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添削をお願いします。 マレーシアに旅行に行った時はちょうどタイの国は経済成長期で、沢山のビルや建物が大通りの至るところで建設中だった。 でも一歩中道に入るとそこは別世界で、その日をやっと暮らしているような人達が木造の平屋に暮らしていた。 そのギャップは驚きとショックだった。 When I went to Malaysia, it was just in the middle of an economic boom, and a lot of buidings and houses were being built all over the main streets. But as I stepped into a small path, it was a totally different world there, and I found that people who seemed to be barely making both ends meet, lived in one-story houses made of wood. I was greatly shocked by the difference.


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基本的にはgenialさんの訳でいいと思います。 ご参考までに私の訳を載せておきます。 When I traveled to Malaysia, Thailand was experiencing economic growth and a lot of buildings were being built all over the main streets. Nevertheless, once I stepped into an alley, there was a totally different world, there were such people who could barely make their living residing in lousy wooden bungalows. The gap occured to me as a great shock.



あっ! q(^0^)p  akdawn先生!ありがとうございます! また回答を頂けて嬉しいです。akdawn先生のおかげで、ここで質問させていただく事が病み付きになっています。 疑問が解決されるのが楽しくって! お時間がある時にまた教えて下さい。 m(_ _)m


  • 英語の添削

    今度英語で発表することになったのですが、一応考えたのですが自信が無いので添削をお願いします。 Good afternoon everyone. My name is ○○ and today I am going to talk about my favorite trip. This year I went to Malaysia with my friends. Malaysia is a country near the equator. Everyday the weather is very nice so there was very hot. But I enjoyed this trip and want to go to Malaysia again. I will tell you about three reasons why this was my favorite trip. First, Malaysian food was very delicious. There are many races so we can eat various food such as Indian and Chinese and so on. I was so happy to eat Nyonya food. Nyonya food is mixing Malaysian food and Chinese food. Malaysian food taste mostly spicy but everything was very delicious. Second, Malaysia has many famous historic building. I went to Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. I went to tour the Twin-Tower and the Blue Mosque. Twin-Tower is the third highest around the world. In Malacca, I rode a trishaw. Trishaw is like "Zinrikishya". It looks beautiful and the view of outside is wonderful. Finally, I went to Spa. Malaysia is famous for Spa so Malaysian people often reserve the Spa. To my surprise, there is a bath with a lot of flowers. the massage make me feel very comfortable and happy. In short, this was a great trip. if you think to go to foreign countries, I want you to go to Malaysia. I think you will surely be a wonderful trip. おかしければ文章自体を変えてもらってもかまいません。 添削よろしくお願いします。

  • マレーシアの友達に手紙を書きたいのですが、添削お願いします。

    これできちんと内容が伝わるでしょうか? もっとラフな感じに書いたほうがいいのでしょうか? 回答よろしくお願いします。 ●●へ 元気? 長い間手紙書けなくてごめんね。 日本に帰ってから、大学受験のことで忙しくなってしまったの。 約束していた写真を送るね! マレーシアに旅行したことは私にとって楽しい時間でした。 なによりも、わたしのうれしかったことは●●と会えたことです。 私は●●がとてもフレンドリーで、英語が上手で、びっくりしました。 私は英語が得意じゃないので、●●にたくさん話したいことがあったのに、話せなくて悔しかったです。 でも、私の将来の夢はフライトアテンダントになることなので、もっと勉強して英語やその他の言葉をはなせるようにしたいの。●●の将来の夢はなに? また、マレーシアに行って●●と会いたいです。その時までには英語が上手になっているといいな! マレーシアもとってもいい国だけれど、日本もいい国です。もし機会があったら是非遊びに来てね!そのときは私が日本を案内するよ! お手紙待ってます To ●● Is it cheerful? I cannot write it, and a letter is too unpleasant to accept for a long time. I became busy about the examination for university since I returned to Japan. I send the photograph which I promised! It was time when it was happy for me to have traveled in Malaysia. It is to have been able to meet ●● to have been glad of me above all. English was good, and, as for me, ●● was surprised at friend Lee very much. Though I wanted to talk in ●● in what was not good at English a lot, I cannot speak it and was regrettable. But I study more and can speak English and other words because a dream of my future is to become a flight attendant. What is the dream of the future of ●●? In addition, I go to Malaysia and want to meet ●●. It is just and should improve English then! Though Malaysia is the country which you may take, Japan is a good country. Come to play by all means if there is an opportunity! I guide Japan then! I wait for your letter

