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各組の文がほぼ同じ意味になるように( )内に適語を入れる (1) He can speak French well. He is a good ( ) of French. (2) He didn't have any place to live in. There was no place ( ) him ( ) live in. (3) This tea is hot that I can′t drink it. This tea is ( ) hot for me ( ) drink. (4) English is studied in Japan. ( ) ( ) English in Japan. (5) Her story was very interesting to me. I was ( ) ( ) in her story. (6) Our class has forty students. ( ) ( ) forty students in our class. (7) She bought him the book. She bought the book ( ) ( ) . (8) John became sick last month and he is still sick. John ( ) ( ) sick since last month. (9) Is this your hat? ls ( ) hat ( ) ? (10) I haven't heard from him for years. It has been years ( ) l heard from him last.


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1) speaker 2) for to 3) too to 4) Everyone studies 5) so interested 6) There are 7) to him 8) has gotten 9) this yours 10) since





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    下記文章、ほぼ同じ内容です。 ★なぜ come から been に変わるのか理解できません。 ●She came to Japan a week ago. She is still here. || ●She has been in Japan for a week. ★なぜ became から been に変わるのか理解できません。 ●He became sick last week. He is still sick. ●He has been sick since last week. よろしくお願いします。

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    次の英文を( )に当てはまるように書き換えてください お願いします 至急です (1) How often is it necessary to feed your pet? →How often does your pet need ( )( )( )? (2) Is there any reason why he should resign so suddenly? → Is there any reason for ( )( )( ) so suddenly? (3) His original plan was that his son should go with him. → His original plan was ( )( )( ) to go with him. (4) The window was so dirty that we could not see through it. → The window was ( )( )( )( )( ). (5) This tea is so hot that I can't drink it. → This tea is ( ) hot ( ) me to drink.

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    英語が得意な人が居ましたら、 和訳をお願い致します。 My father has a friend in Osaka. His name is Akira Sato. He and my father became friends When they were student at the same college in Tokyo. Mr.Sato studenthard When he was a college student. But he also worked hard, because he wanted to go to the United States to study English at college. At last he got enough money to go there. In 1974 he finished college in Japan, and he went to the United States in August that year. His parents gave him some money When he left Japan. But two weeks afterhe started to stay in the United States, he because too sick to move. He had on friends to take care of him. He Could not eat or drink anything that day. The nextday, The old woman living next door to him found that he was so sick, and she college an ambulance for him. Hewas carried to a hospital. He was saved! But the doctor told him to go back to Japan, because he was too weak to study in the United States. The old woman did everything for him, so he Could come back to Japan one month later. And he got well. five years later, in 1979, he got married. One day in that year, When he was watching TV, he know about foreign students who were trying to find an inexpensive apartment in Japan. The students were not so rich. He remembered The kind old woman in the United States. Three years later, Mr. and Mrs. Sato made a house for foreign students near their house. The students didn't have to pay a lot of money to Mr. and Mrs. Sato. Mr. and Mrs. Sato have taken care of forty foreign students since 1982. The students call them "our parents in Japan." Some of them invited Mr. and Mrs. Sato to their countries. Mr. and Mrs. Sato didn't have their own children but they are very happy to have many "children" in foreign countries. 以上です。 誤字脱字がありましたらすみません。和訳、宜しくお願いします。

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    英語について (1),the water is boiled.(2),the teapot is warmed.Then,the tea leaves are added to the pot.The teapot is left to stand.(3),the tea mixes with the boiling water.(4),milk is placed in cups.(5),the tea is added to the milk.If some tea is left in the pot,it (6) becomes cold. (1)から(6)には、 Finally,Next,At this stage,eventually,First,Meanwhile のいずれかが入ります。 どれがどこに入りますか? また、訳をお願いします。 At this stageの訳をお願いします。

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    この問題教えて下さい she is a Korean singer (  )(  )in japanese. He has a dog (  )(  )brown spots. She bought a book (  )(  )was beautiful.

