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この英語の問題の解答を教えてください。 ( )内に入るもっとも適切な語句をa~dから選びなさい。 1,Flying is much ( ) going bay car. a,quick b,quicker than c,quickest of d,most quick 2,That report was ( ) to me of the two. a,very suprising b,more suprising c,the more suprising d, the most suprising 3,Fishing is ( ) sport in the United States. a,the third popular b, the third more popular c,the third most popular d,the most popular third 4,I prefer going to the gym ( ) watching TV at home. a,with b,at c,to d,from 5,Shanghai is one of the ( ) in the world. a,big city b,bigger cities c,giggest city d,biggest cities 6,He is ( ) than unsocial. a,more shy b,shyer c,still shyer d,too shy 7,I cannot afford to buy a car, much ( ) a house. a,less b,more c,better d,still 各組の文の意味がほぼ同じ意味になるように( )内に適語を入れなさい。 1,Skiing is not so dangerous as you think. Skiing is ( ) dangerous ( ) you think. 2,She is proud rather than vain. She is not so much vain ( ) proud. 3,We walked in the room as quietly as possible. We walked in the room as quietly as ( )( ). 4,John had only five dollars then. John had ( )( ) than five dollars then.


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まずお願いですが,こういうところにアップする時には,タイプミス,スペルミスには十分気をつけるようにして下さい。時には,致命的になってしまいますので。 さて,解答は以下のようになると思います。 1, b 2, c 3, c 4, c 5, d 6, a 7, a 1,Skiing is not so dangerous as you think. Skiing is ( less ) dangerous ( than ) you think. 2,She is proud rather than vain. She is not so much vain ( as ) proud. 3,We walked in the room as quietly as possible. We walked in the room as quietly as ( we )( could ). 4,John had only five dollars then. John had ( no )( more ) than five dollars then. 一応,参考にしてみてください。



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    お願いします! Aに関しては翻訳も A 入る語を下から選び適切な形に 1The countryside has () vegetables  than cities. 2Which are more (),cities or country  areas? 3The countryside is () than the city. 4You may not have as( )information  in the country as in the city. [ crowded fresh much quiet ] B並べ替え 1都会の生活の方が田舎よりやることがたくさんあるので好き I like life in the city because there are (things/more/to do) than in the country. 2日常生活は田舎よりも都会の方が生活のペースが速い Everyday life is(than/faster/in the city/in the country). 3田舎の生活は都会の生活と同じくらいよいと考える人達もいる Some people think that (as/as/country life/good/is)city life.

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    比較の問題で困っています。だれか教えてください。お願いします。 Q(  )に入れるのに最も適当なものを、それぞれ(1)~(4)のうちから1つ選びなさい。また、訳もしなさい。 1.Professor Yamamoto is (  ) my mother. (1)twice old as (2)twice older than (3)twice as old as (4)as twice old as 2.My house is (  ) wonderful than yours. (1)no more (2)neither more (3)no much (4)neither much 3.No (  ) student can do better than John in mathematics. (1)other (2)another (3)more (4)any 4.The closer the relationship, the (  ) the chance for the expression of true feelings. (1)great (2)more great (3)greatest (4)greater 5.Mary is beautiful, but her sister is (  ) more beautiful. (1)most (2)much (3)so (4)very 6.Tokyo is the third (  ) city in the world. (1)largest (2)larger (3)large (4)more large 7.This is what annoys me (  ). (1)furthest (2)best (3)deepest (4)most 8.This computer is (  ) to mine. (1)better (2)important (3)efficient (4)superior

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    In this sense,rice does much better.It contains far less fat than bread, and white rice contains less than one-tenth of the fat in both breads.Protein is a substance our body needs in order to grow and remBesides the mineral above, whole-grain foods have a higher amount of magnesium in brown rice is seven times as much as that in white rice.Whole-wheat bread contains more than three times the amount of it than in white breads.There is also a largeain healty.Both kinds of bread have around four to five times as much protein as both kinds of rice have.

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    ※穴埋め 1)Mai can (faster/else/finish/much/than/anybody/her calculation) in her class. →finish her calculation much faster than anybody else 2)I don't particularly like him,but he's the (of/better/two/the) candidates. →? 3)I've had so much to do at work recently and I'm really tired.I'd prefer to (at home/drive/my weekend/rather than/spend) all the way to Kyoto. →spend my weekend at home rather than drive 4)For nature lovers,(is/more/nothing/refreshing/than) pure cold water from a mountain stream. →nothing is refreshing more than 5)Our dog is (a pet/not/as/so/much) a number of our family. →? ※間違い訂正(間違い→訂正の順) 6)The children's television program,"Sesame Street",is far more popular as any other show of its genre. far more popular as→more popular than? 7)The bag I have now is three times so expensive as the one I had before. three times so expensive as→three times as expensive as 8)My brother studied all the hard because my mother praised him. ?→? 解説や和訳を加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

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    和訳してください His novels are not as popular as they used to be. That country is three and half times as large as Japan. The expressway is less safe at night than during the day. Which computer is the more compact of the two.

