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But if you already have previous engagements with your friends that you need to go to ... I understand if you need to go to them. Or maybe we can go together? As long as I can be with you I'm happy. Oh ... there should also be a gym in the hotel. If you're working I will go to the gym or go running. You can want you can also go to the gym ... I think they have a steam room as well :) But now it has gone down a lot ... since now you have taken a big place in my heart.

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でも、君が行かなくてはいけない友達との先約がもうすでにあるんだったら…君が行かなくてはいけないのはわかるよ。 それとも、僕たち一緒に行けるかな?君と一緒にいられさえすれば、僕は幸せさ。 あぁ…ホテルにはジムもあるはずだ。君が仕事があれば、僕はジムに行くかジョギングに行くよ。 君はしたいことができるし、ジムに行くこともできる…スティームバスもあると思うよ。 でも、今ではそれはずいぶんランキングが下がっちゃった…だって、今は君が僕の心の中で、大きな場所を占めているからね。



saysheさん ありがとうございます!

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でももし、友達と一緒に行く約束があるんなら・・・・・・そっちを優先しなくちゃね。 もしかして、私も一緒に行ってもいいのかな? 一緒にいられると嬉しいし。 そうだ、ホテルにはジムがあるよね。そこでがんばってるなら、私もジムに行くか、走りに行こうかな。 あなたはジムに行きたいかもしれないし、実際、行ってもいいんだし。そうそう、そこに蒸し風呂ってあるはずだよね。 でも負けた負けた! ・・・・・・だって、もうあなたがとても大切な人になっちゃったから。 といった感じかと思います。





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    I have to go to sleep, goodnight 〇〇, and remember that things will change and you will find a good situation if you stay positive and keep trying, you can always come visit here and travel to see beautiful nature with me, I'll help as much as I can listening and looking for opportunities for you, I have some ideas already

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    I can easily do it now, while he's talking to God. But if I kill him now, he'll go straight to Heaven. I need to think about this. A wicked man murders my father and I, his onl son, send this same man to Heaven? No, that's not revenge. It will be better to wait. I'll kill him when he's drunk too much. Or when he' angry, or in bed with my mothe. I want this man to go to Hell, not Heaven. I must be patient. Your words to God have saved you now, but you won't live much longer. 長いですが宜しくお願い致します

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    どなたかこの英文を訳していただけないでしょうか。 よろしくお願致します。 hi! $100.00 with the shipping included! wow that's so cool! thank you! i have to go back to my bank tonight to pay on line because their system is down for the next few hours they said and i'm going to try to increase the credit i have with them. right now i have 32.00 with them abvailable. (50.00 when i pay what is owed, tonight) i can put i can put either the 50 or the 32 down on the item if you want and then make payments from there and when i am done you can ship the item because it's a christmas gift for my girlfriend so i don't need it immediately, i'm so happy! if i get a credit increase for $100.00 i will just pay you the $100.00 but if they don't give me the increase we'll do it the payment way if that's cool with you. thank you so much!

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    ペンパルからのメール内容ですが、後半(Also,even ifから)の訳がよくわかりません。 A friend of mine is having an affair. She says, she likes to have a "friend" to hang out with, without having to "sacrifice" her spare time for relationship stuff. I can understand what she's aiming for, but I don't know if that's something I could do. Also, even if you're not dating, you still need time after work to get to know someone. So, in that regard, the situation is the same as with a real boyfriend 私の友達が浮気しちゃってて、彼女は好きな時に一緒にでかけられる”友人” がいるわけ。彼女が何を目的にそういうことしてるのかはまぁ理解できるんだけど 私が同じことできるかと言われればわからない。 もしあなた(ここのyouが私のことなのか単なる形式的な主語なのか…?)がデート してなくても、誰か相手を探すために時間を割く必要があるでしょ。だからその点 に関してはほんとの彼氏がいるのと同じよね。 なんだか意味が通じてるようで通じてない気がするのですが…間違いがあれば 指摘よろしくお願い致します。

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    以下の英文を和訳していただける方に お願いしたいです。 よろしくお願いいたします You can have a further Synastry reading, or chart comparison at any time if you wish to. This is not a "one off" reading. If you do have a further reading you can also ask any questions that you would like to know concerning the relationships, and your comments are welcome. It helps me pick up the psychic thread of your life and also prevents accidental repetition of things I may have already told you. I hope you have found this synastry helpful, and revealing. I am always here you need never feel alone with your problems.

