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以下の文章を翻訳お願いします He has a negative side that is proud and sullen. Too proud to admit when his ambitions are falling or brining ruin on him. He struggles on, but not stupidly or blindly. He try’s to salvage himself, help himself. He admits to himself he is going down, but not to others. One who harbors jealousies and can be sometimes spiteful. Quick tempered, but not so much with people, it is more when everything goes badly or goes wrong, or when he makes mistakes. He gets angry at objects, situations, may slam the door, or slam things down. The incompetence of others also angers or irritates him. He can become unapproachable and lonely when angry. He brings many troubles on himself by this. One who has both good an evil fortunes. An interest in the history of times and places and the making of new chapters in the destiny of his life. His circumstance have made his life not a fixed one. and he will have encountered many interesting changes of friends partners, work and environments before he finally settles down. He is generous to those close or those he wants to impress. but sometimes wasteful, buys foolish possessions, that belong to some impractical ideal in his head. Or is impulsively foolish at a time when he has little to be impulsive with..


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以下のとおりお答えします。原文が独特な省略文体ですので、それを推測で補いながら訳してみました。間違いがあるかも知れませんが、その節はご寛恕をお願いいたします。 彼は、陰気くさい自惚れ屋という否定的な側面を持ち合わせている。あまりに自惚れが強いので、自分の野心が崩れ落ちる時や、それが自分に破滅をもたらす時を認めることができない。彼は闘う。愚鈍な、盲目的なやり方ではないが、苦闘し続ける。自分自身を救済しよう、助けようともがくのである。彼は自分が斜陽になりつつあることを、己自身には認めるけれども、他人に対しては、つまり嫉妬心を抱いて時に底意地の悪いことをするかも知れないような人には、それを認めない。心的対処は臨機応変だが、他人と関わる場合はさほどでもなく、まして事態がうまくいかないとか、ひどい状況になるとか、間違い犯してしまうような場合はなおさらである。 彼は、対象となる物事や状況に腹を立てると、ドアをバタンと閉めるとか、物をドスンと投げるようなこともある。他人の無能ぶりにいら立ち、怒ることもある。彼が怒った時は孤独にして近寄りがたい。このことが元で、彼はみずからいろんな問題を己自身に引き起こす。善悪両面の天分を合わせ持っている人である。彼の人生の運命に関する時間的空間的な歴史への興味、そして、それをめぐる新しい章節の制作(がここにある)。 彼をとりまく状況のせいで、彼の人生はなかなか定まらず、最終的に彼が落ち着くまでには、友人、伴侶、仕事、および環境について多くの興味深い変化に遭遇することであろう。彼は、身近の者や心を引きつけたいと思うような者に対しては気前がよいが、時々無駄銭を払って愚かな「買物」をする。それは、彼の頭の中では、非日常的な理想につながるような存在なのである。それでなければ、衝動的になる必要などほとんどない時に、愚かにも「衝動買い」をしてしまったのである…。 以上、ご回答まで。





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    長文で恐縮ですが、 英文の和訳をお願いします。 He will attract money. He has little understanding of the depth of human greed cupidity and envy, jealousy. He is weak willed where friendships or illicit unions are concerned, the combination will bring about his rune. Not everyone will understand his motives and will think he is only concerned with pleasure and falls victim to it, for he has a sense of gaiety, fun, and independence or unconventionality, but it is also circumstance, not shallowness or weakness that place her in difficult relationships. Unfortunate or foolish in human relationships or marriage. But in other area s of life successful. He can brighten up drab days and difficult surroundings and likes to add color to life, he has much energy that way, but will help others and will do them with no great fuss or bother, and won't expect praise or recognition. For this reason he has many good qualities but they tend to get taken for granted, while his minor falls from grace get noticed..

