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The Unique Nature of Children's Rights and the Challenges They Face

  • Children's rights are unique as they are socially powerless and their realization depends on the understanding of parents, teachers, and the public.
  • Acts that may be considered violence in public may occur in schools under the disguise of disciplinary measures and educational considerations.
  • Some schools prioritize strict rules for delinquency prevention and academic improvement, potentially undermining the respect for children's rights.


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(1)子供たちが彼らの意見を表明するには社会的に無力であり、また、彼らの意見の実現は、親、教師、一般社会によって子供たちの権利が理解されるかどうか次第であるという点で、子供たちの権利の性質は独特です。 (2)公の場では「暴力」と見なされるかもしれないことが、「愛の鞭」そして、教育的配慮と称して、しばしば、学校で犯されています。 (3)非行防止対策とか生徒の学力向上とか言う名の下に、一部の学校は、そうすることが、子供の権利に対する敬意の根拠となる前提と矛盾するかもしれないかどうか疑うことなく、厳しい規則を維持しています。



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    Regrettably, the notion of rights of ownership of capital and other income-earning assets remains conflicted, especially in societies that still believe that profit seeking is not quite moral. A key purpose of property rights, after all, is to protect assets in order to use them to profit or personally benefit. Such rights are not supportable in a society that holds any significant remnant of the view of property as “theft.” That notion embraced by Karl Marx rests on the presumption that gained wide acceptance in the first half of the twentieth century that wealth created under a division of labor is produced jointly, and hence should be owned collectively.

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    いつもお世話になっております。 和訳と指示語の質問です。 My unease led to a search to understand the assumptions underlying concepts such as PTSD in an attempt to delineate both their relevance and their limitations. Q1.theirは何を指しているか? 訳は「私の不安は、外傷後ストレス障害などの概念の根底にある前提を理解し、それらの前提の妥当性と限界の両方を明確にしようという試みにつながったのである。」らしいです。予備校の先生が作った訳です。 そしてtheirが指しているのは「the assumptions underlying concepts such as PTSD」だとしています。 じつはこの文章の前にはずらーっと英文があるのですが、全部は書ききれません。 筆者は苦痛と苦しみに関する西洋の精神医学モデルの批判をしていました。 重要そうな部分だけ抜き出します。 「During my time in the country I became increasingly dissatisfied with Western psychiatric models of distress and suffering. They appeared inappropriate in many of the situations in which I found myself. They were too individualistic and mentalistic and seemed to pay little attention to the importance of social context , economics and culture.」 私は先生の訳に納得がいきません。 先生はin an attempt to.....の前で切って「~前提を理解し、~試みにつながったのである。」と訳しています。何故切れるのでしょうか。 私は、「私の不安は、これらの妥当性と限界の両方を明確にしようとする試みにおいて(しようとするために?)、外傷後ストレス障害などの概念の根底にある前提を理解するための研究へとつながったのである。」という訳になると思います。 そして、their が指しているのは、全文読まないと分からないかもしれませんが、決して「the assumptions underlying concepts such as PTSD」ではないように思います。 theirが指しているのは、筆者が批判していた、苦痛と苦しみに関する西洋の精神医学モデルだと思います。 ただ、先生の訳し方が合っていれば、their は先生が言うようにthe assumptions underlying.....となりそうです。 先生の訳は合っていますか? どなたか教えてください。

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    英語の和訳をしてください。 英語は苦手で自分で和訳をしてみても意味がよくわかりません… なので、英語が得意な人は教えてください! (1)A couple of weeks ago, I slipped off a ladde r at home and broke a little bone in my foot. Nothing serious, but awkward and uncomfortable. The foot was tightly taped, and I walked around heavily with a cane. (2)What was pleasant about this otherwise painful experience was the way I was treated by everyone - strangers included. People opened doors for me, helped me into taxis and gave me plenty of room in elevators. (3)Their consideration almost made up for the discomfort, and i wished to keep the bandage and the cane longer than i needed to. My spirit blossomed under this public treatment. (4)Yet, the moment I laid aside these symbols of deficiency. People went back to their old selfish selves pushing and jostling and running down any object in their mad pursuit toward nowhere in particular. (5)And it occurred to me that everybody has some sort of broken bone somewhere, even if it cannot be seen. Not physical bones, of course, but emotional bones that are just as frail and tender and sometimes as painful as the visible bone that is taped. (6)Each person carries with him some ancient wound that has not quite healed, and wound, he is forced to protect it, not with tape or a cane, but with defensive reactions that may make him seem less friendly or less approachable than he really is. (7)There have been many days when i needed more consideration than the days i carried a cane : when my mind was troubled and my emotions almost got our of control : and no stranger knew and no stranger cared. The little bone was minor, but it opened a floodgate of human sympathy and warmth. (8)Of course, we cannot see beneath the skin : the man passing swiftly on the street may be suffering severer pain than the woman on crutches. Who only broke a leg on a ski slide. We respond to the symbol of pain, not to the pain itself.

