Scott Weiland Urges Stone Temple Pilots to Record Next Album with Brendan O'Brien

  • In a recent interview, Scott Weiland expressed his desire for Stone Temple Pilots to reunite with producer Brendan O'Brien for their next album.
  • Weiland emphasized that he is still the lead singer of the band and sees the potential in working with O'Brien again.
  • O'Brien has previously produced STP's first 5 albums, making their collaboration a successful one in the past.
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SCOTT WEILAND SAYS STONE TEMPLE PILOTS NEED TO RECORD NEXT ALBUM WITH BRENDAN O'BRIEN In a new interview with, Scott Weiland yet again states that he is still the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and even says he'd like to see the band reunite with producer Brendan O'Brien for their next album. O'Brien produced STP's first 5 albums. ※ 『Stone Temple Pilots(STP)』はバンド名、『Scott Weiland』と『Brendan O'Brien』は人物名です。

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スコット・ウェイランド曰くストーン・テンプル・パイロッツは次回作のレコーディングにブレンダン・オブライエンを要請 CleveScene.comのインタビューでスコット・ウェイランドは、 またもや自身が未だにストーン・テンプル・パイロッツの リード・シンガーであることを主張した。 加えてバンドの再結成を果たし、プロデューサーに ブレンダン・オブライエンを迎えてニューアルバムの製作を行いたいと述べた。 オブライエンは5枚目まで、ストテンのアルバム・プロデュースを行っている。





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    Kind of sad to see Scott doing a tour performing old albums when he’s only 45 years old, he should be focused on trying to make the next classic Stone Temple Pilots album rather than going out there and performing the old Stone Temple Pilots albums. That's for artists in their 60's. ※ 『Scott Weiland』は人物名、『Stone Temple Pilots』はバンド名、 『Core』と『Purple』はアルバム名です。

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    I have spoken with somebody who works with Scott Weiland’s management, and they denied that Weiland has been fired by Stone Temple Pilots. Slash claimed yesterday that STP fired Weiland, which is why he is campaigning for a Velvet Revolver reunion in the press. ※ 「Scott Weiland」と「Slash」は人物名であり、「Stone Temple Pilots(STP)」と「Velvet Revolver」はバンド名です。

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    Stone Temple Pilots have deleted everything on their official website, and have replaced it with a large message containing their short February 27th press release announcing the firing of Scott Weiland. Weiland has disputed in the press that he's been fired, proclaiming that he is still STP's frontman. ※ 『Stone Temple Pilots(STP)』はバンド名、『Scott Weiland』は人物名です。

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    Stone Temple Pilots LIED about firing singer Scott Weiland as a publicity stunt ... in order to hype an upcoming concert tour ... so says Weiland, who insists the band is still 100% together. Weiland said, "STP is not broken up. It's a whole thing to try to boost ticket sales." But the way Weiland explains it sounds like he and the rest of STP don't really communicate ... and they used the Weiland "firing" to boost ticket sales for a tour they were organizing WITHOUT him. ※ 『STONE TEMPLE PILOTS(STP)』はバンド名、『Scott Weiland』は人物名です。

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    The ticket page for that show says ‘Performing STP's Core and Purple.’ The promotional material has really contradicted itself, with some outlets saying he'll play Core and Purple front to back and others just saying he'll perform the hits. I don't think this bodes well for Stone Temple Pilots and adds validity to the rumors that Weiland has been fired, or that the band has split. Since relaunching his solo career in 2008 Weiland has sparingly performed STP radio hits at his solo shows, leaving those for STP shows. ※ 『Scott Weiland』は人物名、『Stone Temple Pilots (STP)』はバンド名、 『Core』と『Purple』はアルバム名です。

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    A new promotional poster has been announced for (possibly former) Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland's The Purple At The Core Tour, which says ‘featuring the hits from the classic albums Core and Purple.’ Weiland has also announced a show for March 6, 2013 at The Emporium in Patchouge, New York. ※ 『Scott Weiland』は人物名、『Stone Temple Pilots』はバンド名、 『Core』と『Purple』はアルバム名です。

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    According to The Rapids Theatre, Scott Weiland will be performing the Stone Temple Pilots albums Core and Purple in their entirety on his upcoming spring solo tour. It is being billed as The Purple to Core tour. Four shows have been announced so far: ※ 『Scott Weiland』は人物名、『Stone Temple Pilots』はバンド名、 『Core』と『Purple』はアルバム名です。

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    Scott Weiland wrote the initial song version when he was the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. The unreleased song came from the No.4 sessions ※ 『Stone Temple Pilots』はバンド名、『Scott Weiland』は人物名です。

  • 翻訳をお願い致します。, as always, is rooting for Scott to get sober and live a long and happy life. We'd rather be reporting stories on kick ass Scott Weiland/Stone Temple Pilots shows than this type of stuff. ※ 『Stone Temple Pilots(STP)』『Velvet Revolver(VR)』はバンド名、『Scott Weiland』は人物名です。

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    STP first sought to self-release their music when they reunited in 2008, but Atlantic Records sued them because they claimed that while they had released the DeLeo brothers from their contracts for Army of Anyone, Scott Weiland and Eric Kretz were still under contract and they owned the rights to the next STP album. STP gave in an recorded their 2010 comeback album Stone Temple Pilots for Atlantic, which ended up being their final album with Weiland. The album debuted at #2 and spawned the radio hit “Between The Lines.” STP's remaining members appear to have gotten out of the deal since then. ※ 『Stone Temple Pilots』『Army of Anyone』はバンド名、『Scott Weiland』『Eric Kretz』は人物名、『Between The Lines』は曲名です。