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    凄く長いんですが、翻訳機を使ってみたけどサッパリわからないです。 どなたかお願いします。 how are you i missed you ^_^ so what's new in your life i would like to know you better and be closer to you as a firend as a very good friend ^^ i hopes i am not impolite. if you allow me to know you better i will be very happy. i already have a friend from italy. she is like a sister for me now. i would like to make the same relation ship with some friends from japan. and may be one day we will be able to meet each other. ^_^ and share a very good coffee or tee. i would like to travel to japan some day. and i will be very happy if i can have lot of friends from there. as i did in france. where i spent 2 years for my studies. in Toulon côte d'azure. a very nice place just like okinawa. but okinawa is very beautiful too. ok i have to go back work. if you have any question about me i will be very happy to comunicate with you. very big kiss on your head and a very big hug ;) see you soon

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    以下のメッセージを和訳をお願いします。 I wonder if you can help me with something. I have a show to do where I need to say in japanese the following: "The brave will die but the cautious never live." Are you able to send me the japanese written phonetically so I can learn it. Many thanks if you can do this for me. Best 私は、英語は得意ではありません。 このメッセージを下さった方は、TV等にも出演されている方です。 失礼のない返事をしたいので、どう書けば良いのか、 教えて戴けたら有難いです。 宜しくお願いします。

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    和訳お願いいたします。 Last weekend daylight saving time (summer time) ended in Europe. So now the difference between Europe and Japan is 8 hours instead of 7. It's very inconvenient for me, because now I need to be in the office earlier to talk to my Japanese colleagues. But more importantly ... I feel you are 1 hour further away from me :(((( Anyway I've been preparing for our holiday: Wednesday 1st Dec: I pick you up in Paris airport and drive to Brussels, that day we can do sight seeing in Brussels Thursday 2nd Dec: visit Antwerp and towards the evening we go to Leuven Friday 3rd Dec: visit Brugge Saturday 4th of Dec: you can relax do some more sight seeing in and around Brussels and in the afternoon we drive back to Paris airport Sunday 5th of Dec: ... I miss you very much ... I hope that you like this? If you want to change something please let me know, ok? I'm happy with everything as long as I can see a happy you. Everything is set for a very nice holiday. I just hope that there won't be any trouble with the volcano in Iceland or French workers who strike (they tend to do this ... very annoying). The last few days the weather has been very warm. Actually last night was the warmest November night since they started measuring it in Belgium. Very strange. But now it's very beautiful ... all the trees have nice brown and yellow leaves. I wish I could show you ... but I'm afraid that by the time you come the leaves will be gone. I'm counting the number of days until I can see you ... and see I will have enough fingers to count the days ... now I also need to use my toes :) I've imagined many times the moment when I'm going to see you walk out of the door in the airport ... I just wished this would happy tomorrow . 以上です。ありがとうございます。

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    ネットオークション・イーベイで昔の8mmフィルムを落札、そのやりとりで突然来たこの長文メールに戸惑ってます。どなたか英訳してください。Dear Ebay Member,Your request to send an International Money Order cannot unfortunately be accepted as there is no way of cashing them here as I have enquired before. My auction had set conditions for International customers but I am more than pleased to work along with you to conclude the deal. I suggest you send current Japanese currency concealed well between paper in a well sealed envelope. As I have already got an estimate postal quote to send this film to Japan I can tell you the amount you need to send now. You would need to send $52 for the film + $5 conversion fees as per my auction conditions +$12 postage a total of $69 Australian. If you were able to get Australian banknotes you would only need to send me $64 Australian you will need to check this out with your bank as to whether or not you can get Australian currency or you could go to a currency exchange centre. I have packed your film ready to go so I look forward to hearing from you.

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    和訳お願いします。 You can come to Belgium? I'm very happy to have you as my guest. It will be my pleasure the show you my country, I hope you won't be disappointed. But don't worry I will spoil and pamper you so you have a good holiday. And if that doesn't work ... we'll throw in a few chocolates and waffles :) As for the date ... December - March ... my first reaction would be ... what about the 1st of December? The sooner the better :) March next year I have a big deadline, also January next year we need to demo a new chip on CES in Las Vegas. Hmmm ... I think that indeed beginning of December would be good for me. But what about you? When is a good time for you? Isn't December a busy month for you? Also the weather might not be that good. Normally it's not that cold in Belgium but the coldest months are January / February. Normally in December / March it's not that cold. Yeah December might be nice with all the Christmas decoration etc ... But I still need to check with my boss if he thinks if it would be ok to take leave then. Please let me know what is good for you, ok? Oh yesterday I made a salad and I used your oil and pepper / salt. It was really nice. A little bit spicy but just nice. Thank you again! ... maybe I'll meet you in my dream :)