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There is another difference that visitors often notice in American schools. There is less importance given to the learning of facts than is usual in the school systems of many other countries. Instead, Americans try to teach their children to think for themselves,to ask questions, to explore, and to develop their own intellectual and creative abilities. Students spend much time learning how to use resource materials, libraries, statistics, and computers. Computers are used in many classrooms, frequently stating in kindergarten. The American system of education is based on the idea that if children are taught to reason well and to research well, they will be able to find whatever facts they need throughout the rest of their lives. This is America's answer to the question that thoughtful parents around the world are asking the world are asking themselves in this fast-paced time: "How can one prepare today's child for a tomorrow that one can neither predict nor understand?"


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他にもアメリカの学校を訪れた訪問者たちが、良く見つける(他国の学校と比較した)相違点がある。 アメリカでは、他の多くの国の場合の学校教育システムと比較して、正解を学ぶことを余り重要視しない。 そのかわりにアメリカでは生徒に自分たちで考えて、質問し、探求し、自分たちの知的興味や創造的能力を発展させることを教えようと試みる。 生徒たちは 知的資源の有効活用の方により多くの時間を使っている。 つまり図書館や、辞典類やコンピューターなどを有効活用している。そして (とくに)コンピューターは多くの教室で使用されている。幼稚園にも設置されている。 アメリカの教育システムは以下の考えを基本としている。 つまり 「生徒は理由を良く考え、良く研究すること(方法)を教えられるべきである。そうすれば正解が何であれ、残りの人生という時間の中で生徒たちは答えを見つけられるだろう」というものである。  此れが 世界中の思慮深い親たちが見つけた回答である。つまり 目まぐるしく変化する世界の中で、いかに今日現在の生徒に予測も想像もできないような明日に備えさせるか?という課題に対する回答である。  -  -  * 今現在の正解など明日の世界では役に立たないから、今生徒に教えられるのは 考える方法や研究のやり方だけである。 あとは 生徒が勝手に残りの自分の人生を賭けて正解を導けばよい という教育についての考え方


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訪問客がアメリカン・スクールでしばしば気がつくもう一つの違いが、あります。 多くの他の国の学校組織で普通であるより少ない事実の学習に与えられる重要性が、あります。 その代わりに、アメリカ人は、themselves,toのために考える彼らの子供たちが質問をすることを教えて、探検して、彼ら自身の知的で創造的な能力を高めようとします。 学生は、資源材、図書館、統計とコンピュータを使う方法を学ぶことに多くの時間を費やします。 コンピュータが、多くの教室(幼稚園でしばしば述べること)で使われます。 教育のアメリカのシステムは、子供たちがよくよい理由に、そして、研究に教えられるならば、彼らが残りの彼らの命を通して必要とするどんな事実でも見つけることができるという考えに基づきます。 これは、世界中の思慮深い両親が世界がこのテンポの速い時に自分自身に尋ねているよう求めているという疑問に対するアメリカの答えです: 「どのように、人は今日の子供に人が予測することもできなく、それを理解することもできない明日の準備をさせることができますか?」



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    (1) The nature of children's rights is unique in that children are socially powerless to voice their views, and that their realisation is subject to an understanding of children's rights by parents, teachers and the public in general. (2) What may be considered as ”violence" in the public arena is often committed at school under the labels "cane of affection" and educational consideration. (3) some schools maintain strict rules in the name of anti-deliquency measures and improving students' academic performance, without questioning whether this might contradict the underlying assumption of respect for children's rights.

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    What are the live of these refugee children like? Think about the case of the children in this photo. They are from Kosovo. Their village was attacked. Their father and older brother were in great danger and had to run away. These children and their mother were left behind. But they were in danger too. They had to leave. They became refugees. There are million of children like the. These children are refugees living in Africa,Asia and Europeーーーeverywhere.

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     Parents were so enthusiastic about the new school and its progressive philosophy that their children quickly learned that their family and school were of one mind not only about the importance of learning, but about what children had to do to learn.

