Are we friend relations forever?

  • Non, we will see. I don't know if you understand or not. I did not understand your question.
  • Is it the question that I sent to you now? Yes, 'we will see', you send me?
  • Yes, I don't wanna be friends, I wanna something more. But, you did the same answer before. It is that we are friends from now on. I understood it. No, don't worry, I don't wanna be just friends. What does it mean?
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Are we friend relations forever? と送ったら、non, we will see i don't know if you understand or not i did not understand your question と返事がありIs it the question that I sent to you now?と送ったら、 yesとあり、"we will see"you send me? と聞いたらyes i don't wanna be friends, i wanna something moreときました。 but,You did the same answer before. It is that we are friends from now on. I understood it. と答えるとno,don't worry, i don't wanna be just friendsときました。どういう意味でしょうか?

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Are we friend relations forever? 私たちはずっと友達のままでいますか? 返事は 「なんでそんなことを言うの? 意味が分からない」 要するにもっと仲良くなりたいとの様です。




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    和訳お願いします ☆Are we friend relations forever? ★non, we will see i don't know if you understand or not i did not understand your question ☆Is it the question that I se nt to you now? ★yes ☆"we will see"you send me? ★yes i don't wanna be friends, i wanna something more ☆but,You did the same answer before. It is that we are friends from now on. I understood it. ★no,don't worry, i don't wanna be just friends ☆と★の会話って最終的に心配するなよみたいな感じで終わっていて、これは会話は成立してるんでしょうか?

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    相手から返事が来たのですが相手が興奮しているのか自分ではちょっと?な部分があります。 詳しい方いましたら訳していただけないでしょうか? I really don't understand understand if you are seriously interested in this animals or not and moreover we are already in June and if not purchased before Hamm,then i think you will have to find someone else.We do not issue any paperwork till after advance deposit must have been paid to be sure we are dealing legitimately and not otherwise.

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    If I don't wanna see. Why did I buy the gift for you? Why will fly from my city to shanghai to see you. もし、君に会いたくないなら、なぜ僕は君にプレゼ ントを買ったの?なぜ、僕の街から飛行機で上海に行くの?会いに行くためだよ。

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    和訳確認お願いします。 I like you but I think friends is better If you don't want to see me, I understand 僕は君が好きです。だけど僕は友達の方が良いと思う。もし、君が僕にそれで会いたくないのであれば、僕は(その意味)を理解するよ! Ok!We are friend! I'm sorry for asking you to confirm that so many times Are you ok?and I will never do it this talk again 分かった!私達は友達ね!何回も同じような事を聞いてごめんね。 あなたはそれで大丈夫?それと私はこの話は二度としないね! I'm fine 僕は大丈夫だよ! この会話は私が彼にlike かlove か友達かを聞いた後に来た彼からの返事です。日本在住で日本に何回も来ているので社交辞令も勿論知っている人です。これは社交辞令で今後も友達で!といってるんですかね?また連絡していいんですかね? ちなみに少し前にも色々あり、私が会いたい時に彼は海外出張みたいで、お互い遠距離で会えないので、We shouldn't see each other?と聞いた時はI want to see you!But I'll be in another country at that time、So let's meet next time instead とはいってたんですが…

  • 和訳に直してもらえませんか?

    凄く長いんですが、翻訳機を使ってみたけどサッパリわからないです。 どなたかお願いします。 how are you i missed you ^_^ so what's new in your life i would like to know you better and be closer to you as a firend as a very good friend ^^ i hopes i am not impolite. if you allow me to know you better i will be very happy. i already have a friend from italy. she is like a sister for me now. i would like to make the same relation ship with some friends from japan. and may be one day we will be able to meet each other. ^_^ and share a very good coffee or tee. i would like to travel to japan some day. and i will be very happy if i can have lot of friends from there. as i did in france. where i spent 2 years for my studies. in Toulon côte d'azure. a very nice place just like okinawa. but okinawa is very beautiful too. ok i have to go back work. if you have any question about me i will be very happy to comunicate with you. very big kiss on your head and a very big hug ;) see you soon

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    和訳確認お願いします! I like you ! So I don't lie to you any more! We could keep in touch as friends, but not a couple, because there is no future for us! I hope you co uld understand ! 僕は君が好きだよ。そしてあなたにはもう嘘はつかないよ。だけど僕らは恋人同士にはなれない。なぜならばそこに未来がないから。君なら解ってくれるよね??

  • この曲の歌詞の和訳をして欲しいです

    GOOD 4 NOTHINGのBROKENRADIOという曲の和訳をして欲しいです(^౪^) ※歌詞↓↓ I don't wanna go back to my old life, so never look back I don't wanna be, you don't need to be, we don't need ordinary days I don't wanna go back to my old life, so never look back I don't wanna be, you don't need to be, we don't need ordinary days This isn't what we want You gotta break out from it COME ON COME ON COME ON You know this feeling Cause we never say good-night LET'S GO LET'S GO LET'S GO We know this feeling Keep on rockin' through the night We are a broken radio

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    today I have heard about the tragic news about Japan. Hopefully you and your family/friends are doing fine? I am very sorry for my late reply, but I was attempt to have less contact with you, because I thought it would be better for both of us to keep going with our normal life. The farewell of the last time that I saw you was very hard, I did not want to let you cry and have heartbreak.  Do not see me wrong, because I had a great time with you. We both started to have a strong feelings for eachother, but we both also now that this could not work out. That was very hard for both of us and I want you to live a great life without missing our  time too much. Well, hopefully my thing did work out and you are doing fine, you will always have that special place in my heart. Maybe the future will bring us back together... If I have any chance to go to Japan again I will definitly contact you and be with you, only if your situation allows that, maybe in that time you will have a lovely family. Please give other men a chance if they want to be a part of your life. I will be very happy for you..

  • この和訳はどうですか?他の表現も教えてください!

    You are nice and much more, and there is something there so we will see. あなたは優しくて、でもそれだけじゃなくて・・・それに私たちの間になにか特別なものを感じています。 I don't party like I used to. 私は前は夜遊びたくさんするようなやつだったけど、今はそんなんじゃなくもっと落ち着いた人間です。

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    長文で申し訳ありませんが、和訳をお願いします Oh I think you're facing a big challenge in your life now. I hope & I know that you can pass in all of those troubles & challenges that comes to you! No matter what happen always remember that "don't focus on how stressed you are, always remember how blessed you are!" Just Enjoy life & remember how lucky we are cause we're still surviving! Well I'm gonna share a picture & I hope it can spire you.... These are some of the pictures of those kids who we can say unlucky because they don't experience even the easiest way of living or simple life because they are growing up without their family beside them... In their poor age they have to experience some illness that they don't deserve...but still God give reason for them to smile...& for me if I'm going to compare what I have now, what challenges I'm facing now... It's nothing with all those kids experienced & nobody knows what will happen in their future... Just see how lucky we are!