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Let’s be honest here, a lot changes when a guy trades in his life as a bachelor for a serious, committed girlfriend. As a matter of fact, when we’re single, we can’t even try to relate to our buddies in long-term relationships. Of course, there are pros and cons to being in either of these situations. If you’re single, you can actually see what this whole Tinder thing is all about. And if you’re taken, you don’t have to waste your time feeling miserable about yourself for actually using dating apps. But what are the real, everyday differences between being a single guy versus being a taken guy? We came across an interesting visual series illustrated by ScrollDroll that highlights the major differences between the two. The results? Well, they’re eye-opening to say the least! When you’re single, you’re driving way faster than you would with a girlfriend in the car. When you’re taken, you sit in the very back of the movie theater, and you probably never even watch the movie. When you’re single, you even watch the previews. When you’re taken, it’s your relationship over your bros. But when you’re single, your bros are all you really have. When you’re single, your heart is half empty, and when you’re taken, it’s full. When you’re taken, your wallet cries itself to sleep at night. When you’re single, budgets are non-existent, and you actually have spending money. When you’re single Valentine’s Day is just called Feb. 14 to you. When you’re taken, you better have made plans. When you’re taken, your face is always freshly shaved. When you’re single, who gives a f*ck?! When you’re single, you’re used to 21-second phone calls to your weed dealer. 細かい点や自然な感じの文章として和訳するにはまだ力量不足につき和訳をお願いします。もし和訳していただけたら、その後、精読して文法的な疑問点などが出てくれば別に投稿しようとも思っています。よろしくお願いします。


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以下のとおりお答えします。面白い内容でしたが、2,3か所ほどよく分からないところがありました。(カッコに入れて「?」をつけてあります。) *ここで誠実になろう。男が独身者として、身を委ねてくれる真剣なガールフレンドを求めて自分の人生を賭ける時、彼は大変貌するのだ。 *実際問題として、私達が独身の時には、仲間と長期の親友関係を持とうとすることさえできない。 *もちろん、これらの状況のうちのどちらにあっても長所と短所がある。もしあなたが独身ならば、あなたは実際にこの一大発火物(?)が一体どんなものであるかを見ることができる。 *そして、もしあなたが既婚者ならば、実際のところあなたはデートの約束を取りつけようとしてみじめな気分になりながら時間を浪費する必要はない。 *しかし、独身男性であること対既婚男性であることの、本当の日常的な違いは何であろうか? *私達は、その両者間のおもな違いを強調するScrollDroll(滑稽絵巻?)に図解されている、興味深い視覚的双書に出会った。 *結果はどうかって? そう、それは控えめに言っても、目を見張らずにはおかないよ! *あなたが独身の時には、ガールフレンドと一緒の場合より車を飛ばすね。 *あなたが既婚の場合には、あなたは映画館でずっと後ろに座り、たぶん、映画を全然見もしない。あなたが独身の時には、予告編さえも見る。 *あなたが既婚の場合には、その関係が兄弟関係の上に重なる。しかし、あなたが独身の時には、兄弟関係が本当にあなたの持つ関係のすべてである。 *あなたが独身の時は、あなたの心は半分空っぽで、既婚の場合には一杯になっている。 *あなたが既婚の場合には、あなたの財布は夜眠りたいと泣く。あなたが独身の時には、予算などは存在せず、実際のところ使うだけのお金がある。 *あなたが独身の時には、バレンタインデーはぴったり2月14日に呼ばれてやって来る。あなたが既婚の場合には、計画を立てておいた方がよい。 *あなたが既婚の場合には、あなたの顔はいつもさっぱりと髭剃りされている。あなたが独身の時は、誰がセ*スの相手をしてくれる?! *あなたが独身の時には、あなたは雑草(ヤク?)のディーラーに21秒電話をすることになれている。 以上、ご回答まで。



短い文章でも理解し辛いという私の英語力では、これだけの文章でも非常にストレスになるようですw しかも特定の話題の記事となると関連用語の理解も難しいです。最近は短い文章を拾っては質問しまくっています。英語の壁って本当に高いなぁとおもう今日この頃です。しかし、なぜ21秒なんでしょうかね。ネイティブならわかるんでしょうか? あまり掘り下げる価値がある記事ではないかもしれませんが、知的好奇心がまだ冷めないようです。とまれ、ありがとうございました。