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    どなたか翻訳していただけると助かります。 宜しくお願いします。 After middle age he begins to become just a little fatter, gets a belly and a midriff if he does not attend to exercise and diet and his body skin being pale turns too easily to lard. There is a bulge or fullness in the region of the liver, and the abdomen distends with age, but he is not over weight and the legs remain lean and slender in the shanks. He does not exhibit much outer self confidence or command in his manner, that’s not to say he doesn’t have it, just it doesn’t show. He is a polite man, but, quite voiced, and can look like a lost soul, timid and weak in his ways. No forcefulness. He has an enquiring patient glance, and when someone speaks to him, he looks almost as though he is surprised they have not ignore him, and a little lost for what to say, or how to conduct himself. This passes in a second and he collects himself and is polite, kindly, but not all pushy or extrovert. A milk and water sort of manner..

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    以下の翻訳をお願いします One who travels hopefully in life knows where he wants to be and what he wants to do, but quite never arrives. Yet the pursuit of things may bring him more pleasure than would the victory. He will enjoy a wide experience of life, the highs and the lows, the wealth and the poverty, life riches tapestry of experience but he has not realized that it is the journey for him that counts, not the success or failure at the end of it. He is free with his gains, and can be lavish and prodigal, can throw himself totally into everything he becomes involved He is not extreme so much as whole hearted in things, he has no moderation. He is irascible, yet kind. He gives advice and wisdom and the benefit of his experience to those who are more expert or aught to know better than him. He has a kind of shrewd cleverness, A good judge of things as they are. And an intuitive knowledge of how to manipulate things to his own advantage in life.

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    どなたか翻訳をしていただけないでしょうか? 宜しくお願いします。 He is patient, dedicated, methodical in all he does. Very excellent in his work and ways, and will gain renown in his own field of life Likes to feel he has a purpose He has strong forebodings which do not materialize. However he does seem ambitious to advance himself, to get a better life, or to become free of difficulties. He is interested in the attaining of intellectual knowledge and while he uses it to help others he is idle or impractical or unassertive in using it to help himself, and advances very little in life, He could be parasitic, wasteful or carried by others. For he doesn’t seem to get personal power or position despite his high intelligence. Ends up doing what others want him to, or else evading and shipping out. He has a sense of duty but doesn't like responsibility. A passive dreamy nature. He is a clever and spiritual man. He is sympathetic and imaginative. Kind and generous. But escapist, never satisfied with life and prefers to retreat or escape from the realities of it in one way or another. Thus he has a weak side to his character that may need strengthening if he is to make the most of his opportunities in life. He is mildly mediumistic and may be interested in psychic and occult subjects. An uncommon person, spiritually inclined, mystical and yet well accepted.

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    お金に関してのことがかいてあるようです。 宜しくお願いします。 Your future partner is ambitious with a secret need for money power and influence. His weakness is that wants short cuts to wealth and he tends to take financial risks. His earning capacity is good, much drive, but he wants to change his life so much, that he has long term plans for transforming his financial life, but he lacks the staying power to persevere more than a certain length of time. He will not accept financial help or sensible advice from others. He wants to make his own fortune, build his own empires. He has very big ideas both for himself and for the money he will make, but he wants its fast, and he wants it now. He is not good at the practicalities of planning wealth, or at starting at the bottom. He wants the world to fall into his lap. To reward his talents or genius without the harder effort of the ground work being done. He wants to live life in style and comfort. Money will come to him quickly when it does, but can just as easily go. His views and ideas he holds about money do not altogether conform to those held by other people. He will not be hard up, but he will be somewhat erratic and unreliable in money matters, or may have an irregular income, that has large sums of money in fits and starts, punctuated with shortages. He also has a tendency to debts and to spend before he earns. Find saving up hard. And credit too easy. He needs to avoid being too impulsive and enterprising, without putting the nectars follow up effort in.

