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至急お願いします!インターンシップ 添削

インターンシップの志望理由を英語で書かなければ ならないのですが、うまく書けません・・・ 至急添削をお願いしたいです。 よかったら、付け加えたほうがよい文章など ありましたら、そちらもお願いします。 This is because it thought that it wants to know what kind of thing the atmosphere of a thing and the company how can make use of having learned at a university in real work is. Furthermore, I wanted to learn the difference between student and durability of the consciousness of the member of society. I do not judge work from only appearance and can feed power to understand including a hiding part generally by experiencing internship. And I can feel weight and a sense of fulfilment ,worth to work,to take work on. In addition,I thought that it let me regarded as one opportunity to check my appropriateness and easy posture for finding employment and that gave me an opportunity to wrestle seriously.


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This is because I want to know what kind of atmosphere a company has versus what I learned in the university. Furthermore, I wanted to learn the difference between being a student and being a productive member of society. I do not judge work from only outward appearance and can feel power in order to understand. This includes an unseen part experienced through an internship. Additionally, I can feel the gravity and a sense of fulfillment to take work on. Moreover, I thought that work allows me an opportunity to judge my appropriateness for finding employment and that this gave me an opportunity to challenge myself 単語や表現を参考にしてみてください。.


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The reason I want to become an intern is so that I will be able to experience the "real" work environment, so that I would know better how my university education can be linked to actual work. I also want to learn the difference between being a relatively self-willed student, and being a responsible member of the society, which I would expect to become as a corporate worker. What industry I work in, is of a secondary importance, as I do not judge work from appearance only. I feel I will be able to explore both the superficial and the hidden side of whatever company I might be working in as an intern. I am also expectant that I will feel the weight of the workload and the sense of fulfillment in completing them. Finally, and coming back to what I have said at the beginning, an internship would provide me with a good opportunity to learn how I would fit in as a working member of a company, which will be a big plus considering my career after graduation.



丁寧にありがとうございます!!! 本当に助かりました!!


  • 至急添削お願いいたします。

    いつもお世話になっています。 レポートの一部なのですが、上手く訳せないので、お手数ですが、添削をお願いいたします。 「理想的な社会というのは、勝ち負けにこだわらず、それぞれが能力を十分発揮でき、すべての人がそのことを賞賛する社会だと思う。」 I think an ideal country is that not particular about victory or defeat, each person can give full play to their ability and everyone admirers that. 「個人がどの価値観を持つかは自由なので、いくら国の大多数がそのような考え方をしていても、人に押し付けるのはよくない。 それぞれの考え方を受け入れ、尊重し、調和を目指すことが一番大切だろう。」 It is free to have any value, so if a large majority of people has that value, it is not good to force the value on anyone. Most important thing is that to receive and respect everyone’s values, and aim to be in harmony. 「そろそろ物質的価値から精神的価値に、価値を置き換える時期である。」 It is the time to change value from material wealth to spiritual wealth. 「多くの人はお墓さえも先祖と同じところに入る。」 Many people turn in a same grave as ancestors. 大変勝手なのですが、至急ご回答いただけると、大変助かります。 宜しくお願いいたします。

  • 至急!英文を添削下さいますでしょうか?

    オリンピックの間私はずっと寝不足が続いていました。 オリンピックが終わった途端私の心は空虚になりました。 私は私の心を喜びで満たす何かを見つけなくてはなりません。 オリンピックは世界について学ぶ良い機会でした。 そして世界の人たちを見る良いチャンスでした。 4年後、どんな出会いにが待っているでしょう。 I was continued lack of sleep during the Olympics. At last healthy life returned, but I felt empty as soon as the Games were over. I have to find a thing which it could be full of joy in my heart. The Olympics are a great opportunity to learn about the world. And it was a chance to see many athletes of the world. Four years later, what kind of encounters will wait.

  • 英文添削お願いします。

    英文添削お願いします。 October 4th ‘10 I went out to drink with my entering in the same year after work. I thought it was enjoyable for me. I don’t need to care for them and I can talk anything I think. I wander a drink of yesterday will not be same. And I wander I have to go to drink a place I wouldn’t like to. I have to think it is a business. Is it happy life for us to do so?