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    Delta GoodremのBe Strongという曲なんですが、和訳歌詞が知りたいのに 調べても出てきません。 誰か、和訳をよろしくお願いします。 Are you swimming up stream in oceans of blue Do you feel like your sinking? Are you sick of the rain after all you've been through? Well I know what you're thinking When you can't take it You can make it Sometime soon I know you'll see 'cause when you're in your darkest hour And all of the light just fades away and When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray Well hang on and be strong We're taking each step one day at a time You can't loose your spirit Let live and let live forget and forgive It's all how you see it And just remember keep it together Don't you know you're never alone 'cause when you're in your darkest hour And all of the light just fades away When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray Well hang on (whoa) and be strong No you're not defeated And soon you'll be smiling once again Then you won't have to feel it Let it go with the wind Time passes us by And know that you're allowed to cry 'cause when you're in your darkest hour And all of the light just fades away When you're like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray Well hang on (whoa) and be strong (hang on hang on) Be strong Hold on and be strong

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    , but none of these are exactly "plug and play," so factor in the time and/or the cost required to have it installed when you consider the cost. このfactor in the time ってどうやって訳すのでしょうか? 全文は下記です。 The Nest and the Ecobee are designed so you can install them yourself if you're willing to tackle the project, but none of these are exactly "plug and play," so factor in the time and/or the cost required to have it installed when you consider the cost.

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    When the moon's in the sky we like it It's not gonna give us bad advice So go and dance with your thunder and lightning Where the paradise birds are fighting Let's shake things up a bit tonight Are you coming out tonight? Are you coming out tonight? Cos we're going out tonight And we won't be cattle on your farm tonight Ask yourself why Come on, ask your man why Cos you're ugly and you lie And you kriss kross kriss kross It's a lie So bye bye bye bye bye bye Are you coming out tonight? Well come out with us tonight Cos there's wrong and there is right And we know which one we are tonight Ah don't start crying now Don't go crying now Cos the moon is gonna dance for us tonight Don't go dying now You're not dying now And the sky is just not close to us tonight And as for you, friend High in your high home Watching us all falling down like rain I hope you're happy Feel really holy Cos your godliness has taken every single thing I loved on earth tonight Oh I won't let you leave me You're all I've got, believe me Stay Don't close your eyes Nobody really dies They all just end up in the sky So far away お願いいたします

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 抽象的かもしれませんが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 With Virgo in your twelfth house. You are finicky and fussy in love, very discerning and discrete in the period before you meet him you may become entangled in a relationship that was never really intended, but seemed perfect at the time and then have the greatest difficulty in extricating yourself from it. You may also suffer some poor health, or may be concerned with diet, health hygiene and well-being and be leading a quiet secluded life when you meet him. Virgo can be extreme, either very prudish and virginal or else secretly very passionate behind locked doors, and usually there is a duality in the character about love and sex. The moment love is over, you move on from the past and seek the future. The dictates of your own soul are often suppressed by a fear of making demands on love, or seeming too weak and needy. You may dislike yourself, your body, your looks, your own desires, part of you never feels good enough, loved enough. You keep yourself and your needs too imprisoned, too much under control. In love you have to learn to let go, to give, and be free.

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか。 ミスのご指摘もあれば助かります。 よろしくお願いします。 Unafraid of the "dark" side of life, you are interested in esoteric religion, everything mystical or occult, and so on. Sexuality and physical desires are seen as spiritual. Money, power, and things of this world are also things you will have in your future with him. You have an intuitive ability to make money and acquire wealth, or to inspire your soul mate to do so. In the relationship his money may come and go, or fluctuate through mysterious circumstance. So may your investments. There will be times when he relies on you for financial support and bad times when you both risk deep losses through deception, theft and unknown causes. Mistakes in official documents.. A question I am occasionaly asked is, “ Does my soul mate like animals and pets? You have Neptune in sextile to Pluto. This small aspect suggests that he has a love of animals, including reptiles and fishes, both pets and wild animals in their habitats, a belief in conservation and also likes children You would like for your marriage to be wealthy. Your soul mate will gain wealth through the dead, or legacies, but I cannot tell when.