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    毎回お世話になります! 癖のようなことがかいてあるみたいなのですが、翻訳していただけませんか? 宜しくお願いします(*'ω'*) When he is drawn into conversation and forgets himself, his mannerism change subtly as he tends to unconsciously mirror the person he is talking to. Thus if he is talking to someone who’s rather glum, he too will soon take on a glum stance, or gloomy expression in his face. If the person crosses his legs, then he will soon follow. or if he is chatting to someone jovial, he too will adopt the persons jovial moments and expression.. This is an unconscious copy, a kind of an affinity struck up with strangers, that he in unaware of. As though he reflects the other person, rather than imprinting himself on the person or situation. When he sits he tends to slump down or relax himself, rather than sitting erect, stretches the legs and feet out when sitting. Tends to moon around when standing. He doesn’t like to stand still for long, it is difficult to get him to do so. He can walks well and long distances on his feet, but doesn’t like to be standing around. He must sit down, or keep moving. Difficulty waking in the mornings, its as if he dreads daylight an wants to sleep again.

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 少し抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします Unfortunately he has a tendency to swear, He likes obscenities much better than blasphemies and he mutters these things to himself, in a dry hissing breath when he think no one can hear. He drops something he swears to himself. Disorderly speech. He makes mistakes in speaking and writing uses the wrong word, without seeming to notice. But he likes to talk and his voice expresses an exaltation of the spirits and mirthfulness in its tones. He can tend to laugh at serious remarks, or make light of serious things said to him. He can go from the rational to the irrational in rapid succession and back again. There is something of the tone of a bugle or a high pitched trumpet in his voice. The same if he is moaning there is still the trumpeting tone.

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    以下の文章を訳していただけますか。お願いします。 He deeply desires, a true friend, someone whom he can express his feelings and thoughts to. People and relationships are important to him despite his independent exterior. He is interested in the lives and affairs of those close to him. He is an excellent arbitrator, negotiator and peace maker and meddler in other peoples problems. But not soft B, he is as forceful as he feels is necessary for achieving his own aims and ambitions, and if he feels others are not appreciative of what he is trying to do, then he will consider them unworthy of his time and efforts and he will take back what ever efforts he has made on their behalf, or whatever he has given then, When he gives to people it is not free, even if it just advice, it comes on loan. And at some point the loan is recalled. The favour owed is collected like a debt by him.

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    以下の英文を訳してください。 誤字脱字あったらすみません。 よろしくお願いいたします。 Dr.jung: Ladies and Gentlemen : Dream analysis is the central problem of the analytical treatment,because it is the most important technical means of opening up an avenue to the unconscious. The main object in this treatment,as you know,is to get at the message of the unconscious. The patient comes to the analyst usually because he finds himself in an impasse or cul-be-sac,where there seems to be no way out,and he assumes that the doctor will know a way. If the doctor is honest,he recognizes that he also does not know the way . But doctors sometimes are not :only one hundred and fifty years ago,doctors were those quacks who went to fairs and pulled out teeth,performed marvellous cures,etc., and this attitude still day --human beings are everywhere bad! In analysis we must be that we know the way out of his difficulties. If the doctor tells him what he thinks the trouble may be,he follows the doctors sugges-tions and does not experience himself. Suggestions may work for a time,but when he is away the the patient collapses because he has no contact with himself and is living not his own way but the doctors way. Then he has to return to the doctor for new suggestions, and after a while this becomes disgusting to both. It is important that the doctor admits he does not know ; then both are ready to accept the impartial facts of nature, scientific realities . Personal opinions are more or less arbitrary judgments and may be all wrong ; we are never sure of being right. Therefore we should seek the facts pro-vided by dreams. Dreams are objective facts. They do not answer our expectations , and we heve not invented them ; if one intends to dream of certain things, one finds it impossible. We dream of questions, our difficulties. There is a saying.

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    以下の文章を訳していただける方、お願いします He is a person who is not easily discouraged or deterred. He can disregard the insults and unpleasantness or plane spoken ness and arrogance of others, if it is to his purpose to do so. He may seem easy going and tolerant an to make enemies into friends but he is not, it is a superficial mask, a tool he uses to advance him self or serve his own purpose.