  • 添削お願いします

    I have always watched my mother’s hardship appearance to looked for work. That is why, I thought it would be good for me and it become advantage for me to graduate University. 「母が仕事を探すのに苦労している姿をよく見た。なので大学を卒業すると言うことは私にとって利点になるのではないかと思った」 仕事の募集要項に大卒と記載があることがある…という文章の流れの続きの文です。 こちらの英文の添削をお願いします。

  • 英語の添削お願いします。

    I think that it is different if I convey to meet and telephone This thing, I say a live perfomance in common. I think that there is an atmosphere that can not felt only there. 私は、会って伝えるのと電話で伝えるのは違うと思う。 このことは、ライブでも共通して言える。 私は、そこでしか感じられない雰囲気があると思う この文の、添削をお願いします。

  • 添削お願いします。

    こんばんは。 It actually is a form of sketching, ando I believe that it is the next best thing to drawing itself. を訳してみました。 それは実際にはしかし私は一種のスケッチであると信じている。 添削お願いします、

  • 添削をしてほしいのですが(長文です)

    To Mr. Arpha I hope that my contacting you is not an imposition in any way. My name is Cathoderay. I am the user of the A product which lives in Japan. When looking at what thing is written to the English version of the webcatalog of A, the talk of a B is written and it became a change of air of work very much. It is good for such a talk to sometimes have appeared. It got to know that it was so famous a B for the first time. It was thought the advantage of Webcatalog that knowledge could be acquired in a completely unexpected place. Thank you -- Regards, Cathoderay (English is not my native language. Please allow, even if how to use English and the text have made a mistake in some.) ---  という内容の英文を送ろうと考えています 大筋の内容としては、私は貴社のユーザーである こないだ見た記事は大変気分転換となるとともに このような内容が見れることに大きな意義を感じた 英語が得意ではないので表現の誤りは許してほしい といったないようです 英文的におかしいところや、文章はこうしたほうがよい などがありましたらお教えください。

  • 英作文の添削をお願いします。

    「受賞おめでとうございます。どうして映画監督になりたいと思ったのですか。少し お聞かせいただけませんか。」「そうですね。ちょっと答えづらいのですが、七歳の 時にキャメラを買ってもらって、それがきっかけで、映像の面白さに気づき始めたのだ と思います。映画館をやっている祖父がいたのも、映画的環境に慣れ親しむ一因 だったと思います。」 “Congraturations on the award! Would you mind sparing some time for us to ask you why you wanted to become a supervision of cinema”“Well, the answer a little embarrass me. It is because I started to realize the interest of pictures by the opportunity to be bought a camera for me when I was 7 years old. That my grandfather run a cinema is one of the reason why I familiar with the surroundings of it, I think.” 最後に I think を持っていったのは文頭にもっていくと (that) thatになりわかりづらいかと 思ったからです。かえってわかりづらいでしょうか? 回答よろしくお願いします。

  • この英文あってますか?

    This book is one of the favorite books of me. This book moved me deeply. It is because the family ties is being written very well. well, I love my family. I thought it is only one thing to be important. I regarded it as really important.  Therefore, I thought that the family was a treasure. This book was the book which reminded me of such a thing. From now on I want to keep this feeling in mind. 間違ってるところとか付け足したほうが良いところとか教えてください。お願いします

  • 自然な英語になるように、添削をお願いします。

    添削をお願いします。 音楽のジャンルにはこだわりません。自分が良いと思える音楽が私の好きな音楽になります。 それがjazzであっても、bossa novaであっても。 1, I have no particular liking to a certain music genre. Any muist that sounds good to me is my favorite, be it jazz or bossa nova.         2, It doesn't matter what kinds of music it is. My favorite music is what I can think it good. Jazz, bossa nova and any kinds of music will do as long as I can think it good. 以前はよく音楽を聞いていたが、だんだんに音楽を聴かないようになってしまっています。 I used to listen to the music, but I don't gradually do it.