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    Your Cross has the energy of being well provided for. You also have the energy of saying ''yes'' and making commitments. Your energetic makeup will always draw the necessary resources to you, however your desire to say ''yes'' can get you overextended and lead you to burn out. You need to follow your own style and make sure your commitments involve things you are passionate about. People will be drawn to you to experience your abundant resources. Make sure you are spending your energies on things that have meaning on your soul level.

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    英文の和訳をしていただけるかた のみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 再投稿ですが どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Shyness with the opposite sex. Restraint in expressing your emotional, personal feelings and needs. You have much physical love to give and share and are not prudish. But the dictates of the heart are often suppressed by a fear of making demands or seeming too weak and needy for love. You area giver not a taker in love and you like your love affairs to be emotionally tidy. O have their own place in his life, you don’t let your emotions or dream spill over messily into his life. You keep things tidy you make no demands you are enchanted by the dream of love but are also, a realist in matters of love, The idealism and dream is just the coating you put on the reality. Inside yourself you are a hard task master and the soul mate has to meet to many special requirements, and has to be a unique man to win your heart. He needs to shine out or he is not good enough for you. Unless you can have your mate or ideal partner, you tend to sacrifice happiness, or prefer a life of freedom and inwardly reconcile yourself to spinsterhood. This is preferable to you, to being tied to someone in a marriage that is less than love; or who is not him.. Having tasted paradise, nothing else is good enough.

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    長いですが、お願いします。 Did you have any good dreams last night? Dreams come from the part of the brain that contains memories, thoughts,and emotions.You dream during a stage of sleep called REM. You can have up to six dreams a night, and each dream usually lasts from 10 to 40 minutes. Whether or not people remember dreams depends on the individual. Some people remember many of their dreams while others do not. But what do your dreams mean? Alan Siegel is a scientist who studies dreams. "Dreams help us get in touch with our deeper feelings," he says. "They can tell us a lot about ourselves, and may even help us figure out problems." Here are a few common dreams. Dream1: You Meet Someone When You Are Wearing Your Pajamas(or Nothing at All!) This dream may be the result of an embarrassing event in your life. Your brain is trying to help you deal with the event. Dream2: You're Flying This is a good period in your life. You may feel that other people look up to you as a leader. Dream3: You Didn't Study for a Test This means you are under pressure. You are worried about a major event in the future. If you're not prepared for the event, your dream could be telling you, "It's time to get to work!"

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    英文の和訳お願いします!!! One of the best and most effective ways to respond to our growing environmental crisis is to plant trees. When you plan your career,try not to let salary be your only consideration in choosing your road. We are so used to having a letter or parcel delivered to any place in Japan within a short time that we are likely to forget that there was a time when it took weeks and months to deliver even a single letter. To be free, I argue,people must be able to choose their rulers once in a certain period of time. This is simply because there is no other way to find out what the people want. If you are to become a member of democracy,this fact cannot be forgotten. よろしくお願いします

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    和訳お願いいたします! How are you this morning? I guess you're quite happy ... maybe you don't need to work today. Listen ... I've been thinking about your trip ... and I feel a little bit bad. When I was in Japan, you traveled all the way to Osaka, only be there a couple of hours and then go back. Now you're going to come all the way to Belgium and stay here a 2,5 days. I feel this is wrong I should be the one making all this effort. But since it might be interesting for you to come to Europe ... hmmm ... I guess it's ok for you to come. And I will be very happy to be your guide in Belgium :) But the least that I can do is to arrange your ticket. Please consider giving me your passport details and when you would like to return. I'll propose a few options and I'll book the one you want. Last time you payed for the shinkansen to come to Osaka please let me arrange your travel to Belgium. Now smile and be a good girl, don't be stubborn and say ... "hai" ... Now that I have this of my chest ... I can go bed and sleep with a clear conscience :)