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They really need her to come clean with anything else she knows about Phillip . I told her Phillip is not the man he portrayed himself to be . He never was . He used his con game for his first victim and then again on Katie Calloway , the victim he was in prison for before he kidnapped me . It's always been about what's best for him . All those times he would say the angels protected him that day that he took me from hill never once did he even think that I was the one in need of protection that day . I'd like to believe she felt badly for me all those years , but in a way it was always a selfish act on her part . Yes , she didn't want me to go through all that , but to turn a blind eye to what she knew he was doing to an eleven-year-old girl . How could she splits and other things , all for her husband ? She said she hoped one day that my mom could forgive her , and I said I wouldn't hold out for that . ある本の中の一節で、三箇所抜き出しました。わからないので、訳を教えてください。お願いします。


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1。 come clean は、下記のように「白状する」と言う意味です。     http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=come+clean     彼らは、彼女がフィリップにつて他に何を知っているか、彼女に一部始終を聞いておく必要がある。私は彼女に、フィリップは自分の正体を明かしていない、と言った。彼はそういう(=自分の正体を明かす)ような男では決して無い。まず彼の詐欺の最初の犠牲を使い、次(の犠牲者)がケイティー•キャロウェイだった。ケイティーは、彼が私を誘拐する前に(彼が誘拐した女性で)そのため彼は服役していた。いつもこれが自分に取って最上だ、と言うのが彼のいい分だった。こういう時いつも彼は天使が彼を保護してくれていると言った。山から私を彼が連れ去ったあの日も、保護を必要としたのは(彼ではなく)私だ、ということは、一度だって彼は考えなかった。 2。    ここ数年、彼女は私に対して申し訳ないと思ってきたと私は考えたい、しかし、ある意味では、彼女の立場からは自分本位の行為だった。そうだ、確かに彼女は私がああいったことすべてを経験することは望まなかった、しかし、11歳の少女に彼が何をしたか見て見ぬ振りをするとは、彼女はどうして(目的語が抜けていませんかね)や、その他を細分することが出来たのだろう、すべて彼女の夫のためなのだろうか。     最後の How could she splits and other things , all for her husband ? と言う文ですが欠けているのは、下記のように hairs のような目的語ではないかと思います。     http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=split&pg=2     split hairs は、「髪の毛を裂く」「細かい理屈を付ける」と言う意味なので、文中の「彼女」が、私が虐待されているのを見ながら、加虐者の夫の行動は「私のため」というのは、意味の無い屁理屈ではないか、という問いではないかと思います。 3。    いつかは私の母が彼女を許してくれると望むと言った。で私は私なら待たないね、と言った。 hold out for は、下記のように「あくまでも要求する」と言う意味です。     http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=hold+out+for      で、ここでは時間が経てば誘拐犠牲者の母親が許してくれる、と思うのはあなたの勝手だが、私ならそれをあくまで要求しないであろう > いっくら待っても許す訳無いじゃん、このアホ      と云う感じです。



わかりやすく、丁寧な訳を有難うございます。大変勉強になりました。確かに、質問の英文が抜けいていました。How could she entertain little girls in the van and videotape them doing the splits and other thing , all for her husband ? でした。この文の訳がわからなくてお願いしたのに、肝心なところが抜けて情けない。またよろしくお願いします。

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>>確かに、質問の英文が抜けいていました。How could she entertain little girls in the van and videotape them doing the splits and other thing , all for her husband ? でした。この文の訳がわからなくてお願いしたのに、肝心なところが抜けて情けない。 「どうして彼女は幼い少女たちをバンの中に招じ入れて、(バレーや体操の)開脚やほかのこをさせて、それをビデオに撮ることが出来たのか?みんな彼女の夫のため?」





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    I'd like to believe she felt badly for me all those years , but in a way it was always a selfish act on her part . Yes , she didn't want me to go through all that , but to turn a blind eye to what she knew he was doing to an eleven-year-old girl . How could she entertain little girls in the van and videotape them doing the splits and other things , all for her husband ? 以前に同じ文の訳をお願いしたのですが、一部単語が抜けていたので、改めて和訳をお願いします。宜しくお願いします。

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    I know it only fed Phillip's delusions that he was somehow above law . Phillip believed that all the coincidences surrounding him from his kidnapping of me and getting away with it to present-day things like his parole officer' inability to hold him for anything were not just mere coincidence , but the work of the angels . 上の文は、Phillipが仮出所役人に逮捕されたが釈放された。私は、Phillipに誘拐され長年一緒に暮らしている。そんな本の中の一説です。 上の文の訳をお願いします。文の途中なので、わかりづらいかもしれませんが、よろしくおねがいします。

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    Mom, you are the bravest person I know and ultimate survivor . If I was ever to harbor any hate in my heart , it would be for all that you have suffered because of Phillip . Mom, you never gave up hope that I would one day come home and here I am , so glad to be back . You are everything I remember and more . You have embraced your grandchildren in a way I never believed possible. for all thatのところや here I amや possibleのとこがわからないのでお願いします。宜しくお願いします。

  • 訳をみてください。とてもわかりづらいです!