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    自分では不安な所が多々あります。和訳添削をお願いします。 In the service of Kublai Khan, the most powerful man in people and in lands and in treasure that ever was in the world, Marco was able to learn and experience many things that were new to Europeans. マルコは、今までに世界存在した人々と土地と宝物の中で最も強力な人、フビライ・ハンに仕える中で、ヨーロッパ人にとっては新しかった多くのことを、学んだり経験することができました。 In his travel journal, he described Kublai Khan's palace as the greatest he had ever seen. 彼は、自分の旅行記の中で、彼がそれまでに見た中で最もすばらしいものとしてフビライ・ハンの宮殿を記述しました。 He admired the Khan's recently completed new capital, Daisy, whose streets were so straight and so broad. 彼は、ハンが最近完成した新しい首都、Daisyを賞賛しました。その通りがとてもまっすぐであって、とても広かったからです。 The city was located in what is now the center of Beijing, and Kiblai Khan's city planning can still be perceived in the straight, broad streets of China's modern capital. その都市は現在の北京の中心部にあり、現代中国の首都のまっすぐで広い通りにフビライ・ハンの都市計画を知ることができます。

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頭のマレーシアは間違いかな? During my visit to Thailand, it was in the middle of economic boom, and numerous new buildings were being built all over the main streets. However, as I stepped into side streets, I was shocked to see many poor people living in wooden shacks. ちょっと短くなりすぎちゃったかな。後ろの文をもう少し長くすると However, as I stepped into small streets, it was a whole different world. Many people, who seemed to be barely making ends meet, lived in wooden shacks. I was shocked to see the economical gap in the country. どんなもんでしょうか。ちなみにわたしはタイ在住。今でも貧乏人は掘っ立て小屋に住んでます。



(^O^)/~~~ POKIEサン~* サワディカぁ~! 毎回、回答を頂きまして有難うございます! POKIEサンは タイ在住なんですか!いいですね!トムヤンクン食べ放題じゃないですか、私の大好物です。 今回の模範解答、短いバージョンも長いバージョンも勉強になりました!


  • 英語の添削をお願いします!

    10年後の自分を想像して10年前をふりかえる架空の話なんですが よかったら間違った言い回しや文法、おすすめの言葉などを 添削とともに指摘していただければ嬉しいです。 よろしくおねがいします。  It has been about 14 years now since I belonged to the group of Aboriginal people in Australia. I am now 35 years old. Looking back, I had specialized in Ethnology at university, because I was very interested in ethnological Art. I decided to broaden my outlook on life by traveling abroad, when I was 20 years old. Australia which I focused on was my first place for my investigation. There was an area called ‘aboriginal land’ which general people can’t enter without permission but I was allowed to enter it. I got to communicate with aboriginal people and gradually, they regarded me as a member of their family. At the time, I wouldn’t go back to Japan, so I naturally accepted their words that I originally belonged to here. Now, I have forgotten Japanese and I’m sure that I’m not Japanese any more. That’s my whole life so far, but I believe that I was able to find what I really wanted to do and how to enjoy the life.

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    Various kinds of business thinking how we do and get successful. 多くのビジネスはどのようにすれば成功できるか考えている。 to importance of to experience many things たくさん経験する大切さ We should to experience many things to success わたし達は成功するためにたくさん経験を積む(経験する)べきだ。 I was mumber in the basketball club when I was junior high school student, but I wanted to be basketball player. 中学生のころ、バスケ部に所属していたが、バスケット選手になりたいわけではなかった。 I could learn someting such as relationship of trust with fellow and the mind of don't give up finally. 私は、仲間との信頼関係や最後まであきらめない心などを学べた。 Even if it is not relevent directly for my dream but it became very important experience for my life. たとえ、それが直接私の夢に関係なかったとしても、わたしの人生にとってはとても大切な経験になった 間違っているところや、アドバイスなどがあれば教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の添削をお願いします

    並べ変え問題です。自分でやってみましたがあってるかどうか教えて頂けますでしょうか? (1)The opinions ( booklet, the, a, set, been, against, out, project, in, have ).→The opinions have been set out against the project in a booklet. (2)One of the leading newspapers ( all, scandal, severest, for, with, the, called, punishment, of, concerned, the ).→One of the leading newspapers called for the severest punishment concerned with all of the scandal. (3) They are ( new, the, with, of, party, to, the, side, aims, unlikely ).→They are unlikely of the aims to side with the new party (4) She ( admiration, of, feeling, a, with, had, jealousy, mingled ).→She had a mingled feeling of admiration with jealousy. (5) Her refusal to ( like, wet, him, acted, spirits, accompany, a, on, his, blanket ).→Her refusal to accompany his spirits on acted him like a wet blanket. (6)A ( question, the, to, a, urgency, letter, raised, of, newspaper ).→A question of the newspaper raised urgency to a letter. (7) He made a clumsy ( apologize, simply, me, the, attempt, made, to, worse, to, matter, but ).→He made a clumsy attempt to me but to apologize simply made the matter worse. (8)She was ( crane, the, through, part, carelessness, the, on, killed, operator, of, the ).→She was killed on the part of the carelessness through the crane operator . (9)I was somewhat ( causal, her, to, suffering, attitude, human, at, shocked ).→I was somewhat shocked at her causal attitude to suffering human. よろしくお願いします。

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    I think my academic strength is perseverance and creativity. Because, I was in junior high school, I was a membar of valleyball club. It was hard club because it hardly a day off and over half member gave up. (厳しい部活で、休みもほとんどなく半分以上が辞めてしまいました) but I finished a club activity.  And, when I was in high school, I was a member of theatrical club. Then I made a drama, so I think I have perseverance and creativity. 長いのですが、よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の得意な方 添削お願いいたします