  • 模範解答をお願いします。仮定法・比較級の問題です。

    1.次の各組がほぼ同じ意味になるように、空所に適語を1語ずつ入れなさい。 (1)A:In my opinion, the most dangerous job is driving a cab in New York City. B:I am of the opinion that ( ) ( ) ( ) is more dangerous than driving a cab in New York City. (2)A:She is quite as charming as her sister. B:She is ( ) ( ) charming than her sister. 2.次の語群を正しく並べ替えなさい。 (1)この仕事は、はたで見る程楽ではない。 This task is not (as/so/it/easy/seems). (2)人の価値は所有物よりもむしろ人物次第です。 A man's value lies (as/has/he/in what/much/not/so) in what he is. (3)(him/hear/to/in/speak) English, your would take him for a native speaker. (1語不要) 3.次の文の( )に当てはまる語句を下から選びなさい。 (1)Last year, Mary earned ( ) her brother, who has a better position. ア.twice as much as イ.more twice than ウ.twice so many as エ.twice as more as オ.twice much more than (2)Jeff and Jenny saved ( ) they could to visit their uncle in Hawaii. ア.as a lot of money as イ.as much money as ウ.money as a lot as エ.money as possible as (3)I am no ( ) able to operate this machine than he is. ア.far イ.much ウ.very エ.more 4.日本文の意味に合う英文を下から選びなさい。 地下鉄がなければ東京のほとんどの人たちが非常に不便を感じるだろう。 ア.With no subways in Tokyo, all of the people's inconvenience will be great. イ.If it were not for the subways, great inconvenience can be felt by all the people in Tokyo. ウ.If there were no subways, almost all the people have had great inconvenience in Tokyo. エ.Without the subways, almost all the people in Tokyo would feel great inconvenience. 5.2つの文が同じ意味になるように、( )内から適切な語句を選びなさい。 (1)A:I'd rather go for a walk than see the movie. B:I (ア.like イ.like rather ウ.prefer エ.prefer than) going for a walk to seeing the movie. (2)A:That was the most moving film I had ever seen. B:I had never seen (ア.a more イ.so a ウ.more エ.such a) moving film than that. (3)A:Your stereo set is sperior to mine in sound quality. B:My stereo set is (ア.worse イ.more ウ.better エ.inferior) to yours in sound quality. 6.日本文の意味に合うよう、( )に適当な語(句)を入れなさい。 この橋はあの橋の1.5倍の長さがある。 This bridge is one and a half ( ) as long as that. 7.次の会話が成り立つよう、( )に入る適切な語句を下から選びなさい。 A:Have a nice trip, Mr.Brown. B:Thank you. ( ) anyone need to reach me, I will be staying at the Commodore Hotel. ア.Does イ.Can ウ.Had エ.Should 8.日本文の意味に合うように( )内の語句を並び替えなさい。 (1)彼の成功は才能というよりは努力によるものだ。 (as/due to/his success is/talent/much/not/so/to effort). (2)私には中古車も買えない。まして新車を買う余裕などない。 I can't afford to buy (a/more/car/less/,/much/new/a/used) one. (1語不要) 9.日本文の意味に合うよう、( )に入る適切な語句を下から選びなさい。 もう少し努力すれば、彼は成功しただろう。 ( ) a little more effort, he would have succeeded. ア.For イ.But for ウ.Owing to エ.With 10.次の文の( )でくくられた語句のうち、間違っているものを選びなさい。 (When) she (works on) the English paper, she said, "Sometimes I wish I (am) (British)." 多いですが、よろしくお願いいたします。

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    英語教えてください! 私は部活動よりもボランティア活動に興味があります。 I'm(in/interested/more/than/volunteering)in club activities 今日、川で昨日と同じぐらいたくさん空き缶を拾いました。 I picked up(as/cans/empty/many)is the river today as I did yesterday だから川は以前よりずっときれいです。 So,the river is much(before/cleaner/than) ボランティアをすることは、思っているほど簡単ではないときもあります。 Sometimes volunteering is(as/as/easy/not)I think でもボランティアをした後はスポーツをした後よりもいつも気分がいいです。 But I always(after/better/feel/than/volunteering)after playing sports

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    A bat is not a bird () than a fish is. 1 nothing more 2 no less 3 any more 4 much more Solve as many () you can by yourself. 1 as problems 2 the problems 3 problems 4 problems as 解説もお願いします!!

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    The female lion, contrary to popular belief, is ( ) stalker and hunter than the male lion. (1)a far better (2)a more better (3)much more (4)better at 答えは(1)ですが、なぜ他がだめなのかがわかりません。よろしくお願いします。

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    自分の答えが合っているかと 間違っていた問題は訳や説明をいただけると嬉しいです ・彼はその自転車に多くて5万円支払った。 The bike cost him at most \50,000. =The bike cost him ()()()\50,000.→at the most ・スーザンは私より3,000冊多く本を持っている。 Susan (books/has/than/three thousand/more/I/have). →have three thousand books more then I ・There were () two dogs in each cage. 1 any more than 2 the less than 3 no more than 4 less not than→3 ・She speaks English () fluently as any student in her class. 1 more 2 much 3 as 4 so→2 ・He can hardly read English, () write it. 1 much more 2 all the more 3 much less 4 more or less→1 ・Matters will be () difficult if you don't take action. 1 all the more 2 all the most 3 more the all 4 the most all→3 わからなかった問題です ・並び替え 1 There are (were/college/times/than/three/there/students/more)in the 1960s. 2 (are/as/as cheap/not/last/they/vegetables/were)week. ・間違った部分を選んで直す (1 Let us) realize that the world (2 is changing) at (3 a fast rate) than (4 it has) at any time in human history.