeting. In his adolescent years the chart shows your soul mate would have looked thin gawky and intellectual. With a shy downward glance. He would have suffered mildly with his ankles or shins, his back. He was modest and quiet engaged in thoughts and studys and interests of the mind, healthier or hardier than he looked. Not discontented but anxious to break away from the limitations of his life.

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    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで、 お願いできますでしょうか? 1つの段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 His father was a man who was Tall, and moderately fat with large eyes and black hair and a long banana or crescent moon shaped face. A proud looking man. He had trouble with one of his knees and his leg was a bit weak or crooked. He had a hospitable and generous nature. He tried to mould the minds of his children into the right direction in life. Married late in life to a woman of superior position and his past was not so good. He could be melancholic and liked to study or read in the silence of his own chamber with a lamp, which his children were not welcome to disrupt. He was stricter and sharp with the children when they were small. but, gentler when they were older and behaved better. He could be merry, eat drink and have fun and include the children. He felt happy amongst his family and children. He was intuitive and had a spiritual side.

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    どなたか翻訳していただけると助かります。 宜しくお願いします。 After middle age he begins to become just a little fatter, gets a belly and a midriff if he does not attend to exercise and diet and his body skin being pale turns too easily to lard. There is a bulge or fullness in the region of the liver, and the abdomen distends with age, but he is not over weight and the legs remain lean and slender in the shanks. He does not exhibit much outer self confidence or command in his manner, that’s not to say he doesn’t have it, just it doesn’t show. He is a polite man, but, quite voiced, and can look like a lost soul, timid and weak in his ways. No forcefulness. He has an enquiring patient glance, and when someone speaks to him, he looks almost as though he is surprised they have not ignore him, and a little lost for what to say, or how to conduct himself. This passes in a second and he collects himself and is polite, kindly, but not all pushy or extrovert. A milk and water sort of manner..

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の後半部分ですので、内容が中途半端だと思いますが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 No matter how far away he goes, he will revisit it. and it will always remain in his memorys and keep sakes as part of his identity But there will be difficulty with property or land and inheritances connected with his early home. Even if he doesn’t inherit it, he will sometimes go there to look at it, or to be in the same area, outside and around it, rekindling old memorys and forging new changed kinship with the place. His past is part of him.

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 少し抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします Unfortunately he has a tendency to swear, He likes obscenities much better than blasphemies and he mutters these things to himself, in a dry hissing breath when he think no one can hear. He drops something he swears to himself. Disorderly speech. He makes mistakes in speaking and writing uses the wrong word, without seeming to notice. But he likes to talk and his voice expresses an exaltation of the spirits and mirthfulness in its tones. He can tend to laugh at serious remarks, or make light of serious things said to him. He can go from the rational to the irrational in rapid succession and back again. There is something of the tone of a bugle or a high pitched trumpet in his voice. The same if he is moaning there is still the trumpeting tone.