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中学校の日本の文化紹介の文です(コタツについて)あと、最後のシメの一文で最適なものを付け加えたいので(中学レベルの英語で)教えてください。よろしくおねがいします I`m going to talk abought Kotatsu. It is used when you keep warm and it is used in winter. In former days Kotatsu wasused with charcoal. you can have a rest when you are in the kotatsu


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最後の〆には英文を作るのでしょうか? それなら、コタツと言っても最近の子どもの家には無いかも知れません。おじいちゃん、おばあちゃんの家にはあるとか、マンションならそもそもコタツは置かないでしょうし。 それならシンプルに、「みんなの家にはコタツはあるかな?ある人は手を挙げてー。」はいかがでしょう? Do you have a Kotatsu in your house? If you have one, please raise your hand.


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I`m going to talk abought Kotatsu. コタツについてお話ししましょう。 ※注:abought → about It is used when you keep warm and it is used in winter. コタツは、冬を暖かく過ごす(暖かさを保つ)為に使われます。 In former days Kotatsu wasused with charcoal. その昔のコタツは炭を使用していました。 ※注:wasused → was used you can have a rest when you are in the kotatsu. コタツに入るとくつろげますね。(気持ちが穏やかになりますね/ほっとしますね)。


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 僕だったら、しばらく下記のような絵を見せて、  https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E3%81%93%E3%81%9F%E3%81%A4&biw=1920&bih=888&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=gNyKVbbsH8n1oATX74HQDA&ved=0CCUQsAQ  Are there any questions? 「何か質問がありますか」 でシメマす。冬使い、昔は炭を使った、だけでは、何が「こたつ」なのか分からないと思います。もうこたつが何かを知っている聞き手なら何も言わなくてもいいと思います。  



  • 英文の和訳

    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 身内についての説明文かもしれませんが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 n the previous two readings I told you of your future partners Mother and then his Father In this reading to complete the picture I will tell you something of the rest of his family. His siblings or other close relatives. It is the parents who always show most distinctly and clearly, because their influence on your partners early fate and background in generally the stronger, but some details about the rest of the family do show. The reason I only reveal his background step by step, when it is there to be found, is simply that while to you it may just be one paragraph that is quickly read, it takes a long time to detangle his family relationships from the web of fate in your chart. so there is only enough time to include a fragment in each reading, if we are to allow room for other important things.

  • 英語→日本語(和訳)

    You are less likely to gain weight in summer than in winter because you tend to lose your appetite when it is hot. という文章の和訳をお願いいたします。

  • 和訳みてください。I will(would) be happy

    ,"will" is used for future tense when you are sure something is going to happen Willは未来の文で使い、何かが確実に起こりえる時(現実になれる) I will be happy when I see you on msn 私は貴方とMSNで会ったら(話せたら)うれしくなる。 I will be happy when I can visit you in Japan. 私は日本であなたをたずねる事ができた時、私は幸せになる。 2,"would" is used for future tense but not sure if something is going to happen wouldは未来の文で使う。しかし確実に起こりえない何か。 I would be happy if I won one million yen at pachenko 私がパチンコで100万勝ったら幸せだろう I would be happy if Angelina Jolie was my wife 私の妻がアンジェリーナだったら幸せになるよ

  • 至急和訳をお願いします!!2

    すいません。アメリカの親戚からメールが届いて、至急返信を返さなければいけなく、辞書を引いても、凄く難しい文構造で、中2の僕では解読不能です。 文は、 Hi there. Its your cousin from america Daniel. Is there anything special you would like to do this summer? Say like going to mount rushmore it is a symbol of freedom. In america. We would probable have to drive there it takes a long time like 13 hours or so. Another possibility is gong to an amusment park or a water park it all depends on what you would like to do. I think you will have a fun and great experience. 本当にあつかましくてすいません。 道か宜しくお願いします!

  • 英文和訳で困っています。

    I had many reasons why this is going to be the case for me in the rest of my life とありました。 why以下がうまく日本語にできず、困っています。 どなたか分かる方がいましたら、教えてください。

  • 英文和訳

    "We have to talk." To women, usually the ones saying this to men, these four words are often an expression of a desire to connect, to address something with a man on a deeper, more satisfying level. It often means, "Let's get together and see if we can move things to a better place." Saying this to a man can feel dangerous. As one woman put it "Get ready for World War Three" To men, these may be among the most feared words in the language. They often stimulate what we call male relational dread. One man's response was,"Let me out of here!" Another man said, "To me those words mean : `Next stop,divorce.`" These words often mean somethings quite different whwn they are said to someone ofthe same genger. When women say to other women,"We have to talk," it can mean a multitude of things. If the other woman is someone new with whom the woman feels friendly, it can mean,"Let's get to know each other." If it's an old friend whom she hasn't seen for a while, it can mean, "Let's catch up - do I have things to tell you!" And if it is a friend with whom she is in frequent, even daily contact,it can mean,"Wait till you hear this. I've got to tell you about last night." Men rarely say this to other men. When they do, sometimes it has a sense of invitation, as in, "Hey, let's catch up!" But often it has the connotation of "You're in big trouble with me.Get ready for a hassle." Gender differences in the meaning of these words start early. In our gender dialogues between seventh-grade boys and girls, their comments and questions often focus on "talk" : BOYS: Girls talk for most of the conversation so we don't have to talk. GIRLS: How come boys don't talk first? How these gender differences can be used in dialogue to heal the relationships between women and men is the topic of our discussion.

  • 英文で分からないことがあります

    (2)と(3)の英文が正しいか教えてください。(1)と(4)は英文が正しいか教えてください。 (1)あなたが住んでいるところは、雪が降りますか? (2)12月19日から1月7日まで冬休みです。まだ、冬休みの予定は、決めていません。 今、あなたの国は、冬休みですか?あなたは、冬休みに何をする予定ですか? (It is a winter holiday from December 19 to January 7. Yet, the schedule of a winter holiday has not determined. Now, is your country a winter holiday? Are you going to make what a winter holiday?) (3) 夜、私は、写真館に行きました。 (I visited a photographic studio in Soul.) (4)様々な衣装を着て撮りました。その時の写真を同封します。

  • 英文和訳

    次の英文を和訳してくださいm(_ _)m When you have lived as long as I have,you will discover,I hope,that it is not what one sees on the outside,so much as what is in the inside of a man,which makes him happy and contented,or the contrary.

  • 英文の和訳

    和訳をしていただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 売り込みトークかもしれませんが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 SOUL MATE FOUR, the last and final brilliant ultimate new chapter, it will reveal anything that is not covered in soul mate one or two, and will complete this book of love. I cannot tell you more about this because its impossible to know before we do the reading what it will show in your particular chart, but it will show something of your life and future together. When you have had all four readings dear friend, all the things you need and want to know about your soul mate and future with him should have been answered,

  • 和訳お願いいたします。

    They were very interested to know how your trip went? And my mother said that your are very "kawaii so" because it has not been so cold in more than 100 years. Come to think of it ... you're really not very fortunate. In summer you visited Osaka and it hasn't been so warm for 100+ years. And when you visit Belgium in winter ... it hasn't been so cold for more then 100 years. You really go through cold and heat to see me ... I'm so happy to know you ... Of course you can stay in "our" hotel room as much and as long you want. . I come to Tokyo for you. If you ask me about my top 5 things I want to do when I'm in Tokyo,