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和訳でわからない文がいくつかあるので、よければ和訳を手伝ってください☆ (1)Patten also said he saw merit in some form of Japan's student examination system as a means of raising educational standards in British schools, especially for the early detection of problems among the disadvantaged. →the disadvantagedの意味がよくわかりません。 (2)The comments come as the government is poised to publish a report on education, and as fierce political debate and growing national dissatisfaction have been generated by the state of British education. →二回でてくるasの訳し方がよくわかりません。


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 こんばんは。私の考えを。 (1)the disadvantagedは「恵まれない人々、貧困層」です。また、as a means~schoolsまでの前置詞句と、for the early detection~ピリオドまでの前置詞句は同格と取りました。同格表現は、言語にかかわらず一般的に、前で少し抽象的に述べたことを後ろで詳しく説明しなおすという表現です。この二つはそういう関係になっているのがお分かりかと思います。訳は平易だと思うので省略。 (2)私には文頭のThe commentsは前文などに具体的なその「コメント」があるように思えます。ご質問の範囲外ですが一応。で、二つのasはともに接続詞で、それぞれwhenの意味で解釈しました(後のasには少し「比例=~につれて」の意味もこめられているように思います)。つまり主節はThe comments comeの部分だけということです。こちらは訳してみます。 「政府が教育報告書をまとめようとする時、そして英国の教育の現状について政治的議論が沸騰し、国民の不満が増大する時にこういうコメントが出てくる。」  参考になりましたら幸いです。では。



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the disadvantaged:恵まれない人々 as1:公表するように用意を整えるように、 as2:政治的な討論として、 訳 1) パッテンは、さらに特に恵まれない人々の中の問題の早期発見のために、英国の学校での教育水準を上げる手段として日本の学生試験制度のある形に彼が長所を見出したと言った。 (2) 政府が教育に関する報告書を公表するように用意を整えるように、そして、激しい政治的な討論として論評は起こり、また、増大する国全体に及ぶ不満は英国の教育の状態によって生成された。



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     It was in 1979 that the systematization of postwar pedagogy was culminated, while the educational system, which postwar pedagody had examined as an object of analysis and criticism, manifested its functional failures in the form of a series of pathological phenomeon in education like school bullying or violence, clearly representing and revealing a division between theory and reality.

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    英語で書かれた専門書を読んでいるのですが、どうしても分からない英文があり質問させて頂きました。 1文が長く、文量も多いですが、和訳お願いします。 The role of academic ability is somewhat different in that it has strong direct eggects on high school performance, independent of socioeconomic status, and direct and indirect effects on significant other's influence and on education and occupational aspirations and, through these, on educational and occupational attainments. Recently, we have further elaborated our model by disaggregating socioeconomic status into its component parts --- parents' income, mother's education, futher's education, and father's occupation --- and by decomposition of significant others' influence into parental encoragement, teachers' encoragement, and peers' plans. Most of the analysis reported in the chapters that follow involves the extension, elaboration, and interpretation of this model as it is applied to socioeconomic attainments --- particularly occupation and earnings.

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    和訳 For the first time in Japan's postwar experience, many college graduates can't get meaningful jobs, and a third of those who do quit in less than three years. 和訳誰かお願いします。

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     What may be considered as ’violence' in the arena is often committed at school under the labels 'can of affection' and 'educational consideration'.

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    英語勉強中です。 BBCのLearning English Words in the Newsで記事(2012年の10月12日)を読んでいたのですが。 よく理解できない文章がありました。 The creation of conditions in which economies, and education and health services, might develop in the poorest parts of the world. 文章の構造がよくわかりません。 和訳を教えてください。

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    自分なりに訳してみようとは思ったのですが、 文が長くて構造がわからないので訳してください。 Subject to the requirement of enforced disclosure via the Companies Acts 1985 and 1989, as supplemented by various accounting standards, the measurement of income discloses items of income and expenditure necessarily of interest in assessing stewardship success and future prospects. よろしくお願いします。

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    Their competition, as every market model will predict, can raise salaries, for certain categories of employees, and it can create 'special offers' in term of schalarships, for instance, for certain kinds of students, as buyers of the pproduct. In short of, a market model goes quite far in describing the working of U.S. higher education institutions.

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    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えてください よろしくお願いします!! The FDJ was embedded in industrial plants, places of education and residential quarters, the aim being political and ideological coordination along with the structuring of vocational training and leisure activities. The object was to reach as many young people as possible and get them involved in the FDJ. Linked to this were also the ‘Young Pioneers’, or the ‘Ernst Thalmann’ Pioneer Organization, named after the leading Communist of the Weimar Period who was persecuted during the Nazi Period, arrested and murdered in Buchenwald concentration camp. Its alignment with the KPD and later with the SED was established in the 1950s. After that, it was to promote Marxism-Leninism, carry out the SED decisions and participate in pre-military training. The FDJ was to number more than two million members.

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    次の英文を和訳してください。英語が苦手なもので。 Education Services and English Language Learning Programs in Malaysia.

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    和訳ができません;; And finally, timely and coherent responses are required /in those situations  where people are forced /to flee due to the impact of climate change,both directly and as an accelerator of other drivers of displacement, such as natural disasters, food insecurity and conflict. がすごいぎこちない訳になります 「both directly and ~」以降がどうもうまく訳せません; よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m