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英語が得意な方 和訳を助けてください。うまく訳せなくて困っています。よろしくお願いします。 Sex-role stereotypes have been costly to society. They have prevented a number of people from assuming more productive roles and have resulted in the expenditure of substantial resources on emotional and physical problems generated by these stereotypes.


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性的分業と言う固定観念は、社会に高くつきました。 それら(の固定観念)は、多くの人々がより生産的な役割を引き受けることを妨げ、これらの固定観念によって生じる感情的、身体的問題に関して相当な資源の支出に終わりました。


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投稿者が中高生だとしたら、「うまく」 訳せてなくても、訳した文の内容に間違いがなければある程度の点数はもらえるんじゃないかなぁと思いますよ。  「男女の性の違いによって仕事の分野が限定されてしまうというのは、社会にとって有益なことではなかった。そういう決めつけのせいで、多くの人たちが、もっと活躍できる分野から閉め出され、感情的・肉体的な問題に多大なエネルギーを無駄に費やしてきた」



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    Most western people have fallen into the trap of assuming that dreams are not useful or necessary, but a few diligent researchers belive that the world of dreams is a gateway to knowledge and power. 私の和訳、 ほとんどの西洋の人々は夢は有用でなく必要でないという 思い込むことの罠に陥っている、しかし少数の勤勉な研究者は 夢の世界は知識や能力への入り口だと信じている。 have fallen into the trap of assuming の部分の和訳がうまくいきません・・・ assumignは形容詞の傲慢という意味ではありませんよね。 assumeの動名詞として思い込むことと訳しました。 trapも罠と訳したのですが、なんだか不自然です。 たとえば、interestingですが、 これは辞書で調べると形容詞として説明があります。 他動詞interestの動名詞interestingと形容詞のinteresting の違いは何でしょうか? 形容詞interesting=興味深い 動名詞interesting=興味を引くこと どちらの品詞の意味で使われているのか区別がつきません・・・ 以上、ご回答よろしくお願い致します。

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    They established an enterprise aiming at "productive consevation,"which will save the rain forest by changing it into a renewable economic resource for local people.Some eco-tourism lodges and other ventures in Africa and Southeast Asia have tried to take a similar approach. productive conservation:生産的な保護 venture:冒険的事業

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    We just wanted to move on in a productive, caring, productive… — and did I say 'productive?' — environment, and when the time came for us to do that, I think we shocked a lot of people. So with that said, we really, really wish Scott the very, very best. I hope he one day finds the light. But as far us, we wanted to, like I said, move forward, and not try to recreate our catalog, because I think that's impossible to do; we had a lineup change, we have a different man in the band now, we have a different human being, a different energy.

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    Assuming that no lead was present when the mineral was formed and that the mineral has not undergone chemical changes that would allow the lead-206 isotope to be separated from the parent uranium-238, it is possible to estimate the age of the rocks from the mass ratio of Pb to U. この英文を和訳してほしいです。

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    下の英文のthat以下の訳がいまいち分かりません。訳してみたのですが、言っていることがうまくとれません。どなたかお願いします。 These gains have come on the back of the use of computers and other electronic devices that help redirect human resources away from repetitive menial work and toward more productive and creative tasks. that以前の訳 これらの利益はコンピュータやその他の電子装置の使用のお陰である。

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    英語の訳をお願いします。 1.The specific enthalpies of saturated liquid and vapor of a substance at 285.15K are 50.38kj/kg and 2523.6kj/kg,respectively.(1)What is the specific enthalpy of a liquid-vapor mixure with a dryness of 0.80?(2)What is the entropic difference between the saturated vapor and the liquid? 2.A Rankine cycle operates on steam at 20Mpa and at 600℃,exhausting at 3.0kPa.Assuming an isentropic expansion of the turbine,find the dryness at the turbine outlet and the work produced by the turbine. なんとなくでしか訳せませんでした。 よろしくお願いします。

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    The encyclopedic scope of the Wealth of Nations makes it far more than a mere economics treatise. One critic has called it "a history and criticism of all European civilization."Commencing with a discussion of the division of labor, Smith diverges into considerations of the origin and use of money, prices of commodities, wages of labor, profits of stock, rent of land, value of silver, and distinctions between productive and unproductive labor. There follow an account of the economics development of Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire, extended analyses and criticism of the commercial and colonial policies of European nations,the revenue of the sovereign, different methods of defense and administration of justice in primitive societies, the origin and growth of standing armies in Europe, a history of education in the Middle Ages and a criticism of the universities of Smith's time,a history of the temporal power of the church,the growth of public debts,and,in conclution,an examination of principles of taxation and systems of public revenue.

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    Recently, Nakagawa et al. have numerically studied the planetary growth and shown that the growth times of the Earth and Jupiter are orders 10^6~10~7 yrs and 10^7~10^8 yrs, respectively. But, for the case of Neptune, a very long time, which is comparable to or longer than the age of the solar system, is needed for the growth ( these growth times, nevertheless, are shorter by a factor of 10 or 100 than those obtained by Safronov). As they have pointed out for themselves, their results are not always final but tentative because in their calculation some assumptions and simplifications are made for the sake of convenience; one of these is that for the rates of collision and of gravitational scattering due to the mutual encounters between planetesimals, formulae in a free space (i.e., without the influence of the solar gravity) are used.

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    There is some evidence that these improvements in the characteristics of elders have resulted in more positive views of aging. Tibbitts claimed that during the past 30 to 40 years, U.S. society has moved from holding negative stereotypes of old people to holding positive views in which elders are seen as being able to contribute to the quality of life for themselves, their communities, and society as a whole. Schonfield even argued that the assumption of negative attitudes toward old people is a "social myth" perpetuated by the gerontological literature. We will be examining these attitudes in derail in Chapter 2, but there does appear to be a substantial shift from negative to positive attitudes. The improvements in the physical, mental,social, and economic characteristics of elders have been so marked, and there have been so many programs and services developed for elders only, that many have begun to criticize these programs as discrimination in favor of the aged, or positive ageism. We will be discussing examples of positive ageism throughout this book; but the ones that have drawn most criticism so far are the Medicare program and some features of the Social Security System, such as the automatic cost of living increases in benefits and the tax-exemption of Social Security benefits for most elders. Perhaps these programs have been criticized the most because they involve the most money. Critics are beginning to argue that since elders are no longer deprived economically and since they are now much better off mentally, physically, and socially than they were in the past, it is no longer necessary or fair to continue the enormous expense of these special supports and programs available only to elders. Some argue that the way to reduce positive ageism is to make these supports and programs available to all ages on the basis of need. For example, they recommend that the national health insurance, which only elders now enjoy, be extended to all ages. It is clear that positive ageism is becoming an important issue and promises to become even more important as we are faced with more older people and more expensive programs for "seniors only."

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    I’m going to make a few assumptions here: I am assuming that you’re not friendly with the ex’s current boyfriend. I’m also assuming you wanted to break up with the strangler, and that he didn’t leave you for the new guy. I’m assuming that even though the ex was gross, you broke up with him, told him what the problems with non-consensual choking are (and there are lots!) and have no lingering attachments. The best way to avoid drama, Choking, is to not be in theater. No, I kid! http://littlevillagemag.com/dear-kiki-how-can-i-deal-with-my-creepy-ex-and-his-new-boyfriend/ No, I kid!はどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします