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Millions of people are using cell phones today. In many places it is actually considered unusual not to use one. In many countries, cell phones are very popular with young people. They find that the phones are more than a means of communication-having a mobile phone shows that they are cool and connected. The explosion around the world in mobile phone use has some health professionals worried. Some doctors are concerned that in the future many people may suffer health problems from the use of mobile phones. In England, there has been a serious debate about this issue. Mobile phone companies are worried about the negative publicity of such ideas. They say that there is no proof that mobile phons are bad for your health. この英文の和訳が分かりません教えて下さい。できればいやくはしないでください。


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いくつか読むポイントを挙げますので、一度挑戦してみてください。 cell phone = mobile phone 携帯電話 a means of~  ~の手段 having a mobile phone show that...  携帯電話を持つことはどういうことか、というのがthat以下のことを示しています。 The explosion [around the world in mobile phone use] has some health professionals worried. [ ] を先に訳す。 have (人)worried ... 心配させる They say that [there is no proof that (mobile phones are bad for your health)]. まず( )の中を訳して、 [ ]の中は、それに関してproofがない、と言う意味。TheyはMobile phone companiesのこと。



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    ネットを見てたら気になる英語のサイトを見つけたのですが、英語が全くわからず訳すに訳せず、翻訳サイトを使ってもしっくりこないものとなってしまうのでどなたか和訳をお願いします。 Food faddism is as an exaggerated belief in the impact of food and nutrition on health and disease. Food faddists insist that food and nutrition are more significant than science has established. Such thinking frequently leads people to overestimate the beneficial effects of some foods (e.g., whole grains such as unpolished rice) and condemn others (e.g., refined sugars, flour and grains such as polished rice). Apprehension about particular foods or food components or about food manufacturing processes has led many people to adapt unorthodox food practices and to seek nonconventional approaches to nutrition. Many sensible, sincere people are also motivated to seek alternative food styles for ecological reasons. They are worried about environmental pollution through the use of agricultural chemicals and have turned to“organic” and other types of“health” foods. People have been led to believe that food grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers but with the application to the soil of natural fertilizers and other organic matters are more nourishing and less hazardous. They put an absolute faith in“organic” food and, as a corollary, ask for provision of evidence of absolute safety, an unrealistic and unattainable goal, with the application of new technologies such as genetic engineering to food production. When scientists discover that some component in a conventional food staff can be the risk factor for some life-style related disease, many people lose their faith in conventional nutrition and adopt approaches with the emphasis on new materials. Heightened health awareness caused by increase in information transfer, mainly through the mass media, has created expectations that at present exceed the ability of science to deliver. So-called health hustlers with application of pseudoscience take advantage of this situation. They promote tailor-made products and systems, which they insist, help one to resist disease, improve overall health or slow the aging process

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    Something must have caused languages, even in the past and under traditional conditions, to diverge and to remain separate, in the face of all that contact. Here's how it happens. Any of us over the age of 40 has observed that languages change even over the course of just a few decades, with some words dropping out of use, new words being coined, and pronunciation shifting. For instance, whenever I revisit Germany , where I lived in 1961, young Germans notice that they have to explain to me some new German words (e.g, the new word Handi for cell phones, which didn't exist in 1961), and that I still use some old-fashioned German words that have been going out of use since 1961(e.g, jener/jene for "that/those"). But young Germans and I can still mostly understand each other well. Similarly, you American readers under the age of 40may not recognize some formerly popular English words like "ballyhoo," but incompensation you daily use the verb "to Google" and the participle "Googling" which didn't exist in my childhood.