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    中学の英語の問題について参考意見を下さい。 When he was a boy, bears were living in this forest. They often came to this lake for fish. と同じ意味になるように下記の空欄を埋めなさいという問題です。 When he was a boy, bears ( )( )living in this forest ( )( ) to this lake for fish. 私は、 When he was a boy, bears (were)(usually)living in this forest (and)(came) to this lake for fish. かな?と思うのですが如何でしょうか?解答がないので答えを見ることができません。

  • 英語の問題なのですが

    He is honest in all he does. Have you ever heard him (spoken) ill of by others? という英文なのですが、 彼は立派な人だ。 あなたは今までに彼の悪口を聞いたことがありますか? と訳したのですが、こんな感じで問題ないでしょうか? ※()内は選択肢なので間違っているかもしれません。選択肢は speak speaking spoken to speak です。こちらも間違っていれば教えていただけると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文を書いてみたのですが添削してもらえないでしょうか

    The Green Mile This movie was released in 1996, and it was nominated for four Academy Award. (Best Supporting Actor, Best Picture, Best Sound, and Best Adapted Screenplay ) The title means road to the electric chair. The scene of this story is on death row in the 1930. 1930 year was an age of serious great depression in the United States. One day, a new inmate arrives. His name is John Coffey who is 7-foot-tall , and black male. He convicted of raping and killing two young Girls. At first sight, John Coffey seems very ferocious, but actual John is gentle giant. Sometimes he cries, because he afraid of darkness. Surely most audience think he is not man who can murder young girls. However he was found by police holding corpse. In fact he has extraordinary healing powers, who reveals by healing warder’s urinary tract infection and resurrecting a mouse. When John is asked to explain his power, he merely says that he "took it back. On that day John defy to care girls. John is innocence. Regrettably, John was sentenced to death, so he can’t escape to death penalty. The director have much concern with John’s initial. John’s initial is the same Jesus Christ. John was modeled on god. He tried to save the human, but he was killed by human. His life resembles Jesus Christ. He had said I was tired before it died. Perhaps god thought so too.  This film picks up the problem of race, and false accusation. John’s lawyer conceive a prejudice against black man. The lawyer thought Black man is the same as dog. He said even if it is usually obedient, that might bite us suddenly. This idea was general in 1930. It is not an exaggeration to say that discrimination to the black executed John. In the last scene, a hero says everyone walks in a green mile of the life. He was 108 years old now, but there is no person who lives a long life in this age. He was helped his sick by John, but he couldn’t save John from electric chair. He probably received John’s life when he was helped. But he thinks his long life is visitation. The prisoner wants to live more, but warder who enforces the death sentence hopes for the death. It is the sarcastic one. 映画「グリーンマイル」についての文です。 わからないところはエキサイト翻訳を使ったので、変なところがあると思います・・・。 でも自分ではそれが変なのかわからなくて困っています。 添削お願いします!

  • 英語 中学書き換え!!

    1、I went to see her last night.(7語に書き換え) 2、I said to myself, ‘This is the dif problem.(8) 3、He doesn`t have any friends in his class.(7) 4、My brother got me the concert ticket.(8) 5、What do you call this flower in your country?(8) カッコに中はすべて、書き換えの数字です。 それと、わやくもおねがいします!!!><; 今日の夜、6時45分までにできればおねがいします!

  • 英語の質問です!

    There () so it will take a long time to move. (1)is many furniture (2)are a lot of funitures (3)is a lot of furniture (4)are many furnitures He will be back () about ten minutes. (1)during (2)till (3)of (4)in He is very ill but there is () hope for him. (1)a little (2)little (3)a few (4)few () passed the test, but there were some who failed. (1)Almost students (2)Most of the student (3)Almost the students (4)Most students It was () we found the nice antique silver spoons. (1)in London that (2)what in London (3)London in where (4)in London which He () us a tale about his adventure. (1)said (2)spoke (3)told (4)talked の答えと解説をお願いします。