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After a break for two deadly super storms - we now return you to our regular weekend program. Tune in this weekend for our newest hit show Race Riot! This week we travel to St. Louis.


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 二回にわたる最大級の暴風雨のための中断も終わり、これから今まで通りの週末の番組に戻ります。  今週末は、最も新しい我々のヒット・ショーであるRace Riot をお届けします。で今週はセントルイスに参ります。





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    One of our members is an accomplished professional audio engineer and producer. So we have recorded this CD for next to nothing and it sounds great.

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    英語力が乏しくてネイティブティーチャーからのメールの内容がイマイチ理解出来ないです。下記の英文をどなたか翻訳いただけないでしょうか? oh ya im heading to shikoku this weekend for a few days. im dying for a relaxing weekend! hehe thanks for the advice il be hitting up an onsen foresure!

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    How did this tour come together? Richard Patrick: I heard about it and said to Dean [DeLeo], “Hey, Dean: take me on tour!” [laughs] And he asked the guys, came back and said, “Everyone says this is good!” Chester Bennington: Pretty much. We wanted this tour to be a really good experience for our fans; and we had been struggling to find bands, the right band, to make it awesome. So when Dean came to rehearsal, we were at Robert’s house recording, and said, “Richard said that they would go out with us.” I was. like, “F---, yeah!” That is exactly what we want and what we need for this tour.

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    Over the last couple of months, we observed the success that this method has produced for several bands and artists alike. It's an unusual method, but it's a new method and it seems this is a way for us to connect with you, our fans, on a much more personal level. We like that. After laying down an ear recipe that is sure to piss off a few neighbors on our new record “The Sun Comes Out Tonight,” we realized it was necessary that we Tour the World and break a few more strings with all of you. This is something we've dreamt about from the very beginning, but to fulfill this dream we are going to need your help. Essentially, the success of this campaign will determine the epicness of the Tour. We want to bring you the very best of Filter. ※ 『The Sun Comes Out Tonight』はアルバム名、『Filter』はバンド名です。

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    メタリカ.com記事です。マイブログにいれたいので。 All the Fillmore Theatre love and good vibes continue outdoors as we are proud to announce that we have been invited to headline the Outside Lands festival here in our hometown of San Francisco the weekend of August 10-12 in beautiful Golden Gate Park. This will be the fifth annual Outside Lands, so we are honored to finally get to play in the park! The line-up this year is stellar and we're super excited to sharing the same stage as the Foo Fighters, Jack White, Beck, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Stevie Wonder, The Kills, Justice, and Skrillex, just to name a few of the artists who will appear during the three day festival. Advance 3-Day and VIP Passes go on sale this Thursday, April 19 at 12:00pm PDT here: www.sfoutsidelands.com/tickets. For more information, visit www.sfoutsidelands.com.

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    いまひとつ分かりませんので翻訳をお願いいたします。 Although our website isn't set up to accommodate international addresses (as we ship only to the USA - and Canada for blankets, pillows, shams and bedspreads), we do have the ability to set up an international billing address directly in our system, for orders with a US shipping address.