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日本語訳をお願いします。 Well it's good to hear that you want to improvement, and hey it only gets better from here. I do wish that you would upload more cause your art is already quite recognizably good and I would love to see what else you may have up your sleeves! OwO よろしくお願いします。


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そう、もっと上達したいと聞いて安心。これよりどんどん上手くなるんだね。 ホントもっと作品アップして欲しいな。君の作品はとうに認められているんだから。 とっておきの秘蔵っ子作品があるようなら是非とも見てみたいんだよ。



ものすごく褒められているんですね。 迅速な回答ありがとうございました!


  • 英語から日本語訳お願いします。

    以下の文章の日本語訳お願いします。 技術系文章でうまい日本語がでてきません。 Your team discuss and remains the main advises already given during the emergency test of 2009. Most of them are essential if we want to be efficient on this emergency action. You think that a new test has to be performed after improvement. 宜しくお願いします。

  • 英訳お願いします。

    英語苦手で辞書を片手に調べてみましたが全くわかりません・・・ 「First of all I Realize of Faith that what you've gave to 5 of us. That special "Faith" makes us more special,tight Membership. And potentialities of improvement. I'll say thank you for the blessing to drop the nightmares we had.」 よろしくお願いします。

  • 改善、向上

    I have to be improvement my English more..と書いたら I have to improve..とするんだよと教えてもらいました。 have to be improvementは何故だめでしたか?

  • of の使い方

    it leads to improvement of the level of the service of the system~ という文章は、ofばかりしつこく登場してどうなのかと思うのですが、これを it leads to improvement of the service level of the system~ it leads to improving the service level of the system~ とするのは正しいのでしょうか?英語の羅列(service level)を使うと、逆に和製英語か?と思ってしまいます。どうなのでしょう?アドバイスをお願いします。

  • 英語の和訳です

    quality improvement (QI)を最適な日本語に約すとすればどのように訳せばよいのでしょう。ちなみにこれが載っている英文はイカのようなものです。 The concept of quality improvement (QI) is based on the philosophy that quality can almost always be improved - what is accepted as quality today may be substandard tomorrow, especially if you consider modern advances, such as diagnostic and treatment modalities, computers, and communication systems. といったものですが、素直に普通に訳せばよいのでしょうか?

  • 和訳お願いします。

    和訳お願いします。 大体の意味はわかりますが、ところどころあやふやなところがあるので、お願いします。 My apologize for the delay in replying as it was filtered into my junk mail Wish you and your family a very happy new year I greatly appreciate you keeping in touch It is good to see your xray and good results You have done well with rehabilitation Especially during winter you might have some stiffness but that should subside as time goes by I had the pleasure to see your website and it is heartwarming to see you had made a separate website and esp. a web page in English I greatly appreciate it I will convey your regards and wishes to all the staff who were involved in your care If you happen to visit dubai I would appreciate if you could drop by to say a quick Hi please keep in touch

  • 日本語訳を! 1-(7)

    お願いします。  Despite Harkhuf's major expeditions and all the riches he and other traders brought back to Egypt―from Nubia with all its gold, Sinai with all its turquoise, and Punt with all its incense―it was this dancing pygmy that captured the heart of Pepi II. And the letter written by the boy-king remained so important to Harkhuf that at he end of his days he chose to record it on his tomb. If you were the supreme ruler of Egypt 4,000 years ago, what kinds of letters would you write? What songs would you sing to the Nile? Think about it while your servants fan you with ostrich feathers. But you might want to be careful how you order your teachers around.

  • 日本語訳をお願いします!

    長いですが日本語に訳をお願いします! aspect→アスペクト past life→過去世 His eighth house conjuncts your eleventh house in Cancer. Theeighth house is about death and reincarnation and past lives.The eleventh house is friendship and hope. This shows that in a past life you knew each other, you lived in the same area, possible the same building or close neighbourhood in early life and grew up as friends. The part of the past incarnation spentwith him was a period of life that felt secure and happy, and safe. A feeling that you would like to return to in this life. I cannot tell how long you knew each other in the past incarnation, but you had a friendship that was deep enough to want to carry it through to other lives. Or to want to return to.This aspect is only one of friendship, it doesn’t show what else happened in the past life, you’d need the other aspects to know that, and this is a synastry not a karmic synastry. But its was not an ordinary friendship. You spent time together in homely places and with creative people. There may have been long gaps in the friendship. One of you may have had to wait for the other to return home, to continue the friendship. You were also both with your family’s and local community Which suggest it happened at a young age, in that life., The friendship between you is never destroyed with this sign. You would have both wished to meet in another incarnation and you have, and will do so in many future incarnations.

  • 英文でからないところがあるので教えてください。

    Zero tolerance of school underperformance and still more urgently school failure requires that we use every tool at our disposal: ●all struggling schools should be identified by LEAs, and suitable improvement plans developed with targets for improvement. ●clear performance criteria from exam results to truancy should be set with year on year targets for improvement. この文は、ブレア首相の英国の教育改善についての発言なのですが、わからないところがあるので教えてください。 まず1つめの文ですが、全然意味が取れません。"still more urgently"がどこにかかっているのか、などもわかりません。 また、2つめと3つめの文については、"developed with targets for improvement"、"should be set with year on year targets for improvement"の辺り「改善へ向けての目標」ということでしょうか?ちょっとよくわかりません。よろしければご教示ください。

  • 英文の添削をお願いします!

    ・It is very important to cooperate on a recycle campain to protect evironment. ・We should start thing that we can do even if it is small things.That is one step for improvement of environment. この2つを確認したいんですけど、文法的など、おかしいところがあったら教えてください。おねがいします!