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    全然わからないんです。困ってます。 In Singapore, for most teenagers, hanging out at shopping complexes with friends, chatting online, keeping up with the latest fashion trends are very popular among the youngsters. As for those in their mid-twenties, like my friends, they don't keep up with trends, what they keep up is how to cut back on their budget to finance their housing loan and preparations for their wedding this year. Another friend of mine is trying hard to save up in the next three years so that they can be financially stable when they decide to have a child of their own. Hmm, WAP phone is the latest in the market but it's expensive now, not many people are using those. WAP phones gives additional function in that the user will be able to access websites online and check their email boxes. However, those in business prefer carrying a palm top, one that allows them free access to their schedules, appointments and replying of email messages instantly. The rest, like my family members and friends, uses the normal hand-phones. Users are able to forward messages to their friends via the "SMS Messaging system", but these phones aren't able to access Internet websites, thus in terms of cost, they come more cheaply.

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    There is another difference that visitors often notice in American schools. There is less importance given to the learning of facts than is usual in the school systems of many other countries. Instead, Americans try to teach their children to think for themselves,to ask questions, to explore, and to develop their own intellectual and creative abilities. Students spend much time learning how to use resource materials, libraries, statistics, and computers. Computers are used in many classrooms, frequently stating in kindergarten. The American system of education is based on the idea that if children are taught to reason well and to research well, they will be able to find whatever facts they need throughout the rest of their lives. This is America's answer to the question that thoughtful parents around the world are asking the world are asking themselves in this fast-paced time: "How can one prepare today's child for a tomorrow that one can neither predict nor understand?"

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    英語のサンタの本?エッセイ?の一部なんですが、英語が全くわからないので 和訳していただけないでしょうか? Some little children doubt that Santa still lives because often their letters, for one reason or another, never seem to reach him. Nurses in hospitals know who some of these children are. Teachers in great city schools know others. Dear children of yesterday, won’t you try to seek out these trusting children of today and make sure that their letters in some way may reach Santa Claus so that “he will continue to make glad that heart of childhood”? That, I believe, is the best way of proving there is a Santa Claus, for ourselves and for the children. What will you tell your children about Santa Claus someday?

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    In one respect the theory of Hugh Miller agrees with that advocated by Dr. Buckland and Archdeacon Pratt. Both these theories divest the Mosaic narrative of real accordance with fact; both assume that appearances only, not facts, are described, and that in riddles, which would never have been suspected to be such, had we not arrived at the truth from other sources. It would be difficult for controversialists to cede more completely the point in dispute, or to admit more explicitly that the Mosaic narrative does not represent correctly the history of the universe up to the time of man. At the same time, the upholders of each theory see insuperable objections in details to that of their allies, and do not pretend to any firm faith in their own. How can it be otherwise when the task proposed is to evade the plain meaning of language, and to introduce obscurity into one of the simplest stories ever told, for the sake of making it accord with the complex system of the universe which modern science has unfolded? The spectacle of able and, we doubt not, conscientious writers engaged in attempting the impossible is painful and humiliating. They evidently do not breathe freely over their work, but shuffle and stumble over their difficulties in a piteous manner; nor are they themselves again until they return to the pure and open fields of science.

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    和訳をお願いします。 man,though his body is insignificant and powerless in comparison with the great bodies of the astronomer's world,is yet able to mirror that world,is able to travel in imagination and scientific knowledge through enormous abysses of space and time.

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    英文の和訳をお願いします。  Explosive growth has occurred in online social communication (Madden, 2006), with youths disproportionately affected by this new technology (Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2009). As online use increases, so too do debates about how internetbased interaction may compare with historical face-to-face ways of communicating (Bargh & McKenna, 2004; Tyler, 2002). One argument posits that internet interaction is often of lower quality than is face-to-face interaction, because constraints inherent in the online medium hinder relationships. Furthermore, use of online communication may be positively correlated with adjustment problems because (a) socially inept youths are drawn to online interaction and (b) the almost inevitably poor quality of online communication increases maladjustment. An alternative argument postulates that the internet is merely a new medium for youths to display the same long-standing patterns as they do using modes other than online forms of communication, such that there is correspondence between face-to-face and online interaction styles and friendship quality. In contrast to the first argument, use of online communication may be negatively correlated with adjustment problems, because socially competent youths treat the online environment as yet another place in which to interct with existing friends and broaden their social circle. 長文ですみません(>_<)

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      If there is one opinion that dominate in the Third World, at least among its politicians and intellectuals, it is that there is little hope for Third World countries to get over poverty unless they free themselves from their present state of dependency on the rich of countries. I think one must begin any discussion of policy choices for the Third World, assenting to this opinion.  It is, in its essence, a correct and very important definition of the situation. This need not mean that one has to assent to the opinion in all its forms. Thus I wouldn't assent to the view that the poverty of the Third World was historically caused by its invasion by Western imperialism, nor that the wealth of the West continues to be based on the sacrifice of the Third World, nor that revolution in the Third World are the only way to change the condition of dependency.  It is to the point, however, to say that much of economic relations between Third World countries and the northern half of the globe is harmful rather than useful for the former. Put simply, in a lot of bargains between the poor and the rich, ( ) get richer and ( ), at best, don't gain much. It is also clear, in the case of the Third World, that development, if it means anything at all must mean a change in this relationship. ( )にはformer かlatterが入るようですが… 1行目から文の構成がいまいちわからず… 2文目のassentingは分子構文?