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    英文和訳です No one should spend too much time on memories. Some people start doing that when they are twenty and never get over living in the past. And it is my feeling that too many memories are sad. They are of friends or events that are gone. The other day someoe asked me what year my father died and I could't remember. The date never seemed like one to memorize, and I don't think of him any less often for having put it out of my mind. 全体的に分かりにくいのですが、特に最後の一文がよくわかりません。 宜しくお願いします。

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    There is some evidence that these improvements in the characteristics of elders have resulted in more positive views of aging. Tibbitts claimed that during the past 30 to 40 years, U.S. society has moved from holding negative stereotypes of old people to holding positive views in which elders are seen as being able to contribute to the quality of life for themselves, their communities, and society as a whole. Schonfield even argued that the assumption of negative attitudes toward old people is a "social myth" perpetuated by the gerontological literature. We will be examining these attitudes in derail in Chapter 2, but there does appear to be a substantial shift from negative to positive attitudes. The improvements in the physical, mental,social, and economic characteristics of elders have been so marked, and there have been so many programs and services developed for elders only, that many have begun to criticize these programs as discrimination in favor of the aged, or positive ageism. We will be discussing examples of positive ageism throughout this book; but the ones that have drawn most criticism so far are the Medicare program and some features of the Social Security System, such as the automatic cost of living increases in benefits and the tax-exemption of Social Security benefits for most elders. Perhaps these programs have been criticized the most because they involve the most money. Critics are beginning to argue that since elders are no longer deprived economically and since they are now much better off mentally, physically, and socially than they were in the past, it is no longer necessary or fair to continue the enormous expense of these special supports and programs available only to elders. Some argue that the way to reduce positive ageism is to make these supports and programs available to all ages on the basis of need. For example, they recommend that the national health insurance, which only elders now enjoy, be extended to all ages. It is clear that positive ageism is becoming an important issue and promises to become even more important as we are faced with more older people and more expensive programs for "seniors only."

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    訳を教えてください。 お願いします(>_<) Today,60 percent of disposable waste in Japan consists of packaging. So why not use the ゛furoshiki",a piece of square clote that can warp things in an endless variety of ways? You can use it like a bag ora knap-sack-it's up to your imagination how you use it. It's more stylish and ecological than using paper or plastic bag. About 2.8 billion people-half of the world's population-live off less than $2 a day. For these are no mobile phone,bicycle,television sets or refrigerator. In Japan,50 million mobile phones are exchange for new models or become defunct. On top of that, 6.5 million bicycles,3.55 million television sets and 2.65 million refrigerators are thrown away every year.

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    There are also diverse opinions on how great a role faith and religion play in happiness. Many researchers, however, agree that spirituality does play at least role. Fully rational people, they believe, are less likely to be happy. どなたかお願いしますm(__)m

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    全体的には長く大変でしたが、これといって一文が長いものはなかったので、まだ訳せました。 ただ、ところどころ知らない単語や忘れかけていた熟語が出てきたので、覚えておこうと思います。 スペルミスには気を付けましたが… お願いします。  Some of the world´s most famous persons have suffered from a similar disability. Albert Einstein, the physicist. Thomas Edison, the inventor. Auguste Rodin, the artist whose statues are in museums around the world. What disabled these three highly-intelligent men? Strange as it may seem, they all suffered from learning disabilities, the name given to a number of related learning disorders.  Persons with learning disabilities are of normal or higher intelligence. Yet they have great difficulty learning to read, write or use numbers.  Almost always, there is a problem with one of the mental processes needed to understand or use written signs or spoken language. A learning-disabled child sees and hears perfectly well. Yet he or she is unable to recognize differences in sizes, shapes or sounds that are easy for others to recognize.  Learning disabilities are very common. They affect perhaps 10 percent of all children. Four times as many boys as girls have learning disabilities.  Since about 1970, new research has helped brain scientists understand these problems better. Scientists now new there are many different kinds of learning disabilities and that they are caused by many different things. There is no longer any question that all learning disabilities result from differences in the way the brain is organized.  You cannot look at a child and tell if he or she has a learning disability. There is no outward sign of the disorder. So some researchers began looking at the brain itself to learn what might be wrong.  In one study, researchers examined the brain of a learning-disabled person who had died in an accident. They found two unusual things. One involved cells in the left side of the brain, which control language. These cells normally are white. In the learning-disabled person, however, these cells were gray. The researchers also found that many of the nerve cells were not in a line the way they should have been. The nerve cells were mixed together.  This study was carried out under the guidance of Norman Geschwind, an early expert on learning disabilities. Dr. Geschwind proposed that learning disabilities resulted mainly from problems in the left side of the brain. He believed the left side of the brain failed to develop normally. Probably, he said, nerve cells there did not connect as they should.  Researchers are continuing to investigate many possible influences on brain development and organization. They know that the two sides of the brain control opposite sides of the body. Usually, the left side of the brain is stronger than the right side. So most persons are right-handed. They use their right hand for most actions. Researchers long wondered why left-handed boys develop learning disabilities more often than right-handed boys. 以上です。