    英語の得意な方 添削お願いしますm(_ _)m エイゴタウンよりこちらを紹介していただき、投稿させていただきます。 英語面接を控えており、添削していただきたいと思い、投稿します。厚かましくて申し訳ないです。  ★自己紹介 I experienced office work and secretary's work till now. Then, that time I learned a communication and the importance of plus thinking. It makes use of this, I'd really like to do my best as a professional of the service in your company. ★自己アピール My appeal points are a round face and physical strength. A feeling of relief is given to it to the guest. Because it has physical strength, it doesn't get tired all day long.   It does its best for the guest's satisfaction.  ★志望動機 There are two reasons why it wants to join your company. First, The thing that it is the face which touches first most to the guest Then, as for the second That wonderful teamwork with which a name was decided as with all of the members I'd really like to work as a member, too.  以上です。本当にお恥ずかしい英語ですが、どなたか添削してくだされば幸いです。  

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    どなたか、英語が堪能な方お願いします。 (1) This is charcoal. I like barbeque very much. I often have barbeque party with my family and friends in summer. It is really fun and dish is very delicious. (2) This is an autographed ball. I was given an autograph by Mr.Yoshinobu Takahashi in Yomiuri Giants. It is genuine. I like baseball since long ago. My father watched Major League games on TV in the weekend and I came to like it affected by that. (3) These are vegetables. I am working as a part time worker at the grocery store. All worker are friendly and cheerful and I am happy to work. My job is easy. (lol) Good points to work there are that hourly pay is high and I can eat many fresh fruits. (4) This is a savings bank in the form of Jizo (a guardian deity of children). It has good touch and I like it. No money is in it. (lol) (5) This is a seal. I bought it when I went to the trip to Beijing, China. It was made of crystal and by craftsman’s hands. I like it very much but have never used. (lol) (6) This is a photo of Tenanmon. It was very cold on the day I took this photo. It was very wide and the building had sense of history. Here was also a location site of the movie "Last Emperor." (7) This is a ticket of the World Cup. I went to the World Cup 2006 in Germany. I saw the game between Japan and Brazil and was very excited. Dortmund in Germany had very beautiful street and very tasty baked sausage 長文すいません・・・

  • 英語の和訳をお願いします。

    It is scarcely too much to say that the Norman Conquest transformed the English launguage, and therefore its litereture. French became the language of the upper classes in their castles and fortified manor-houses, English the language of the hovel, where illiterate serfs modified or dropped the elaborate literary inflections, and the artificial poetic diction of the minstrels’ word-hoars was forgotten. As a result, though the twelfth century was a brilliant period of Anglo-Latin lit-erature, English prose was written mainly for the edification of the masses, and poetry scarcely at all.

  • 添削お願いします。

    In the idea of the relationship between lyrics and music is Reichardt and Schubert were different. At that time which they were active to compose, Reichardt's music was widely known and it also enjoyed it. 「詩と音楽の関係につ いての考え方において,ライヒャルトとシューベルトは異なって いた。彼らが作曲活動していた時期においては,ライヒャルト の音楽は広く知られ,親しまれでさえいた。 」 こちらの英文を添削して欲しいです。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文添削をお願いいたします。

    アンディー・フグはスイスに1964年生まれ、彼はK-1の人気に貢献し、スポーツの歴史の中で尊敬される人物の中の一人です。彼は踵落としで伝説的であり、踵落としで世界でたくさんの勝利をおさめた。彼のリング上のハードな戦い方とは対照的に、彼は謙虚で、誠実で、やさしく、人々を積極的に助け、正義という感覚を兼ね備えていた。彼の性格は生涯を通して、多くの人を感動させて、2000年の8月24日に突然急性白血病で死んだ。この運命は敵と多くのファンにとって受け入れるのが困難だった。 Andy Hug was born in Switzerland in 1964. He contributed to K-1’s popularity and is still one of the most respected figures in sports history. He was legendary for axe kick and gained numerous victories with it in the world. In contrast to his hard fighting in the ring, he was modest, honest, gentle, helped people willingly and had the sense of justice. His nature inspired millions of people though life. But on the 24th of August 2000, he died unexpectedly as a result of leukemia. It was too difficult for opponents and thousands of fans to accept this fate. よろしくお願いします。

  • 日記の添削をお願いします

    Today, I was tired to go to some shops which were likely to sell something appropriate for packing the bag which I had sold on Yafuoku. In spite of my labor, however, I couldn’t find it. So I ended up to decide to buy it in the post office when I send the bag. It was 8 pm, and I didn’t have lunch and got hungry, so I went to my favorite Ramen shop for dinner. It was still very good despite I ate it many times. Only, I am feeling that I must cook foods myself, because I have begun Palsytem. I will do tomorrow. 英語としておかしいところやこうしたほうがより自然だというところを遠慮なく指摘してください。