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    For a long time many people thought that learning to read was like learning to understand a spoken language- that it was a netural process. For example, it was thought that most children would learn to read naturally if they were in an environment with lots of books and were allowed to develop reading skills in their own way. The idea that reading is a natural process is quite common among educators, but actually learning to read is as difficult as learning to juggle while riding a unicycle backwards. The truth is that learning to read is one of the most unnatural things anyone can do. 長くなって申し訳ありませんが、上の英文の和訳を教えてください(>_<)

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    英語のサンタの本?エッセイ?の一部なんですが、英語が全くわからないので 和訳していただけないでしょうか? Some little children doubt that Santa still lives because often their letters, for one reason or another, never seem to reach him. Nurses in hospitals know who some of these children are. Teachers in great city schools know others. Dear children of yesterday, won’t you try to seek out these trusting children of today and make sure that their letters in some way may reach Santa Claus so that “he will continue to make glad that heart of childhood”? That, I believe, is the best way of proving there is a Santa Claus, for ourselves and for the children. What will you tell your children about Santa Claus someday?

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    和訳をよろしくお願いします! On November 15 a festival is held for children seven (siti)five(go) and three(san) years old, and so the festival is called shichi-go-san. The reason why we have a celebration for these years is because odd numbers are believed to be lucky since they cannot be divided by two. In addition, we are told that since the ages of 7, 5 and 3 years are important growth steps for children, it is, therefore, significant to honor the children of these ages. In many parts of Japan, a child is received as a member of a shrine parts when he or she is seven. Though the are variations according to locality, in general, boys who are three and five and girls who are three and seven are dressed in their best clothes, and are taken by their parents to large and prestigious shrines, and very often A to the shrines of their local deities. It is customary after the visit to buy chitose-ame(thousand-year candy), sold at the stalls on the grounds of the shrine. よろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

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     The alliance between the parents of CPE students and the school's staff was a key ingredient in the granduates' outstanding record. Parents were so enthusiastic about the new school and its progressive philosophy that their chidren quickly learned that their family and school were of one mind not only about the importance of learning, but about what children had to do to learn.

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    和訳に困ってます><宜しくお願いします>< 英語の和訳をお願いします! 長文になりますが、宜しくお願いします! The mind is no less capable in women than in men of making this from resolve which constitutes virtue and of recognising the circumstances in which it should be practised. women can control their passions just as well as we can, and they are not more inclined to vice than to virtue. One could even tilt the balance in their favour on this issue because affecthion for children. which is incompara bly stronger in women than in men, is naturally linked with compassion which, in trun, could be called the virtue and tha bond of civil society. it is impossible to imagine that society is reasonably established for any other purpose apart from the mutual satisfaction of needs and common necessities. And if one looked closely at how passions arise in us, one would find that the way in which women treat us when we are in distress, almost like their own children, is like a natural development of their contribution to the birth and education of men. Thet the differences which can be observed in the conduct of men and women derive from their education It is all the more important to notice that the dispositions with which we are born are neither good nor evil, because otherwise one cannot avoid a rather common mistake of attributing to nature something which results only from custom

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    Like most Japanese junior high school students,you come to school every day and go home after school. These are activities that are natural for you. But many children in other countries cannot go to school. They cannot spend time at their homes. These children may live in countries at war,and they suffer. They are treated unfairly,and they suffer. Because and homes behind. These children are refugees.

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    We can see, then ,that each stage of the family life cycle involves defferent adjustments and new forms of learning. Although, inevitably, it doesn't fit every single family, identifying the different stages in this way has proved to be very useful for marriage guidance counsellors and other people who are either trying to help people to adjust to changes in their relationships, ore who are trying to do the adjusting themselves. Having said that, the number of modern families which fits this simple pattern is becoming increasingly few. Families break up and re-form with new members, single-parent families are increasing common, and people with grown-up children often find themselves in new relationships which involve bringing up much younger children. Models like Duvall's can be helpful, but they are not be any means the whole pattern of our life span family development. Insight The family life cycle model can help us understand the adaptations that parents must make. But modern families are not always so neat, with overlapping generations, stepchildren from previous relationships and other complications. So, relatively few families follow the pattern exactly the way that the theory proposes.