    訳を見てください。とてもわかりづらいです。ちなみに男友達の話をしていたのですが、、、、 Now i lost my friend thinking he was she but i think was a mistake now my friend think horrible things about me, it was only my fault and she delete me to all messenger i think, and facebook and i think she will delete me to her space. im soo stupid 私は友達をなくしたと思った、、、、、、、、でも私は間違いを犯した、彼女はめッセンジャーやFecabookから私を消した わかりません

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    継父とうまくいってない話を書いてきてくれたのですが、よくわかりません、教えてください 相手の人は生まれも育ちもアメリカ人なんですが、普段からごちゃごちゃの文法や誤字などが多い人みたいです・・・今回少し真面目な文だったので教えてほしいです。お願いします I just talk to my mom for two hours about every thing that is going on in our lives. She said that she was sorry for the way she act. We really talk about my step father daughter. She is the one that is 26, my step father was looking she last week because he haven't seen her in 13 years. So she come over for the night on Friday. So me and my mom talk about how it was to have her being with us. 私は母と2時間私たちの生活のすべて?について話した。彼女は彼女の行動を私にあやまった。私たちは継父の連れ娘についてたくさん話した。彼女は26歳だ。継父は先週彼女を探していた。なぜなら彼は13年間彼女とあってなかった。金曜日の夜彼女が訪ねてきた。。。。。。。。わかりません すみません訳を教えてください

  • 参考書の英文、訳、註記です。註記ではasをwhatとして扱っていますが

    参考書の英文、訳、註記です。註記ではasをwhatとして扱っていますが、辞書には that which に当たる説明は見当たりません。この用法が載っている辞書があるのでしょうか? He looked at her as he hadn't looked at her for years. She was as she always was, quiet and selfpossessed, a middle-aged woman who made no effort to look younger than she was.[意味]何年にも絶えてしなかったような眺め方で彼は彼女を眺めた。いつも通りの彼女だった、物静かで、落ち着いた、年寄りも若く見せようと化粧などしない中年の女だった。 ※ as[←what] she always was を具体的に説明するのが続く部分。

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    Simone was extremely warm-hearted, kind and polite to me when I met her. Her kindness made a deep impression on me, which I still recall to this day. All the things that made me happy that day remain one of my best memories, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

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    He was used to her being silent. But this silence went on and on and on. She was just staring into the garden. After a time,she said,in her precise conversational tone, "The only thing I want,the only thing I want at all in this world,is to see that boy." She stared at the garden and he stared with her,until the grass began to dance with empty light,and the edges of the shrubbery wavered. For a brief moment he shared the strain of not seeing the boy.Then she gave a little sigh,sat down,neatly as always,and passed out at his feet. After this she became,for her,voluble. He didn't move her after she fainted,but sat patiently by her,until she stirred and sat up;then he fetched her some water,and would have gone away,but she talked.

  • ギリシャ神話の英文です。訳がわかりません。回答お願いします。

    And while she lay fearful and expectant, she felt a gentle hand brush back the hair from her brow,and a gentle voice whis-pered words of love into her ear. If this was a monster,he was like none she had ever heard of! She longed for daylight so that she might behold this mysterious husband who spoke so lovingly to her. But when dawn came over the casement and Psyche rose expectantly from her pillow,no husbdand did she see. Again she was quite alone. Again she was quite alone. The Sister's Visit Now the day sped happily for Psyche. The castle and its grounds were hers to enjoy,while invisible servants fulfilled her every wish. And each night her husband came to her and each dawn vanished. she had yet to lay eyes on him. But as usually happens when one's every wish is ful-filled,Psyche began to be bored. Besides,she was lonely. She longed to see her sisters. Perhaps she wanted them to know that the dreadful fate ordered for her had not bee fulfilled,thus relieving their hearts of sorrow and anxiety. Perhaps,too,she longed to have them know the amazing luxury she now enjoyed,riches beyond any of their dreams. One night she spoke of her longing to her husband. "Dear one," he said, "can you not be content as we are? How will it add to your happiness to have you sisters come here? I swear their visit will only bring us distress,for they will envy you what you have since it is so much more they can boast of." But Psyche begged,and at last her husband gave in. "Very well,"he said in a voice full of sorrow. "I will have Zephyr waft them here for a day's visit. But I warn you,do not let them talk you into trying to find out who I am. Only great misfortune will come to you try to look upon me," Psyche promised,and the next day her sisters came. Like any proud bride showing off her new home for the first time,Psyche conducted her sisters through the castle.

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    Where Ralph saw a friend and confidant in Rachel, all she saw was a sad millionaire who believed in the nonsense she was peddling and was ripe for the plucking. She convinced him that her psychic abilities could help him find what he craved the most in the world: companionship and a family. For the next two years, she groomed her mark perfectly. http://www.lifedaily.com/story/lonely-bachelors-life-is-thrown-upside-down-when-he-visited-this-portland-psychic/4/ 和訳をお願いします。よろしくお願いします