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    Are e-cigarettes the lesser of two evils, or just another method of nicotine exposure? It’s a question public health experts are debating. Some question the benefits of steering smokers towards less harmful products on the nicotine product spectrum. And a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics suggests what medical experts dread: that people who use e-cigarettes are also likely to be regular cigarette users. Adolescents who use e-cigarettes are more likely to smoke other tobacco products and regular cigarettes. The researchers surveyed 17,353 middle and high school students in 2011, and 22,529 young people in 2012 as part of the National Youth Tobacco Survey. Youth who reported ever using e-cigarettes or currently using them had a greater likelihood of experimenting with regular cigarettes, smoking on a regular basis, or being a current cigarette smoker. Among young people who had used tobacco cigarettes, trying an e-cigarette was linked to being an established smoker. The researchers also found that teens who used e-cigarettes were more likely to want to quit smoking the next year, but they were also less likely to abstain from cigarettes all together. The study didn’t look at whether young people are initiating smoking with regular cigarettes and then switching to e-cigarettes, or the other way around. However, e-cigarettes aren’t “discouraging use of conventional cigarettes,” the researchers say. In September, numbers from the CDC showed that the percentage of middle school and high school students who have tried e-cigarettes doubled from 3.3% in 2011 to 6.8% in 2012. “While much remains to be learned about the public health benefits and /or consequences of [electronic nicotine delivery systems] use, their exponential growth in recent years, including their rapid uptake among youths, makes it clear that policy makers need to act quickly,” Frank J. Chaloupka of the University of Illinois at Chicago wrote in a corresponding editorial. Most recently, Los Angeles extended its city-wide smoking ban to include e-cigarettes.

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    次の文のことで、お尋ねしたいことがあります。 「現在、日本の多くの高等学校では、生徒が携帯電話を持ってくることを禁止しています。これについてあなたの考えを書きなさい」 1.下にある曖昧な作文ですが、言いたいことが伝わっていますでしょうか? 字数は、気にしなくてよいのですが、100語以上を目安にしています。 添削してくださるのもとても勉強になりますが、でも、2あなた様ならどのような主張で、どう英語で表現するかを書いてくださるととても助かります。 3、下の書き方はよい書き方でしょうか?それとも悪い書き方でしょうか? 「この文は何が言いたいのかさっぱりわからない」という場合は、遠慮なくおっしゃってください。 どういう表現にすればよかったのかを、一緒に問題を考えてくださると幸いです。 []は段落番号です。 [1] I am for high school students from carrying cell phones because it is not necessary for them at school. [2] When you come back home late because of school club activities, it is possible for them to get in touch with thier parents everwhere. However, we see many bad students absorbed in using a cell phone without considering other people's feelings and ther are not aware that they are bothering other people on the train or in the bus. When their friends call them up and they try to answer the phone, they speak loudly on the phone while they are bothering other poeple. We should't allow them to carry a cell phone while they are not considerating others. [3] There seems many high school students who can concentrate on studying, though they have a cell phone. However, the fact is that there are many high school students using it by sending e-mail to their friends and our teachers told them not to use it and not to carry it in school. [4] When they get into college and they are able to be responsible for what they do, they should buy their own cell phone, not asking their parents to buy it. It is obvious that a cell phone isn't nessesary for them.

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    訳を教えてください。 With that said, I would add that most people would still probably use the word people for either situation. 後ろの方のpeopleはイタリックです。 ちなみに、前の文章は、 "There are two persons sitting at th table.""There are two people sitting at the table."In the first one, I get the feeling that the two are not together; they're just sharing the table.In the second one I think that the two of them are together. です。