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u know I gotta take care of my girls out there. Treat a woman right fellas. It's about her not u.


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だいたい意味はわかりました! ご回答ありがとうございました^^!


  • 英文翻訳をお願いします

    英文翻訳をお願いします But always know there is more to a woman than her looks in my opinion. If a man gets too caught up on a woman's looks he gets blinded and can never truly see the real woman inside, which makes him and the woman live in a false reality. But once the man and woman truly see eachother for who they are and accept eachothers differences then that's where a true relationship begins, whether it's good or bad.

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    For those out there struggling, know that it's possible. If I can do it, you can, too.

  • メールを翻訳して頂けませんか?

    メールを翻訳して頂けませんか? メールが来ましたが、意味がよく分かりません。助けて下さい。Mirai とは女優の志田未来さんです。 Hi Yoko chan. Have u watch the unpublished CUT of SDK Mirai ep? Not the whole ep but the CUT just released last month. It seems like nobody know about it. IT seems super hilarious b/c kindi kids teased her and made her really embarrassed. Actually i planed to ask my friend to sub it at first then share it latter with everyone. However, my friend really has no time right now to contact with me now. So i really cant wait to know what they said. It looks very interesting. Plz tell me what's going on there. I will ask my friend to sub it properly latter as i wont trouble u much. If u dont have the vid. U just let me know.

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    Ok now i know why i can not buy the bag useing my Bill Me Later it said bill me later is not availabl for this purchase and that is the only way i can buy the bag sorry about that its not on me there is nothing i can do about that. よろしくお願いします

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    We need to do it that way and get out there on the road and get out there with some excitement and not just turn our legacy into what Journey or Foreigner is. That's not what we're about. That's not why we got into this. That's not at all what I'm about.”

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    I don't give a fuck what they call themselves, but it's not Stone Temple Pilots. And so I say to you, our fans, I'll see you out there on the road this summer where I'm touring as "Scott Weiland" with my band The Wildabouts. But don't give up on STP. I know I haven't.

  • 翻訳してください(>_<)

    翻訳してください(>_<) 私はいま海外のペンパルをつくるサイトに登録しています。 ですが私は英語が苦手でそのことをプロフィールに載せているのですが、英語でメッセージがあり読めなくて困っています。 Helloooo! I am 相手の名前, there isn't really much to say about me, only thing I can say is that I am one of the most sweetest guys you will ever meet. I am also really shy in person, but once I know you I will come out of my shell. I also really love Japan and everything about it, especially the beautiful girls. :) 翻訳サイトで翻訳しても意味がわかりませんでした。 よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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    I guess I'm going to be the one to have to do this. Males of the planet earth it is not ok to take your penis out whenever you like! Getting a female alone (or in pairs) and uninvitedly displaying your dick is not a dating strategy. It's not sexy it's gross. And it's illegal. And it's traumatic and frightening and more (I can't pretend to know the ways it hurts victims) and you make all registered penis owners look bad.

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    間違っている箇所があれば訂正を宜しくお願いします。 (1)Staggers or stubs her feet occasionally, and when walking to the point of      exhaustion develops a staggering walk.  彼女の足は時折よろめいたり、踏み外したり、疲労困ぱいまで歩くとよろめきなが ら歩くようになります。 (2)There is a kind of urgency about her walk, though it is not especially rapid, it is not  a calm stately walk.  彼女の歩き方にはある種の緊急性があります。とりわけ急ではありませんが、それ は静かで穏やかな歩行ではありません。 (3)It is the walk of a woman going places and who has allows just enough time to get  there, not late but cuts it close, has no hesitations, or stops in it.  歩いてあちこち寄り道しそして遅れず、到着するのに十分時間がありますがしかし 待ち時間を縮めたり、ためらったり、やめたりはしません。 (4)She is agile.  彼女は機敏です。 (5)Finicky and fastidious about her personal appearance. Likes fine possessions and  clothes and accessories.  彼女は個人的な外観について細心の注意を払っています。服やアクセサリーを所有 するのが好きです。 (6)Finicky about health and hygiene Tidy in habits.  健康と衛生を気にする傾向があります。 (7)May be sensitive to the smell of smoke or food, or stale air.  たぶん煙や食べ物、ムッとする空気に敏感な場合があります。

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    let me tell you something, you already know. the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. >もう分かっていると思うが、世の中は良いことばかりではない。 It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how much tough you are... >・・・・・・、どんだけタフかは関係ない。 It will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it >もしお前が・・・・それはお前のひざで・・・・・・ you me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life >お前、オレ・・・・ but It ain't about how hard you hit It's about how hard you can get hit... and keep moving forword >しかし、それはお前がヒット・・・さっぱりわかりません How much you can take and keep moving forword >どうやってお前が・・・そして前に進むかだ。 That's how winning is done それが? that's~is? 結局何も分かりませんでした。 日常会話って難しいですね;;